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As a co-organiser* of Waiheke Island’s Ditch Double-Decker protest and as someone involved with the petition to remove these buses from Waiheke, I believe that Mike Hoskings has completely misrepresented this issue.

As a co-organiser* of Waiheke Island’s Ditch Double-Decker protest and as someone involved with the petition to remove these buses from Waiheke, I believe that Mike Hoskings has completely misrepresented this issue.

Firstly, anybody commenting in the media, should be responsible enough to check the facts first. On the 16th March, Under the heading DOUBLE DECKER ON PRECIPICE, the Waiheke Gulf News had this to say; “A double-decker bus which slipped off the edge of Carson’s Road, on Saturday, could not have come closer to disaster.” Hoskings says the more protest, “the worse the image.” Had the dozen or so, passengers, tumbled down the bank and died, what does he think that would do for Waiheke’s image?

There have been a number of incidents involving these unwieldy vehicles. TV3′ news showed footage of an oncoming car forced onto the verge as double-decker lurches by, straddling the white line and within a few feet of the car. Waiheke’s roads are narrow, twisty and tree-lined and completely unsuitable and unsafe for double-deckers. In order to enable mass tourism, the government has classified all roads as being the same, which may be why Mike felt moved to comment. Mike isn’t too worried about safety, his concern is the tourist dollar.

Mike doesn’t mention that native trees have been pruned at ratepayer’s expense, to enable the tall buses to operate. It seems that in Hosking’s world it is acceptable for public money to be used to increase a private company’s profit.

Waiheke has become a world famous destination because it is unique and beautiful. If we allow a transport monopoly, that charges some of the highest ferry fares in the world, to further exploit the island by turning it into a trashy theme park (with optional wine), our uniqueness will disappear. In order to secure the success and the future of our local economy, we must not destroy the very thing visitors come here to experience. Fullers is not creating wealth, it is making profit at the expense of the attraction it is promoting.

The double-deckers are not creating local employment in that they ferry their drivers over and the tour guide’s job last only as long as the season and smaller (local) tour operators say they are taking their business.

Opposition to these buses is not right-wing versus left, or selfish, backward-looking old hippies resenting progress as Mike opines. (His mother-in-law, was one of the protestors). Had Mike had enough respect for his readers to do some research, he would have found that the Waiheke Local Board, is 100% supportive of the petition, it’s chairman, spoke at the protest and Nikki Kaye put the petition on her Facebook page. Ludicrous to suggest that the local board and MP are somehow anti-tourist and resentful of Fuller’s “success. Its enough to make you choke on a pineapple lump.


*It was my great honour and pleasure to work with Susi Newborn (who I didn’t know before), on this project.

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  1. jax says:

    Mike Hosking is the self appointed press secretary of the NZ government. He demonstrates a striking similarity to the US press secretary Sean Spicer. Mike will no doubt be flattered by this comparison.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Flattered only if he can get his swelled head through the door Jax, good point though.

    • Gosman says:

      Why did Nikki Kaye put the petition on her FB page if this is against the Government’s position on the topic?

  2. Pete says:

    Two bits here struck chords with me.

    “I believe that Mike Hoskings has completely misrepresented this issue.”

    Mike Hosking doesn’t misrepresent, he represents – on just about any issue – his limitations, his partisanship, his position as so far up himself that no-one exists to mis-represent. Just himself to represent.

    “Had Mike had enough respect for his readers to do some research…”

    Following from that previous bit, respect does not come into it. Respect is a domain, a world preserved for him, inclusive and exclusive to him and he gives it the regard it deserves. He respects but himself.

  3. Jack Ramaka says:

    The guy is National Party lap dog with a limited understanding of basic economics.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Ramaka you are right on there.

      As Frank pointed it out so eloquently “evidently, Shane Taurima’s links with Labour are a “conflict of interest”; But it’s not a conflict of interest when journalists work for NationalPrime Ministers,”

      Funny this because we all remember when a Maori presenter Shane Taurima was fired on Maori radio some years ago by Nactional when they found he was a labour party card holder?

      Hosking’s is clearly a National party lapdog supporter so why cant he also be fired under the same rules????

      Maybe Frank or Martyn or both should request this Hoskings resignation also now of the National Party before the election begins.

      Don’t hold your breath through it should be tested legally also now.

      • James Rangipo says:

        He obviously isn’t silly enough to be a card carrying member of the National Party?

  4. Dave says:

    gawd, another protester looking for a cause.

    • countryboy says:

      ‘God’ is spelled G.O.D. dave. Ask your mum if you don’t believe me.

    • bert says:

      I actually agree with everything she say’s but as usual Dave, you’ve offered nothing than labeling. So to use your method, I think, like Hosking, your a bit of an anti socialist cock.(mostly useless thing)

    • Pete says:

      As against another inane poster on automatic mode? Could you possibly see your response as the same sort of behaviour you accuse Stephanie Honeychurch of?

      With the exception of course that what she is involved in has some rationality about it.

    • Sally's Husband says:

      Try addressimng the issues if you can Dave. It’s really not that hard.

      You can suck (up to) Mike Hosking later on.

  5. countryboy says:

    mike hoskings, like @ DAVE here, should never, ever be taken lightly. Their greed and stupidity are contagious and act, on the terminally stupid, like a virus. That is what they do for $-ers and that’s why they pop up here and there, to spread and mutate and cause dis-ease. The best thing I can say about them is that they keep us on our toes. It’s the less noisy, the less obnoxious, plain dull minded and far, far more deviant whom we must watch out for. Hoskings and @ DAVE have simply allowed themselves to be pimped out by the Big Money, that’s how cheap they are and ironically? If the likes of you, the writer, had the same money to bribe them with? You’d have them eating out of your hands and double decker buses would be reduced to unicycles.
    One more thing on @ DAVE types. @ DAVE’s will enjoy the venom thrown at him/her. The pleasures derived from that is what makes him/her so tittilated by the experience. He/she will get a frisson from attracting loathing and hatred. That’s what makes the @ DAVE’s so dangerous. For the most part, they act outside our sphere of comprehension. They watch from their perverse perch and wait for their prey to stumble. Usually over the truth, inherent good, best intentions etc. I think that, that psychiatric anomaly might have given rise to the Kiwi’s favourite control-freak blood sport; the noble art of the piss-take. Here’s a word of advice for those being victimised by piss-takers. A light jab in the nose. Works a treat so I’m told.

    • Dave says:

      You clearly missed my comment to Mr Treen where I said “keep up the good work” in response to the pay and conditions of some in the fast food industry article he recently wrote.

  6. Mike the Lefty says:

    The day that Mike Hosking has anything sensible to say about anything is the day I will eat my hat.
    I think my stomach is pretty safe.

    • Sally's Husband says:

      I think you’re right Mike. Your stomach AND your hat will both be safe. Mike Hosking and sensible things parted company a long time ago.

  7. James Rangipo says:

    One of the most intelligent National Party commentators the country has?

  8. XRAY says:

    Mike is a ponse/National MP at large, let’s be honest.

    Anything to question Nationals low-grade investment headless chicken approach tourism is a question too far for him. Has central government funded Waiheke’s infrastructure accordingly? I’m going to guess they have not.

    Having said that I am only aware of Hoskings displeasure because of this blog as I don’t use TVNZ, ZB and the Herald.

  9. Stephanie Honeychurch says:

    A Stuff poll (17/8/15), showed 72% of 26,399 respondents thought Hosking was “clearly politically biased,” 15% said biased some of the time and 12% said he was an “outstanding journalist.” A petition to get rid of Hosking, got 23,317 signatures, one to keep him, got almost 3,000. Says it all really.

    • The Other Mike says:

      Hosking is not (and does not pretend to be) a jornalist. Never took the course. He is an “entertainer”. Surely as that we do not need to be subjected to his (and Larry’s etc) “opinions”>

      Y’know, be like Fox pretends… We report, YOU decide.

      I am not a kid and don’t need the school marm lectures, thanks. