In the 4pm Daily Blog Bulletin


In the 4pm Daily Blog Bulletin…

Around the NZ Blogosphere

-Anthony Robins at The Standard explains why the Left should keep fighting asset sales.

-Giovanni Tiso brilliantly dissects the farce at Solid Energy.

-Greenpeace notes the new climate normal.

On the Daily Blog today

-Chris Trotter blogs on the National Party agenda to seize water.

-Laila Harre focuses on the emotional loss of public assets and argues why heart over wallet matters.

TDB Recommends

-Burnt out Teacher declares this is Maths Sparta

-Efeso Collins asks how sincere Auckland is when looking at the issues facing Pacific Islanders in Pasifika As?

-Martyn Bradbury notes that it’s the old run-a-state-owned-enterprise-into-the-ground-with-idealogical-rhetoric-instead-of-prudent-management-and-then-privatize-it game.

-And in the Daily Reposts today; Dancing Darth Vader, Face TV listings Tuesday 12 March, A Right-Winger’s guide to life’s value, Now the Judge knows what it’s like to be hit by a cop, Stephen Colbert schools James Franco on Tolkien knowledge, What evil war mongers do in retirement and peanut poo.