Mainstream Media focus on smearing Willie Jackson – ignore 4 Government lies

By   /   May 7, 2017  /   6 Comments

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This week really highlights why you can’t trust mainstream corporate media.

This week really highlights why you can’t trust mainstream corporate media.

All week the focus was on smearing Willie Jackson for supposedly throwing a tantrum over Labour’s poorly planned party list process.

Here’s Vernon

Add Monday’s infighting to Labour’s history of self-inflicted list-related wounds.

Broadcaster and former Alliance MP Willie Jackson’s dummy-spitting over being placed at 21 on the list was predictable.

It is a winnable slot at anything like what the party expects to poll at the September election. So it was not surprising the party’s ranking committee rejected his pleas for a higher place. To do otherwise would have looked weak and put even more noses out of joint.

…and here’s Paddy

Willie Jackson has gone all “sooky-bubba” and made the Labour list announcement all about his fall.

It is unfortunate because it should be about the rise of newcomer Willow-Jean Prime.

Rather than Willie’s falling star, the story should be about Willow-Jean’s rising one.

…and here’s Rodney fucking Hide

Williams demonstrated Labour lacks discipline and is not a team. Whatever good was achieved by parachuting in Jackson was undone.

…and here’s Mike Williams

Broadcaster, urban Maori authority luminary, and former Alliance Party MP Willie Jackson managed to spoil what should have been a very good news story for Andrew Little and Labour by letting the world know that he was apparently (briefly) unhappy with his placement on the yet-to-be announced list.

…but why didn’t these corporate mainstream media stooges give the same level of attention to 4 outright lies committed by the National Party this week?

The Government have been caught lying about Charter schools.

They’ve been caught lying about prison reoffending rates and are now hiding those stats.

They’ve been caught lying about beneficiaries on drugs.

and they’ve been caught lying about social housing.

But those lies weren’t the focus of our mainstream media corporate pundits, oh no, it’s all about the disarray Labour are supposedly in and Willie Jackson being an uppity Maori that dominates the dialogue.

No wonder National poll over 40%. With a compliant corporate media, it’s surprising they aren’t polling over 60%!

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  1. Mike in Auckland says:

    Add the fifth lie about the ‘social investment approach’:
    Here are OIA responses by MSD from last November:

    Not long ago a response on the ‘Health and Disability Investment Approach’ was available, from Nov. , but now is is NO longer available:

    ‘Page not found’ is all that shows now, it seems to have been pulled down again.

    The reason may be that a report that was part of that response revealed the failure of their so called ‘mental health employment services’, which showed NO improvement in them trying to get mental health sufferers on sickness related benefits off benefits and into work.

    At least the Herald reported on this fail:

    The media do not bother researching this area of policy further, so all people tend to get is the government propaganda on how great their ‘investment approach’ is.

  2. Mike in Auckland says:

    Further to a comment just made, which was re a fifth lie by the government, on their so called ‘social investment approach’ and its supposedly great results, here is a PDF with OIA questions and answers that reveals how ‘mental health employment service’ trials were a failure:

    Read the report on the effectiveness of that trial from page onwards, and you can see the failure of their trial.

    But it appears the MSM are more interested in discussing personalities of candidates standing for Labour, than to report on such more important matters.

    Hence we get NO info about this in the MSM.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      From page 60 on in that PDF loadable under the above link, a report shows no positive effectiveness of mental health employment services trials by MSD.

  3. mosa says:

    Martyn we are not going to get any clarity from the media regarding Nationals deception and their massive failure on a number of serious issues and as we all know that has been a deliberate strategy for the last nine years.

    The media and its behaviour are just as culpable as the National government for the position we find ourselves in and are in reality a de facto branch of this administration.

    The coming campaign will be no different and i expect that Mr Jackson will be on a list of targets for the government media that will do everything it can to discredit him and others, the Labour party i hope has prepared for this.

    Just look at the current election campaign in the U.K , although some issues are different the government media is hostile , vicious and brutal in its treatment of Corbyn and Labour and as long as people here buy in to the narrative and not question what they are told to believe nothing will change.

    The left have pandered to the treatment dished out to them for a long time and allowed the government media to force the direction of debate on their own terms and agenda.

    Its time for the left to really come out fighting and push back at every opportunity.

    The enemy we are up against can be beaten.

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