Greg Boyed fat shames two women via twitter – happy international women’s day


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I know what social media will be wanting to talk about on Seven Sharp tonight.

This has to be the most creative way to resign from TVNZ ever created.

Happy International Women’s Day sisters.


  1. Looks like he shot himself in the foot again with that remark after shooting himself in the foot first time round by hosting Seven Sharp over Q&A. Looks like a bad year for Boyed.

    • I agree, hosting a show as terrible as Seven Sharp can’t do wonders for your CV if you intend on being a career broadcaster, especially when the inevitable happens and TVNZ scraps it. I’ll give it one season TVNZ has their faltering pride to consider they just don’t want to give in to what’s obvious amongst the public.

      Sadly, with the vile nature of this country’s media, I can’t imagine many outlets would be fussed with the remark Greg has made, at least at present. I think Greg’s future in broadcasting is still secure.

      The question is if there’s no real scrutiny over this remark, will this be a stepping stone for a much more offensive future remark that can cast doubt on his broadcasting future?

      It’s good to see The Daily Blog bring issues like this to the fore and scrutinise the media to maintain acceptable standards.

  2. Bomber, you kinda like Greg don’t you? I just can’t warm to him at all. He’s employs the same sort of shit-stain journalism as Holmes, Henry and Hosking. Lots of snarky mean-spirited bravado, but with preciously little substance.

    • Greg’s offensive remark confirms your point. Over time we’ll probably see his true colours like we have with the other broadcasters mentioned.

      Notice when many public figures go berserk with such offensive remarks they usually blame fatigue or something similar, frankly they should know better. At least we gain a good idea of their beliefs.

  3. Gosh, Greg’s so brave, tweeting his staircase wit to the world. Hassling a fat person for being fat is truly the kind of envelope-pushing edginess that’s going to make Seven Sharp great.

    • I think Boyed genuinely thinks he’s urbane, edgy and something of a wit – his excruciating attempts at humour when he had the task of repeating the late news were much anticipated in the Flage household.

      His chickenshit tweet on Hilary Mantel’s LRB essay demonstrated (to my satisfaction at least) that he is: a poor journalist; conceited; not very bright; and quite the petty misogynist.

  4. I think people are getting way to sensitive, try watching ‘the burn’ on comedy central and get a sence of humour. learn how to dish it back instead of throwing all your toys out the cot and running crying to the pc police. the funniest part is how big a deal this got turned into, but saying that i think Seven Sharp is pure pc crap

    • In a country where many politicians feel free to spout as much sexist, racist and homophobic crap as they like, to be “politically correct” is surely to agree with them.

      The “PC Police” would be the police officers who enforce this ‘politically correct’ bigotry: the officers who blame women for their own rape, the officers who disproportionately target and prosecute Māori and Pasifika, the officers who make snide comments about gay people.

      Bigotry is mainstream, which means you’re not as ~edgy~ or ~revolutionary~ as you think you are. Take your tantrum to the real “PC Police”. You’ll fit right in.

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