The truth about National’s supposed 34 000 ‘new’ houses for Auckland

By   /   May 17, 2017  /   9 Comments

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This housing announcement is a joke looking for a punchline.

With every National Party announcement, the Devil is always property speculating in the detail.

We have seen this from National time and time and time again. Great big announcement for an ‘affordable’ housing project, followed up by a mid-project report that has the developer having to cut back on the percentage of affordable housing because the land has jumped in value while the project is built and it’s all finished up with the entire fiasco falling over and ‘affordable’ being defined as $750 000.

Yesterday, National announced a pathetic 34 000 houses in 10 years.

Now we get the details.

It’s not 34 000 new houses at all, it’s only 26 000 new houses and a replacement of 8000 state houses and most of those 26 000 new houses have already been announced in previous plans and because National intend to sell many of these off at market rates so as to subsidise the ‘affordable’ houses, we don’t actually know how many affordable houses National are offering nor what they are defining as ‘affordable’.

This entire policy announcement is 100% horse shit.

National is a Government of the property speculators, by property the speculators and for the property speculators.

This housing announcement is a joke looking for a punchline.


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  1. XRAY says:

    By now this sort of thing should be the first go to for any opposition MP and shadow minister, take a National Party announcement and quickly take it apart. It is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    So the question is, where are the bloody opposition on this?

    Labour, Greens and maybe NZ First, hello, anyone out there?

    Honest to God, Nationals best chance of winning is a polite, play it with a straight bat, weak, half awake opposition!

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    The punchline for Nactional’s stupid housing plan is;

    “Let me show you the door”

  3. Mike in Auckland says:

    Indeed, this is what Housing NZ had planned for years, to do on the land they own, they repeatedly went on about that during the hearings for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan from 2013 to 2016.

    “During 2016/17 we will:
    • deliver an ambitious asset development programme which
    will see a greater supply of social housing being made
    available in areas of high demand, particularly Auckland

    • continue a divestment programme in areas of low demand
    to ensure we are making the best use of our homes across
    New Zealand, and actively promote the sale of these
    homes as part of Housing New Zealand’s Tenant Home
    Ownership and First Home Ownership Schemes

    • where appropriate, contribute to the supply of affordable
    homes through mixed ownership developments.”

    (see page 17 of the last report linked above)

    See also this post by Matt L (you know who) on Housing NZ’s PAUP zoning proposals, planning to intensify land use, that is Crown land they hold and have old homes sitting on.

    See this post by Ben Ross, another intensification fan for Auckland, writing on Housing NZ and the PAUP:

    This is nothing new what the Nats and Amy Adams announced, it has all been planned from the word go a few years ago. Housing NZ will sell land to developers, and only a fraction of the homes will be truly state or social housing, and affordable housing, most will be sold to private owners and/or investors to pay premium prices for.

    Nothing will change or improve with this, it is more houses to barely keep up with immigration, also of workers they need to build the whole stock. That is the ongoing sage, more immigrants, more work visa holders, also needing more homes, and the journey continues far into the future. Meanwhile investors and landlords will earn nice returns.

  4. bert says:

    Right Wing Herald reporter Claire Tevett’s attempt at political satire…

    “In immigration, Labour and NZ First have both proposed Immigrant Bullrush – the winner is the one who stops the most migrants getting over the border.

    But so far the most extreme event in the Campaign Iron Man is the housing challenge (or crisis, if you’re Labour).

    “Or crisis if you’re Labour”

    Hey Claire just a few of your N.Z. Herald headlines to remind you Labour are not the problem YOU are!

    “How the Auckland housing CRISIS is hitting small and medium businesses” – NZ Herald

    “Home Truths: Big ideas to tackle the housing CRISIS – NZ Herald

    “Auckland’s housing crisis creating brain drain – Business – NZ Herald …

    and the list goes on…

    “Future New Zealand: New Zealand’s multiple housing CRISES – NZ Herald

    So as you see Claire “YOU” are the problem.

  5. Priss says:

    National is lying??? Gosh, when did THAT START HAPPENING???

    When the Nats announce policies like this, best to check the fine print for fish-hooks, double-dipping, accounting tricks, and plain BS.

    Once we do that, their policies make perfect bedtime reading for 2 year olds.

  6. Castro says:

    The punvhline is the coming civil war that no one sees coming

  7. Michelle says:

    Not just Claire the whole lot need to be cleaned out they are gutless, bias and weak we deserve better as for paddy how do you think he got his own show a…kissing that is how you kiss the hand that feeds you they will keep feeding you Ngaro has confirmed all this with his little outburst/tantrum just like a spoilt kid he needs a good kick up the proverbial backside.