BACKBENCHER REVIEW: Can someone please shut James Shaw up?

By   /   May 18, 2017  /   26 Comments

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Let’s keep James doing what he does best, watering down Environmental policy so that Dairy Farmers don’t feel threatened.

There are two try-hard muppets in this picture.

Oh for the love of Christ, this is what happens when you live in a Wellington Twitter bubble…

Andrew Little slaps down Greens’ Trump Hitler comparison, calls for perspective

Labour leader Andrew Little has slapped down Green Party co-leader James Shaw’s comparison of US President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, saying the first person to bring Hitler into an argument had lost it.

Shaw said Trump was “the most dangerous person since Adolf Hitler” on TV show Backbenches on Wednesday night as part of a panel of politicians.

…will someone please shut Shaw up now!

Saying Trump is the most dangerous person since Adolf Hitler isn’t just stupid, it’s factually wrong.

There have been hundreds of people who have been as dangerous as Hitler, right now we are debating whether Assad has built a bloody crematorium to burn bodies of mass hangings! Trump is a narcissistic billionaire who has manipulated the economic isolation of working people in America, yes he is unstable and ignorant but placing him in the same ball park as fucking Adolf Hitler makes you sound like a clown.

Let’s keep James doing what he does best, watering down Environmental policy so that Dairy Farmers don’t feel threatened.

Oh and Backbenchers was its usual shouty pub Wellington thing where no real insight actually gets explored, so no surprises there, but it is important that we all collectively help Wallace Chapman pay his mortgage off quicker each year by screening it so there’s that to feel positive about.

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    “Saying Trump is the most dangerous person since Adolf Hitler isn’t just stupid, it’s factually wrong.”

    True that is Martyn,

    Trump is an outsider not inside the global cabal.

    As such Trump cannot be controlled by the Global cabal, and that is why they want him gone.

    Many of these global anti trump agnostics attend “the Bilderberg Group meetings annually.

    But Donald Trump will not attend this shadow deep state society as he is not liked by this “One World Government” group. AS IT HAS CLEAR ties to the Nazi era, as it was founded by Prince Rupert as he was a ex NAZI card carrying member.

  2. francesca says:

    Well if we are in fact debating whether Assad is burning bodies in Nazi Germany style crematoriums, I hope we’re privy to a lot more evidence than is currently available. Fuzzy monochrome satellite images aren’t doing it for me.Surely someone could have photoshopped a sign in English”This way to the crematorium?”
    I do remember the original Sadnaya Amnesty report was compiled totally in London, using phone interviews and the like, and problems with the story were pointed out that the mass graves attested to were no where in sight. Now on the eve of the Geneva peace talks restarting, we’re getting an amendment to the original story and its originating from the tried and true never twisted the truth in its life US State dept
    Predictable and right on schedule.
    Not that I’m denying the possibility of these things happening, but for Christsake, in these powder keg times, please lets exercise a bit of healthy scepticism and demand better evidence than some Arsehole with an agenda alleging atrocities

    • Sam Sam says:

      We can quibble about the funneral arrangments but Assade would certainly have spare mass graves laying about.

      So about that healthy scepticism. I mean which would you prefer?

      A) Millions dead
      B) Assade and his Family mudered russian zar style

      I think we are so far along into the Syrian civil war that these are the two most likely events that could quell the violence. ISIS in my opinion is a foot note in all this barely worth mentioning. Ok so we can defeat ISIS but that wont end the civil war. We also need to defeat ISIS before we can end the civil war and fighting.

      • David Stone says:

        Only one man has Syria’s population”s support sufficiently to restore peace to Syria in the foreseeable future , and that is Bashar al Assad.
        No other entity has a ghost of a chance to pull that country back together.
        Look around at the other “regime change” victims.
        D J S

        • Sam Sam says:

          While assade is president of syria, Syria will have no chance of a recovery. Its to badly damaged and America can just block any trade with Syria in the UN. Things could be alot different if assade fell on his sword because he is only prolonging hostilities now, he’s pretty much the only road block besides mopping up a few deranged homless foriegners.

