What is really behind the Kim Dotcom case?



The facts simply don’t stack up in the Kim Dotcom case do they? The overt American desire and interest to gain a conviction over Dotcom. The total capitulation of our security apparatus to those American interests and a Prime Minister willing to turn as many blind eyes as necessary to get a ‘free trade’ deal signed with Corporate Uncle Sam.

The latest revelations that Key’s defense of the GCSB is in fact a smoke screen lie should no longer surprise.

This entire case is a farce wrapped in a thin tissue of absurdity.

Seeing as the very same Hollywood corporations currently attempting to legally hang Kim Dotcom were the same ones trying to previously do business with him, who is the actual pirate here remains a moot point.

What we are seeing is the symptom of a titanic shift in attention by two super powers. The Pacific is now the new Sino-US cold war and New Zealand is a frontline.

A true Super Power has soft power, military power and economic power. America has soft power and military power, but is hemorrhaging economic power. China has economic power, very little external cultural soft power and a far less sophisticated military power. What America is focusing on NZ is soft power and economic power.

The current Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is not a trade deal. Out of the 29 chapters only 5 relate to trade, the rest are about deregulating our entire economy for the ease of American Corporations. This isn’t a trade deal, the Americans see it as a means of dominating NZ so China can’t. The TPPA is one vast national security leash.

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The same is true of this case against Dotcom. The soft power of Corporate Hollywood keeps American culture and values at the top of the perception of those it dominates. Our TV and Radio is stacked with it, C4 even play the same shows the week they are screened in America so that NZers feel in the loop in an online pop culture world. The arrest of Dotcom is an attempt by the US to establish their jurisdiction over cyber space and cement the intellectual property interests of Hollywood into our culture.

NZs bumbling incompetence to chase Dotcom seems karma-like when you consider the darker motives of America in hunting Kim down in the first place.

Let’s hope our judicial system is strong enough and independent enough to ensure the rule of law in New Zealand can not be warped by American interests.


  1. I am so, so hoping that the whole ugly festering pile that is the GCSB bungling and the Prime Minister’s evasiveness explodes like a massive cowpat in the faces of the Nats.

  2. We’ve been governed by saboteurs for decades. What is different now is that criminality by major corporations and politicians is increasingly out in the open for anyone with eyes to see. Take HSBC banking corporation for instance: caught laundering Mexican drug money. Was anyone prosecuted? Of course not! too big to fail has now become too big to jail. so it’s open season for corporate raiders to do whatever they want, with corrupt politicians opening the door.

    Obama, better know as O’Bomber, has trashed what remained of US civil liberties after The Shrub left the crime scene: arbitrary arrest without charge; indefinite detention; no due process of law; spying on US citizens via drones. Anyone who stands up to the corruption and bullying gets annihilated, metaphorically or literally. Just look at the treatment handed out to Bradley Manning for attempting to expose the lies.

    The real problem is that the bulk of the populace of western nations are walking round with blinkers on, and are easily deceived by a smile and a wave.

  3. I like the image. It would be great to know who did it, or its source. The same goes with other images used for blogs. Apart from anything else, such as copyright issues, it might help drum up business for some poor deserving graphic artist or artist. You might like to encourage artists to submit images for possible use.

  4. Let’s hope our judicial system is strong enough and independent enough to ensure the rule of law in New Zealand can not be warped by American interests.

    You got more “faith” than me, that’s for sure. IMO John Key will be doing everything in his power to subvert justice and get the “desirable” outcome for his US crony Hollywood friends. John Key will have “promised” dotcom to the US, and if this extradition doesn’t go the US’s way, an appeal will be launched and you can bet the new judge will be on John’s personal payroll. John Key will make this happen, come hell or high water.

  5. You may be right but I’m not sure your argument stacks up….surely KD’s company was actually distributing that American Culture and therefore would have been enhancing US visibility etc etc..

  6. Come on Bomber, NZ as the frontline? On the card table NZ is the Two of Clubs….the players are playing for Aces. Get real, China and the USA are geographically closer to each other than to us. When you get to Singapore you have not even got as far as China and you are closer to Europe than to NZ. And we have a few cows and sheep……we are in big demand?????

    On the US interest in KimDotCom, well the imperial wealth pump has “owners” who need to control revenue streams, and Kim just did not play by the Golden Rule…he who pays the most Gold can buy a Rule. He could of course play by the “rules” and counter offer BamBams successors “election fund”.

  7. The renewed interest of the US in this neck of the woods might also have some bearing upon why a potential future leader of the Country had a large sum in US$ in a New York bank account he apparently didn’t want the people of the country to know about.

    Or perhaps it doesn’t.

  8. america is after dot com also because his file sharing site was one of the biggest release sites for wikileaks

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