About Martyn Bradbury


Martyn Bradbury on the death of public broadcasting.Mr Martyn Bradbury is well known in political circles and the media as a supporter of left and centre-left parties, and of progressive social causes including civil rights campaigns and worker advocacy.

He was editor of Craccum while at University and editor of Rip It Up Magazine. He has been a talkback host on Channel Z and Radio Live and was a commentator on Radio NZ until he was banned after criticizing the Prime Minister. He hosted investigative TV show ‘Stake Out’ on TV3 which was nominated for a Qantas Media Award for best Current Affairs Show.

He blogged for 8 years at Tumeke before launching The Daily Blog.

He has appeared at numerous political and union functions over the last few years. He is a political consultant to organisations of the left and centre-left and argued for the creation of the MANA Party as a party to the Left of the Greens as a means for the Left to win back Parliament. Mr Bradbury also hosts the current affairs show ‘Citizen A’ on Face TV and was Editor in Residence at the Wintec School of Journalism.

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