A water pipeline under a Kiwi sanctuary in a National Park? How much wrongness can you get in one idea?

By   /   April 18, 2017  /   14 Comments

When this story first surfaced last week I thought that I must have caught the wrong end of the stick because the idea of building a water pipeline from a pure mountain water catchment through a National Park, under a Kiwi reserve to an offshore tanker ship seemed so demonstrably fucked up I assumed I had heard wrong.

I didn’t hear wrong.

Someone has conned the local council into allowing them to tap a pure mountain water catchment to suck out our precious water to a bloody tanker ship for Christ’s sake, and if that wasn’t utterly insane, this monstrosity is through a National Park that cuts right under a fucking Kiwi sanctuary!

I can’t even believe those words even after writing them.

How much wrongness can you get in one idea?

This would be like the Young Labour Christmas Party being forced to listen to Max Key DJing to them on the deck of the Titanic.

It would be like Bill English winning MasterChef to a televised audience of starving children.

It would be like Feminists marrying Trump supporters and no one saying something snarky on Twitter.

I could go on but at some point the laughing becomes crying.

Look, this water pipeline madness is one of those things that requires our immediate attention. Sign Action Station’s petition now to stop this insanity.

TDB will cover this absurdity and try and keep it alive for the election.

Fuck this happening folks.

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Signed the petition Martyn thanks,

    This evil Government must be banned from our shores as they are prepared to drain every last piece of what was good in NZ, for money for them not for us.

    The water rights should have gone to Maori as we would not have seen this wholesale rape of our resources as we see today by greedy politicians.

    • Michelle says:

      Yes agree with you clean green as a Maori I would gift the water back to our country but put a clause to stop any government from selling it. I can’t speak for all of our people but many of our tribes gift back to our country and all NZers but im sure as long as NZers always have unimpeded access that is the most important thing. We cant have the rich cutting us of from our legacy it is not right.

  2. Gerald says:

    Very few communities on the West Coast have a clean relible water supply including Westport and Reefton, both in the Buller District. The Buller mayor is a member of the group who are behind this scheme, little ironic that! The scheme when finished will provide minimal employment, once again we would be exporting a raw product. Tankers from overseas would discharge bilge and ballast water. Then we have the rubbish about minimal disturbance to the Kiwis, companies always say this sort of thing then weasel out of their obligations once the work as began (I worked for a mining company that renaged on many of its mitigation measures).

  3. Afewknowthetruth says:

    ‘Someone has conned the local council’

    Councils do not require any ‘conning’. Councils are all in favour of projects that lead to local environmental destruction and planetary destruction…. especially is some arseholes can make short-term money out of it at the expense of everyone else and pass a few back-handers to councilors or council officers: it’s the system, and is called ‘freedom and democracy, with public consultation’.

  4. Grant says:

    This absolutely beggars belief.
    The precedent being set and future ramifications are huge.
    It’s about as dumb as dumb can get!!

  5. esoteric pineapples says:

    Even more unbelievable is that DoC gets just $5000 per annum for the pipeline and the water is virtually being given away for free

  6. Jack Ramaka says:

    Giving away water rights to Offshore Companies verges on treason?

  7. Dave says:

    An April fools day prank? If this is as reported, I cannot think of anything more stupid in recent history.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Dave I agree with you as a kiwi I am appalled with Bile English for allowing this wholesale destruction of the pristine West Coast, that as a Auckland born person, I fell in love with when I went there in 1984.

      Goldman Sachs must be behind this as they are everything that is evil, like funding our third world war we now see!!!!!!


      Goldman Sachs Claims Propping Up ‘The Economy is Great!’, Funds Syrian War

      The age of parasitic capitalism still hasn’t sputtered to its final death. Among the larger players is Goldman Sachs, the very same megabank that the oligarchs use to fund terrorism – like the latest foray into Syria. Goldman Sachs is known for money laundering, billion-dollar-lobbying for the ease of punishment for corporations who launder said money, drug pushing, defrauding investors, war profiteering, and now, outright lying in order to keep their grimy claws on as much government-baptized cash as possible.

      Annual bonuses to the Goldman Sachs’ elite were recently topped off at $23 billion, but that still isn’t enough funny money to keep the masses hysterical and dazed. Goldman Sachs’ top lawyer is also accused of being the cabal’s go-to guy when the natives get restless, but to keep the rhetoric around a great economy – restored by a certain president in charge, we’re now expected to ignore a sick and lackluster economy based on Goldman Sachs’ charts and graphs. But there’s another story unfolding which even evil bankers can’t corrupt.

      Goldman just tried to justify a collapse in loan growth, which has reached its slowest pace in 6 years. It is expected to peter out completely soon. When no one is taking out loans, it’s because no one is making money and they can’t qualify for them.

      Banks need us to borrow money, because that’s how they earn usury-level interest rates based on the fractional banking system. Unless they are planning to collapse an economy completely, they need to maintain loan rates and employment at a certain level so that we will continue to “agree to our own confinement,” as Dr. Brad Evans explains it in this amazing interview with Russell Brand:

    • Jack Ramaka says:

      Dumb, dumb and dumber?

  8. LOSTRELIC says:

    Rape and pillage,
    Rape and pillage,
    That’s the National way!
    Money money money, it’s all that matters,
    At the end of the day!

    The environment is something,
    Made up by the Greens,
    To scare our investors away!

    It will all trickle down,
    Don’t you worry,
    We’ll make the poor go away!

  9. mosa says:

    This is what you get when you allow this bunch of bastards to run the country.. what next !

    It may not happen this side of September as this regime is putting out every potential fire with free water of course to lessen the chance’s of defeat.

    The rape and pillage will continue if they make it back with a mandate…you can count on it.