UK Snap Election Called

By   /   April 19, 2017  /   24 Comments

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New Zealanders will wake up this morning to news that the UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap election.

New Zealanders will wake up this morning to news that the UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap election.

After swearing she wouldn’t call a snap election, May who only came to power last year has argued that she needs a new mandate from the electorate to pass Brexit.

It also comes at a time when the Labour Party are 20 points behind in the Polls so it is political expediency for May.

The Progressive movement in Labour, badly splintered between Corbynistas and Centrists either self mutilate themselves and get 5 more years of Tory Government or they work together and win back power.

The true Left will never have a better opportunity to implement their policy platform with Corbyn as leader so they have everything to play for while the Centrists see a chance to finally kill off Corbyn’s leadership and his pesky activist base.

May has already made an extraordinary statement that she won’t do any TV debates before the election, that is incredibly undemocratic and dangerous.

If the ‘French Bernie Sanders’ Mélenchon can take this…

…and make it a serious run for the French Presidency Corbyn could ignite the same populism in the UK.

Based on the Polls, May will win, but the Polls have been meaningless recently. This will be a fascinating election.

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  1. Gosman says:

    The polls generally underestimate the size of the Conservative support. Just look at the 2015 election. This is likely to be a massacre of UK Labour.

    • Sam Sam says:

      So you think you know something about UK politics, on top of your opinionated reasoning on all things Venezuela. How about you address all the dribble you spoke about the TPP before moving on too similarly bankrupt ideologies, because muh roast hand is on cool down. It takes time to master NZ UK foreign relations.

      But not goose-man, he must have written a couple of books on the the matter to have such a forcefull opinion. Or are you just selling another one if your agendas?

      When bookies have your leader at 87% odds to win a General Election youre not a Divided country, youre a United country. Division is now BS!

      The message is simple. Why are Remain MPs even talked about? Get behind UK #Brexit = Good for New Zealand and the UK.

  2. Im right says:

    UK Labour will be decimated, down to 130-140 seats (being on the high side here)…this will have a negative effect on Little who has the same voter apathy as a PM as Corbyn has in UK, get the popcorn ready….interesting times ahead!

  3. Michal says:

    It is outrageous that she won’t do any TV debates. I hope that enough people cause an uproar over this that she has to back down.

  4. countryboy says:

    When I saw the image of the gargoyle above and read your post, many thoughts and emotions ran, like a gang of hungry, well armed cannibals at an overweight meat lovers beer fest, through my tired mind.
    None of them were good, sexy, intrigued or otherwise human.
    The gag reflex was there. A deepening sense of foreboding too. And an instinct to gather about me all the things and organisms I love and find a nice cave.
    I get this feeling that we humans either have, or are about to cross the Rubicon. I sometimes get the feeling that we’ve run out of steam. That, in fact, this is it. If trump, putin, may, le penn, english, little, et al are the best we have to lead an ever increasingly erudite and intellectual albeit tiny global population into a new dawn while hoping to sneak past the litany of fuckwits with small bits/slack bits and zero empathy? We’re fucked. We.Are.Fucked. When the kids who pack my shopping at the Gouge-O-Market have more intelligence, empathy and a general sense of goodness over a golfing tyrant thinking grabbing ‘em by the pussy after being painted orange while wearing a dead cow skin on his head is de rigueur for a multibillionaire and leader of the most idiotic nation on our leaking, tanking, burning Space Ship? Yep. Fucked.
    Ever wonder why intelligent alien life forms come here but never reveal themselves? It’s because we’re the only virus around that they can catch just by looking at us. Even through a telescope. They just will not take that risk. If you ever get abducted and they won’t look you in the eye and just get probed instead? That is why.

  5. Michael says:

    So much wrong with your analysis Martyn. The factions within Labour will not work together because Corbyn has so badly split the party that this no way back. What do you mean five years? More like 10 years of Conservative governments based on this election. Labour has no policy platform worth any currency in the forthcoming election. Corbyn is without any good ideas. I would have thought that Corbyn would welcome May not engaging in debates – she’d wipe the floor with him as he is atrocious on camera while under pressure. Kudos to May for striking now while Labour is stuck with Corbyn as an albatross around their necks. Sorry, Corbyn as a popularist? You’re kidding right? A dull, unexciting man, a plodder without any dandyism your hope for a popular movement? Labour is doomed already and condemned to a rump in parliament.

  6. i'm right says:

    “May has already made an extraordinary statement that she won’t do any TV debates before the election, that is incredibly undemocratic and dangerous.”…undemocratic and dangerous, really Martyn, really!? Id think your Marxist darling Corbyn would be the one to be slaughtered in a TV debate, all may has to ask him is how he would go about making peace in the Middle East and his ‘lets have a cup of tea and chat with those misunderstood ISIS chappies and all will be well” and much…much…more, Corbyn has more to lose in these debates than May.

