Tim Minchin – The Pope Song (warning: terribly offensive)


Tim Minchin – The Pope Song (warning: terribly offensive)


  1. Excellent Tim, this needed to be said and it is disgrceful that your sentiments are not more widely shared in the lamestream media.

  2. I think it’s time the Vatican put a woman in charge; preferably one who has been poor and had a few children. The church has become morally bankrupt and they really need a leader who can turn them around to what they pretend to be.

  3. Of course it would be regarded as terrible offensive to say without a single obscenity that a religion which represses women’s sexuality and wraps them in curtains with eye-holes, denies them education and regards puberty as the age for marrage (and regards crashing planes full of people into buildings as legitimate holy war) is as equally worthy of condemnation as a hypocritcal pope.

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