In the 4pm Daily Blog Bulletin


In the 4pm Daily Blog Bulletin…

Around the NZ Blogosphere

-Lynn at The Standard focuses on the economic benefit of the internet.

-Open Parachute rips whaleoil’s latest climate denial to pieces.

-Greenpeace look at the legacy of Fukushima.

-Auckland Transport Blog asks what is the cost of congestion in Auckland.

On the Daily Blog today

-Chris Trotter asks if the left are wasting their breath on the word mandate.

TDB Recommends

-Allan Alach looks at the neoliberal propaganda to sell the privatization of education.

-Martyn Bradbury asks when David Farrar and Cameron Slater will apologize for their Climate Denial?

-Dr Wayne Hope debunks the Holmes mythology.

-And today’s Daily Blog Reposts; Horus – making Jesus sound like a carbon copy, What Cigarette packs would look like if the Government actually wanted you to give up, Entering Mississippi, Lol cat Facebook blocked, and Save the Bankers.