Affordable housing, swimmable rivers, prison rehabilitation & a suicide reduction policy with no targets – welcome to denial

By   /   May 17, 2017  /   11 Comments

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The denial we have allowed National Party voters to force upon us over the last decade has to end in September or we will be adrift in a carefully tailored culture of denial where no issue is ever solved.

A virtual reality of constant denial.

The level of denial that National voters have collectively allowed to become the dominant narrative  over the last 9 years bares no resemblance whatsoever with the reality that is life in New Zealand.

National voters allow themselves to believe affordable housing is a million dollars because many are property speculators who are benefitting from National’s carefully propped up property bubble.

National voters allow themselves to believe that our rivers are swimmable because many benefit from the Dairy industry that is polluting those rivers.

National voters allow themselves to believe that harsher and more punitive prisons will produce rehabilitated prisoners when the truth is the Government are now hiding the reoffending rates because our prison system only produces human beings more damaged than when they went in.

National voters allow themselves to believe the Government are doing something about mental health and suicide when the truth is that the Government are merely looking like they are doing something to avoid investigating the depth of misery gnawing into the soul of us as a people.

The denial we have allowed National Party voters to force upon us over the last decade has to end in September or we will be adrift in a carefully tailored culture of denial where no issue is ever solved.

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  1. Mike the Lefty says:

    You should have heard the farming lobby over the last couple of days trying to spin the latest reports about how they are polluting our waterways. The report gave them basically a D grade but they treating it as an A-. Tried to brush aside the numerous bad marks and only wanted to talk about the (few) positive points. The positive points were chiefly that the compliance level for dairy farms had gone up a few percentage points, not of course mentioning that to go from very low to low is hardly an achievement you should be crowing about.
    What we need is another award like the Roger Award.
    We should call it the Pin the tail on the donkey award for wilful blindness, and the dairy industry would win first prize every time.

    • Strypey says:

      Would Fonterra be eligible to be nominated for the Roger? Is there still an accomplice category they could be nominated in, for their work with all the foreign investors and their shell companies who own so much of the dairy land now?

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    “The level of denial that National voters have collectively allowed to become the dominant narrative over the last 9 years bares no resemblance whatsoever with the reality that is life in New Zealand.”


    We are a un-caring society now with English in the helm at present.

    I see in the Herald today that a report just came out from Goldman Sachs claiming that NZ has over a 40% chance of going bust i the next 2 yrs because f the most expensive housing among the ten top OCED coutries now!!!!!!

  3. CLEANGREEN says:

    Investment bank Goldman Sachs says there is a 40 per cent chance New Zealand will suffer a housing market “bust” in the next two years.

    It has put out a report that looks at housing markets in the G-10 countries, according to Bloomberg. It reportedly found New Zealand’s was the most over-valued and at risk of correction.

    But to qualify as a “bust”, prices would only have to fall 5 per cent or more, after inflation.

    It judged prices over-valued based on the ratio of house prices to rent, the ratio of house prices to household income and house prices adjusted for inflation, Bloomberg said.

  4. Not A Robot says:

    So, let me get this straight;

    We vest virtually all the power and responsibility for the welfare of the entire society in a man-made institution that is basically unaccountable to that society, except for 1 day every 1000 days.

    We then staff that institution with a bunch of people who’s only real ambition in life is to please the nameless, faceless Capitalists who stumped up the cash to help them get there.

    Then when these ratbags act true to form, and drive the society into a ditch…

    we bleat and moan but do nothing to reform it or get them out of there or make them accountable.

    And it never once occurs to us that we could and should call a People’s Convention, and combine our collective talents to design an entirely new system from scratch to replace this broken 18th Century one with a new and better one, just like our ancestors did when they invented Democracy in the first place.

    Gee, are we dumb or what?!

  5. Paul says:

    National voters allow themselves to believe that there is no real homelessness because “these people are just too lazy to get a job.”

  6. Muttonbird says:

    Don’t forget the ‘social investment approach’ whatever the hell that is. The Natz don’t seem to be able to tell us how it works.

  7. WILD KATIPO says:

    Jeez , … those photos, Martyn …

    I mean to say ,… at least you could have put an ‘ H’ on the mans forehead… I’m sure Rimmer/ Seymore isn’t the only one having a monopoly on being a holographic self centered complete and utter boorish dehumanized bastard…

    You’re slipping , my old son,.. you’re slipping.

  8. bert says:

    Nationals idea of targets…

    “The goalposts have been shifted for the Government when it comes to crime reduction.

    As part of its new set of Better Public Service targets, announced on Tuesday, it has removed its target to reduce reoffending It originally aimed to have reoffending reduced by a quarter by June this year, but only managed to bring it down by 4.5 percent.”

    So when targets aren’t met, they simply remove them. Sounds like something Trump would do to a staff member.

    National have created so many messes, it will be left to a left wing party to once again tidy up, oh the irony of the right wing statements,”it is all Labours fault”

  9. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Denial of reality goes way beyond the National Party -though National and its supporters is clearly the group that is most firmly locked into denial of reality.

    The entire dominant western way of life is both unsustainable and utterly destructive, and will fall over within 10 years, if not before. Almost NOBODY want to hear the truth and almost EVERYBODY ignores it.

    Resource depletion.
    Abrupt climate change.
    ‘Death’ of the oceans.
    Burgeoning atmospheric CO2.

    We can be fairly sure everything will be completely ‘fucked’ by 2030.

    with severe dislocation commencing around 2020.