The AM Show’s spluttering surprise at Andrew Little’s position on cutting immigration by tens of thousands

By   /   April 20, 2017  /   12 Comments

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The AM Show has become a wiggly tooth that I can’t stop rubbing and touching.

I think I’m a news masochist.

The AM Show has become a wiggly tooth that I can’t stop rubbing and touching.

I think I’m a news masochist.

I’m trying to watch Breakfast on TVNZ more because the times I’ve checked it out recently Jack and Hillary have actually been doing some good work, but I keep getting sucked back into watching the stupidity on display every morning by Duncs and the Sports boofhead.

If you look closely on HD TV you can see poor Amanda Gillies die a little bit inside every time the Sports Boofhead has something to say on any opinion that requires more than ‘Kick, chase, catch’.

She is going to become greyer than Obama by the time of the election in September. I want to start a pledgeme campaign and crowd fund her to another news show where she’ll get to live long enough to see her children graduate.

I digress.

I watch morning TV news because like it or not that is where a large chunk of NZers get their daily information. Those of us with broad news and media tastes may enjoy feeling superior with our ultra liberal cherry picked best of online news sources but it doesn’t do much to understand why the masses vote and think the way they do.

Breakfast TV News gives you a sense of where the cultural myths and ill thought out ideas on current affairs are and those misperceptions and petty ignorances form the 6pm nightly news.

It’s the called the circle of bullshit.

Anyway, this morning dear old Duncs was spluttering in surprise that Andrew Little intends to cut immigration by the tens of thousands.

He asked several times and Andrew Little’s slightly bemused repetition of the position is hilarious, but then you remember this is supposed to be a news show staffed by hosts who have some inkling of what the position of each Political Party is and yet here is Dunc’s acting as if Andrew Little had announced he was marrying Jacinda.

If Breakfast News TV didn’t know Labour’s position on immigration, which has been to cut it by tens of thousands for some time now, how can Labour have any confidence that the low information choice voters who watch Breakfast TV know it?


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  1. Paul says:

    Richardson makes Hoskings look intelligent.

    • bert says:

      Richardson is a right wing fanatic, so will hardly be an intelligent debater. But put Richardson in a large group and he will be a mass debater.

  2. JR Murphy says:

    Completely agree, but I still can’t watch breakfast news TV – I would smash the TV. I’ve had run in with Duncan Garner, nasty piece of work he is completely radicalised neo-liberal terrorist heading their propaganda arm.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      “and yet here is Dunc’s acting as if Andrew Little had announced he was marrying Jacinda.”

      Now that would really be news to these news junkies.

      yes ANDREW if becoming far more decisive as a leader should be, and we welcome this rather than the wimpy style he had previously.

      Martyn please don’t get sucked into the mayhem that is “breakfast talking heads” rubbish.

      You are a top of your standard of a subjective critical journo.

      Not one of those many talking heads parroted types that hold their willing hand out for money as they produce all that rubbish.

    • countryboy says:

      Perhaps next time try running over, rather than running in with.

  3. countryboy says:

    Hahaha ahaha a a! Wiggly tooth. News masochist. I totally know what you mean.

    ” … but it doesn’t do much to understand why the masses vote and think the way they do. ”

    I agree. And thank God for that. I live deep within the dark, cow-zone of all things diametrically opposite to all that is TDB and it’s like minded souls. I live in the Grass Belt sparsely populated by Gidday Mate’ers and Howreyagoin’ers , the males of whom, I kid you not, go off of a winters evening to run about in near dark conditions on a paddock and if they’re lucky, some other like minded soul will run, full pelt into them, knock them over then roll about on them in the mud while struggling to keep hold of a silly, pointy ball-like thing for ‘ points’ that build up over a period of 80 minutes. When the team of steaming idiots who knock the most ‘ points’ out of the opposing team they get to ‘win’. What do they win you ask? Well, nothing. Other than knowing they won. Again, you ask. ” No, but seriously,what, do they ‘win’. Again, I reply. Nothing. Just like their politics. They run helter skelter here and there, make up some numbers then win nothing except perhaps an early grave and/or a life times worth of limping.
    The most hilarious news reading is to be done in the local news paper. Men dressed as cowboys having live ammunition quick draw competitions. ( Not kidding! ) The Girls guide to road-kill stuffing. A popular class held in the War Memorial Hall” First prize for Best Stuffed Stoat goes to Ms Rondah Doubletub of Flag Swamp Rd. ” The Big Turnip Harvest Dance and Darts Festival. Crowd goes wild !

    WARNING. Do not take fruity mushrooms then contemplate the news re rural politics. No good will come of that. So I’m told.
    Instead perhaps, do a cleanse for two months then give it a go. If all else fails, pack up and move to Australia like John Clarke did. At least it’ll be warm and the fruits are cheap.

  4. Quicksilver says:

    In their desperation to make Garner look even remotely intelligent, New-shub had to dig way beyond the bottom of the barrel to find a suitable co-host.
    To their relief they discovered Richardson.

  5. Kim dandy says:

    Hopefully I’m not the only kiwi dumping their TV because it’s full of S***.

  6. Mike in Auckland says:

    Duncan Garner is a neoliberally minded fence sitter, well more leaning towards the Nats than Labour, that is in general. Although he likes to talk about the housing affordability crisis, about teachers not able to live and work in Auckland, and thus criticise the Nats, he does at the same time dislike Andrew Little and Labour.

    Garner is a bit of a populist talker for a media person, he likes to talk and write about stuff, that he thinks people care about.

    Labour under Little is in his view at best mediocre, so when Andrew Little dares to make such comments about reducing immigration, this must surprise Garner, as he would not expect Little and Labour to take such a clear position.

    Little on the other hand sees a strong need to show that a Labour led government would go further than the present government, in limiting immigration. Hence Little’s comments on that show.

    Immigration is one top policy matter that will decide the election. Many New Zealanders, especially in Auckland, are getting tired of the high number of new immigrants, that put enormous stress on infrastructure, including housing, and government services.

    Also does immigration keep wages down, and with the now high inflation of about 2.2 percent per annum, living costs rise faster than people’s incomes, this will really concern voters.

    Watching also the six o’ clock news, I saw Paddy Gower talk about Little’s comments, and “cut, cut, cut” was the slogan. So Labour is in danger of being portrayed as being “anti immigrant” (like Winston and NZ First), which is rather negative, although Labour would actually still allow about 25000 new immigrants per year.

    We can see again, how key media personalities in shows such as the am show are about to throw the spanner into Labour’s election campaign, trying to stop them from making any headway in reaching and convincing more voters to vote Labour.

    The same will be done for the Greens. We must expect that boof-head sports commentator to present even more anti Green and anti Labour comments in the lead up to the election, and Garner will do little to keep that one shut up.

    So on this one Little deserves credit, for drawing a clear line in the sand, after the Nats only announced some tweaks to the immigration system, that will not change all that much, but hit those who cannot earn close to 50k a year.

    What they may not have thought through is that this may also stop many foreign students from coming to NZ to study, as many only did so in order to have the opportunity to become permanent residents.

  7. Dave says:

    Jacinda has now said the restrictions will not be permanent, they will simply be in place until the appropriate infrastructure is in place. So how long is a piece of string?. What a flip flop. Typical Labour wishy washy bullshit where they try and please everyone but appeal to no one.

    • Michelle says:

      They must be appealing to someone Dave they are higher in the polls and Bill knows it as his party has been polling just look at Bills face now covered in wrinkles power comes at a cost and ageing appears to be one of the costs.

  8. Sally's Husband says:

    “Breakfast TV”??

    I prefer Morning Report on RNZ. It’s for grown-ups.