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I started off by marking everything that interested me. But when I began putting little asterisks next to each line I decided I needed a new tactic. So I was very selective and highlighted only what got me really excited, but that was still well over 50%. So in the end, the criteria to make this list has been ‘would I get chronic FOMO if I was not at this?’ ‘yes?’ on the list then.

For what it’s worth, here you have my top 10:

1. En Route

Ah so cool! Participants use their mobiles and special MP3 players to go on magical mystery  tour of Auckland. A backing track of local musicians accompanies you through your 90 minutesish stroll. An excellent way to discover/rediscover some gems.

2. The Magnets

I could tell you about The Magnets, or you could check this out…

TDB Recommends

Yes, that is an a cappella Poker Face. Pow! They arrange all instrument versions of a massive range of songs. Seriously skillful. Take the family, looks like a lot of fun.

3. Cantina

A vaudevilley, cabaret-ey, circusey melting pot of AO goodness. Highly skilled performers push the limits of what is anatomically possible.

4. Everything Is Ka Pai

Classic waiata redone by contemporary musicians? Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate New Zealand’s musical history. One night only, in the Town Hall.

5. Hugh Masekela

I fell in love with Afrobeats in Harare. It is groovy and spirited and a heck of a lot of fun. You’ll be boogying in your seats, no doubt. Possibly for the rest of the evening too. Possibly the next morning also. I mean, just listen to this and try not to dance…

6. Ruthie Foster

Ruthie is soul and blues and WOMAN! She’s up opening night, and it’s hard to think of a better way to open the festival.

7. I (heart) Alice (heart) I

A true life story about life-long love! Spotted kissing in a grocery isle, by a director, Alice and Alice were asked to tell their story and this play is the result. Warm fuzzies!

8. One Man, Two Guvnors

If you love British comedy, then this is for you. Commedia dell’arte inspired slapstick with singalongs. It has been raved about wherever it’s been.

9. Urban

Urban is Circus with attitude. The performers are young, and all graduates of the worlds first  professional circus school for disadvantaged youth in Colombia. The music is reggae and hip hop, and the show promises powerful and raw.

10. The Breath of The Volcano

Fireworks for big kids! This is another excellent one for the family. Take a picnic along to the Domain and check out Groupe F’s light extravaganza.

Aaaaaaand my top 3 free options are:

1. Dominion Road Stories

If ever there was an Auckland street to tell the stories of, it would be Dominion Road. A range of events, some free and some ticketed, will happen over the weekend of 16th/17th March. Check out the ATC website for details about them all. The free family picnic on the Saturday looks like a highlight.

2. Fly Me Up To Where You Are

A celebration of childrens’ hopes and dreams, created by Auckland’s children themselves. Dream flags, inspired by Tibetan prayer flags will flutter colourfully through Aotea Square throughout the Festival.

3. White Night

Auckland becomes one gigantic gallery/museum from 6pm-12pm on the 16th March. Free busses will shuttle you around Auckland’s best spots. Magical.

Should keep you out of trouble for a bit!

If you’re involved in anything cool please drop us a line with details and we’ll include it in our weekly round-up.

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