Why I bought Woman’s Day this week


Now I have to admit, I’ve never bought a Woman’s Day in my life. Ever.

I can’t imagine I am in any way shape or form their target audience, so it won’t come as devastating news to the editorial team at Woman’s Day that I am not a regular reader.

But yesterday I bought a Woman’s Day. It wasn’t for their fascinating expose on Jen & Justin being married already, it wasn’t Pippa being set to wed and it wasn’t because of the All Black proposal – it was because Lynda Topp and her partner Donna were getting married.

In the month that we saw the marriage equality Bill walk through its second reading, nothing shows us how far we’ve come than the dear old venerable Women’s Day giving Lynda’s gay wedding the exact same fluff and glow that they give heterosexual weddings.

The Grans and Aunties buying this magazine are wise enough to know life isn’t as black and white as their original up bringing may have drilled into them. They have lived enough life to know that when you find love and companionship you take it gratefully no matter where it comes from.

So I congratulate the Woman’s Day for their courage and bravery to do this cover. You got my $4.20 this week.

When media make the attempt to be inclusive, we have the responsibility to support them.


  1. Thanks for pointing this out! A pretty cool to see mainstream shift a little.

    Though, all four of the cover articles are about monogamy and matrimony, so they are definitely still maintaining a strong status quo in the realm of relationships.

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