        • Syria and Iraq are finished. They are geopolitical constructs of colonial France and Britain and have only lasted as long because they have been ruled by dictatorships. The borders of both countries were drawn up by colonial masters without regard to where true ethnic borders lay. There is too much history between the internal sects – the Kurds, etc – for them to co-exist peacefully.

      • francesca says:

        Civil war my arse
        Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, France the UK, Australia,Israel, Norway Turkey, all breaking international law , can not be described as Syrian., and have no right to be there

    • Steve Rowe says:

      Absolutely. We have seen this all before with Gulf War II – please engage healthy scepticism about all claims surrounding the Assad Government. To say there are vested interests in widening the Syrian war is a vast understatement.

    • Red Buzzard says:

      +100 FRANCESCA…I read somewhere the person responsible for that report has gone to ground

    • Andy K says:

      The official said they believe the building of a crematorium at the facility. Extremely conclusive language.

      An outhouse built at the facility can be believed to be a gas chamber.

      • francesca says:

        a fuller report shows the official, in answer to a reporters question, admitting that the “crematorium” building could “possibly” just be a warmer part of the building
        Doubters and sceptics from all quarters can check for themselves at the official State dept site
        Google: On the record briefing:Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs
        Stuart Jones on Syria

  3. francesca says:

    oh and by the way I agree with you

  4. Black Benchers with the fluency challenged Wallace, a shouting woman and politicians trying to be funny – the whole programme should be scrapped .
    Oh, for some decent, smart, witty NZ political TV satire – dead as the moa I fear.

  5. John W says:

    Tragically no party has policy to address the slide into what looks like oblivion.

    They are all chasing voted from the least concerned.

    And the stupid, the greedy, the confused along with those who agitate for more and better of things we just don’t need.

    Where is a plan to stop growth , reduce population and live a lifestyle with much less consumption ans waste.

    I don’t hear it from the Greens but they do tinker with details such as cleaner rivers in a half hearted manner and reducing the burning of fossil fuels. All too little too late.

    Shaw is just chasing votes.

    Our system is not working as it relies on fearless leaders with long term good as their driving mantra.

    We have none.

  6. Siobhan says:

    Probably that sort of comparison is considered clever when your larking around the consulting division at PricewaterhouseCoopers. And with that background I’m guessing Mr Shaw is still entirely flummoxed as to how Hillary could possibly have lost the election…the only possible explanations being….’The Russians’ and, clearly, ‘Hitler’.

  7. Ian Kiddle says:

    It is disappointing to see you giving credence to the latest anti Assad propaganda from Washington. Moon of Alabama notes that even the usually anti-Assad Der Spiegel says the USA has no evidence to support this. It appears to be based on the fact that a photo shows one building in the prison complex has no snow on the roof. It could be a laundry , the boiler or the kitchen.

  8. jax says:

    It must be Syrian peace talks time. Each time the accusations become more bizarre. In Khan Sheikoun Assad apparently used chemical weapons to kill his own people but was denied any independent investigation of the site. This time Assad has apparently been conducting crematorium activities on 50 people a day .There will be no bodies so the US will not have to provide evidence and Trump can send his missiles in again to the wild cheering of the US war hawks and the Jihadi terrorists.
    Someone sure as hell does not want peace in Syria.

    Let’s have some tangible evidence for the accusations that are made which do not emanate from phony US intelligence reports sourced by the Deep State.

  9. Mike the Lefty says:

    So David Seymour wants to remind us how Trump is our ally?
    With allies like Trump, who needs enemies?

  10. esoteric pinapples says:

    Noam Chompsky has said Trump’s Republican’s are more dangerous than Hitler as they are leading to the extinction of the species.
    Hitler’s impact on the human race and all the Earth’s species was relatively minor compared to what climate change is going to do.