100 000 pageviews



Since launching The Daily Blog we have had over 100 000 page views in just 2 weeks.

Thank you for the support and the positive feedback, and we look forward to a great debut on the NZ monthly blog rankings at the end of the month.


  1. A very promising start.

    It will be interesting to see if it affects other blog stats. TDB may compete with some blogs for attention but it will probably also boost the overall interest in blogs. It is in some ways complementary, being a different style with additional content.

  2. Pretty good. So far there is no significant change in the page views/visits over at The Standard compared to last year.

    Umm for 1st to 14th March we’re up by 3k page views, and up 7.2 thousand unique visits. Slightly lower on page views than I’d expect for the visits (ie our pages per visit are down). But within the usual variation on a week by week basis – it goes up if there are stories of strong political interest.

    The weekly cycle isn’t too far off 1st was thursday last year and friday this year so I won’t be seeing weekend effect.

    Looks like this site has so far successfully increased the total number of pages people are reading and/or increased the number of people reading blogs.

    If I had to pick it at present, I’d predict that you’ll end the month at ~200k pageviews and we’ll be sitting ~360k page views depending on what political stories break.

    You’ll note that I ignore ‘Unique Visits’ as they tend to be pretty useless. I just looked at our unique visits and visitors for last year in the tree stats packages we use. They vary massively as they depend far too much on how a package measures them, cookies from readers, and the relevant timeouts.

    What I am going to be interested in is comparing the percentage of page views from NZ. On analytics, TS is currently running at about 85% of unique visits from NZ, 91% of page views, and 96% of unique visitors who view more than two pages (my rough measure for eliminating casual googlers). But we don’t put up lots of movie clips and images of the traditional googling targets – cats, porn, guns, and weirdness. I see that like Whale, TDB is putting up quite a few. I’ll be interested if that skews towards an offshore audience.

    BTW: I’m expecting TS to be down on page views and up on visits compared to March last year. But that was mostly due to a big spike in page views in the last week of March 2012. Looks like one of the bigger stories happened then. Either that of the damn async facebook bug was around then.

    • Hi Lynn, Great to compare. TDB is currently trending about 82% of visits from NZ, 88% of page views from NZ. I’ll create a matrix and monitor unique visitors who view more than two pages to get a closer fix on that. Thanks for the tip on that aspect.

      • I’d add, that if a site pushes the google traffic culture too hard the bounce rate will climb higher overall. TDB began with around 41% which was fabulous, peaked around 70% on its second weekend, and is now under better control tracking around 52% ending the two weeks with a 56% average.

        The bounce rate from the US google source traffic is what had lifted the overall % rate up.

        • Our bounce rate over the last month has been between 31% and 45% with an average of 40%.

          Since Jan 2012 the weekly bounces ranged between 27% and 47% with and average of 39%.

          70% – jaw-dropping…… I can’t remember ever having that. ummm one day with 58% last year. I tell a lie – 69% on december 31 2010

          • That 70% was on the second weekend’s Sunday, when domestic traffic dipped (prob due to the Pasifika Fest and a host of other events in NZ). That pushed the proportion of offshore traffic high, but it was soon remedied with normal traffic patterns returning from 6am Monday, and continuing to return better and expected bounce rates.

            Note, some very good news sites suffer the google culture pushing their bounce rates into the 83>%. And some very good blogs experience an average bounce rate around 77%.

            So getting The Daily Blog’s bounce back down into the low 50s is satisfying.

            Great to see TS’s in the 40s… Shows what a sticky culture can produce.

      • That is pretty good audience to have for this type of site. I suspect the two sites are sharing a lot of the audience (some of the comment names are familiar), but the readers are quite a different group from the commentators.

    • I just did some numbers and The Standard seems 10% down since TDB launched. It only makes sense that TDB would cannibalise some of The Standard’s readers.

  3. […] I’m sure there is some good intent behind this move, I think some of The Standard collective are probably a genuinely initiating something they hope will be positive for The Standard beyond it possibly being in part a reaction to the loss of quantity and quality of discussion to competition – see 100 000 pageviews. […]

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