About The Liberal Agenda


The Liberal AgendaThe Liberal Agenda was born when Martyn told Mel about his idea for an Event Guide for progressive-liberal types. She liked the pun, said ‘Yoink’ and promptly claimed it as her own. This was perfect for her as she loves Auckland, its places and its people. This is a brilliant excuse to spend more time getting amongst. She is also highly amused by the large hit-rate from America and likes to imagine Texan red-necks googling ‘The Liberal Agenda’ to discover our secret plans and finding they consist of farmers’ markets and outdoor cinemas.

The Liberal Agenda is here to promote all the good things being done by good people. We’ll let you know about the protests, fundraisers, campaigns, public meetings, AGMs, launches etc from all the good people doing good things: NGOs, interest groups, political parties (yes, we’ll let them too), campaign groups, community organisations, social justice groups, ethical businesses etc etc.

If you’re involved in any of these things please drop us a line with details and we’ll include it in our weekly round-up.

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