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The first stats of our first week are out and I just wanted to thank all the bloggers and all the readers and all of commentators who have made this project so immediately successful and popular.

Our goal is to get a million page views per month by the end of this year so that The Daily Blog hits election year 2014 with momentum.

Our first week stats suggest we are well on our way.

Visits – 18 859
Pageviews – 55 164

I want to thank the bloggers who have provided such amazing content and the readers who keep coming back here daily and the commentators who really have put together threads of debate and dialogue that are some of the best I’ve read in the NZ blogosphere.

We will make another announcement on May 1st of an additional 10 bloggers and Unions who will be joining our monthly line up.

Thank you for the kind and very positive feedback. To sum up the ethos of this blog, let me paraphrase the ever inspiring Hunter S Thompson…

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‘I put the bastards of this country on notice, that I do not have their interests at heart. I will try and speak on behalf of the underdog, that is my promise.

And it will be a voice made of blogs and sarcastic rage.’


  1. Thanks for adding to the much needed left wing public voice. May the Daily Blog continue to flourish.

  2. Great to hear the stats are healthy Bomber, Great work by you and all others involved.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to you all.

  3. Thanks for alleviating my depression with such a brilliant collection of bloggers and invoking the spirit of Gonzo journalism in NZ.
    Keep up the good work Bomber!.

  4. Where are you getting your stats from Martin? I’ve looked all over the page and I can’t see it like on other blogs.

  5. Shot Bomber this country needs bold policy that benefits all not just the top 1% which is all shonkey is interested in

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