  7. mary_a says:

    Interesting call by Theresa May, considering early in her leadership she emphatically stated she would not call for a snap election! Keeps her word obviously (sarc)!

    This little piece from the Independent is interesting. Some Tories could be prosecuted for election fraud last time around! Up to 30 Tories could be facing prosecution during an election campaign!

    Now why is May calling for an early election …?

  8. Bully Beef and Chips says:

    If he was a true “man of great Labour” Corbyn would have supported Brexit but his flip-flopping has cost Labour dearly. He may in fact be in danger of relinquishing second place. In UK as in NZ, if Labour chooses to be the party of bourgeois identity politics and virtue signalling rather than than representing the working class and their economic and social concerns, then it is truly on the path to extinction.

  9. Craig Stephen says:

    Corbyn is certainly not of the hard left as some seem to imply. He is simply a true social democrat. His policies would almost certainly have fittted in with the splittist Social Democratic Party (SDP) of the 1980s.
    The problems with the Labour Party in the UK is that politics has been dragged so far to the right that any form of social democratic policy is regarded as communist and ludicrous. This rightward slide has permitted UKIP to have considerable influence.
    The Blairites within the party have failed to accept that times have changed and that their “centrist” view of the world does not fit in with hardline austerity and the attempt to decimate the National Health Service for the benefit of the private sector. Without the likes of Blair himself and Peter Mandelson, among many MPs,undermining him Corbyn may have had a chance. His popularity was neck and neck with David Cameron a year ago, and his party gained more votes at the 2016 national, regional and local elections.
    Then came an attempt to unseat him, and the view among voters that the party is split, when in fact 62% voted for him – more than Blair gained.

  10. Dave says:

    Dont put a woman in charge!

  11. CraigieBhoy says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is hardly the ultra-left Chavista the media, the establishment and some in his own party make out. He is a social democrat in the truest sense. Most of his policies would fit nicely in the splitist Social Democratic Party (SDP) of the 1980s.
    Labour’s dip in the polls is far more to do with the party’s right-wing refusing to not only back him, but with Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson leading the calls, actively tried to undermine him from day one of his leadership.
    The Blairites have been unable to recognise that the neoliberal “centrist” policies they espouse and carried out in government are not fit for today’s climate in the UK, where wages are plummeting and austerity has hit the most vulnerable.
    A hard Brexit that May seeks will make this all worse, while the party will continue to break up the popular National Health Service for the benefit of the private sector.
    Before the attempt to unseat him last year, Corbyn was as popular as David Cameron and Labour finished ahead of the Tories in the national, mayoral, regional and local elections.
    The political climate in Britain has drifted so far to the right UKIP has become an influential movement, and austerity has become the norm.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      MAN are not allowed to support or even report on “leftists”, so no surprises there, Corbyn has been assigned to the political death bed.

  12. Mike in Auckland says:

    Interesting times, MAD times, I would conclude, this is bizarre, opportunistic, perhaps, but also perhaps desperate and high risk. If only enough Brits would see through it and take the necessary action and vote accordingly.

  13. Kim dandy says:

    Interesting reading the opinion comments on a snap election article – in The Guardian.
    Most people saying it is basically a second referendum for briexit in disguise. Others saying if the Tories return it will be the end of the NHS. And an interesting one saying it is going to lead to the split of Scotland from the UK.
    I believe Country boy has it right – the quality of Politicans these days leaves a lot to be desired…on all sides, left, right, far left, far far right etc – all a crock, so they can play games with OUR MONEY and LIVES.
    Not impressed, I’m finding a cave too.

  14. mosa says:

    The real tragedy in this UK poll is that the people who drastically need a united, strong socialist Labour party to change the narrative may have to wait even longer to be freed from the austerity stranglehold being applied to the millions of Britons living in poverty.

    Corbyn has only six weeks to overcome what are horrendous odds to make it too No 10.

    This snap election and its aftermath will have serious implications for the future of the Labour party and the millions who need it to stand up for them and give them a voice and confidence that a principled Labour party represents them and will stand against the ravages of the neo liberal economic system and offer an alternative.

    It will never be able to go back to the pre Corbyn era and nor should it if it is too truly represent a” changed” government.

    The concern is a split but that could be inevitable and play in to the hands of its enemies with an even more divided opposition.

    You would think the election has in fact already been won without one vote being cast listening to the MSM coverage so far…no surprises there.

    A returned Tory government with a large majority will do untold damage to Labour’s constituency… a pretty depressing outlook for the next five years