Banksy held Talent2 shares while on Novopay committee?



You. Have. Got. To. Be. Joking.

So Banksy had shares in Talent2 while a Committee he was on oversaw the Novopay deal?

You can’t make this stuff up.

Novopay: Banks had Talent2 shares while on committee
Associate Education Minister John Banks had shares in Australian company Talent2 at the same time he sat on a Cabinet committee that received progress updates on a planned rollout of Talent2`s Novopay payroll system before it was launched.

Mr Banks is a Minister outside of Cabinet, but is on the Cabinet Committee on State Sector Reform and Expenditure Control (SEC).

…if he didn’t excuse himself from the SEC and did have oversight in this deal while owning shares it’s a gross conflict of interest.

The septic waft of something rotten seems to taint everything Banks touches.

He’s political pus.

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  1. It might be a gross conflict of interest but that’s not an issue because he declared the conflict. End. of. story.

    • That’s not the issue. The issue is if he recused himself from the committees meetings and apparently no one seems to know. Considering that this is the type of information that should be recorded the fact that it wasn’t raises serious questions.

  2. Hilarious that it comes out the same day as he’s bagging out Shearer over the US bank account thing.

  3. Being a politician provides unique opportunities for wheeling and dealing and working rorts, similar to the opportunities that being a mayor provides.

    There is no part of the system that is not corrupt.

  4. Nick K, the issue is far wider than just voting, or even attending the meetings.

    If he was doing no more than receiving the info going to the Cabinet Committee, he was still hopelessly conflicted as that gave him inside information about a company he had shares in that other shareholders didn’t have.

  5. Toad – he declared the conflict. The problems with conflicts come when you don’t declare them. He did. To the Cabinet secretary!!

    • But did he then recuse himself from the committee?

      It’s this thing called conflict of interest that you just don’t seem to be able to understand.

  6. And he sold his Novopay shares. Did he see what was coming? If he did because of privileged information he gained while sitting on the Committee he was acting on inside information.

  7. I’m not sure what Nick K is on about.

    I was taught that resolving a conflict of interest required the removal oneself from any position where you could possibly affect the decision making process.

    Even “perceived” conflicts of interests require this (in fact we were taught a perceived conflict IS a conflict, regardless of whether there was any undue influence).

    Only in politics it seems that merely stating that you have a conflict of interest is sufficient to resolve it.

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