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Around the NZ Blogosphere

-Karol at The Standard evaluates the latest moves in corporate media.

-Idiot/Savant at the very excellent No Right Turn argues that National are planning to impose the Cyprus solution in NZ.

-The Jackal points the finger at more corruption from dodgy John.

On the Daily Blog today

-Coley Tangerina calls NZ First on their referendum stance over marriage equality.

-Chris Trotter questions National Party tactics over tax reform.

TDB Recommends

-Martyn Bradbury explains why he bought his first ever Woman’s Day and looks at why Seven Sharp thought ‘smack my bitch up’ was an appropriate back music to a violence story on women. He also looks at a decade of war in Iraq and what John Key had to say at the time.

-Steve Gray asks if the NZ Police are the biggest gang in NZ.

-Burnt out Teacher talks about physically punishing children.

-In The Daily Blog Reposts today: Why we need Feminism, Game of Thrones as Game of Cats 3 & 4, The God penguin, The real 7 deadly sins, Stan Lee Parkour, Ted Talk – The 3 Deadliest Words In The World and Face TV listings Tuesday 19 March.