3rd Degree gets burnt



Ouch. So it turns out that 3rd Degree, TV3s new current affairs show that’s wrapped around the 10 part NZ on Air funded Vote series got it a bit wrong last night.

The story of Vernon Gardiner on 3rd Degree was a sad one of a nice NZ Bloke who had taken some money from a local and tried to get that person a job in Christchurch. The job fell over, poor old Vernon couldn’t pay it back and ended up facing a 20 year jail sentence for a small debt.

There was some mention in the story that Vernon was accused of some other cases in NZ, but that was quickly swept aside by his current plight.

3rd Degree called out for people to donate money to get poor old Vernon out of jail, and they did in large numbers getting $30 000.

Poor Vern.

So imagine hearing the other side of the story.

Turns out poor old Vernon is a bit of a bugger and the reality looks like an unscrupulous middle man who takes money from the vulnerable and doesn’t find them jobs.

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Hardly the bloke you want to pull on heart strings for cash donations eh? Who produced and vetted this? Will people who donated $30 000 feel a bit played by 3rd Degree’s story? Sure they mentioned in passing his history but that all became wallpaper to Gardiner’s situation. 20seconds explaining that crucial element to this situation against a 15minute story isn’t much of a caveat emptor.

This would be a home goal if 3rd Degree hadn’t chopped off their own leg.


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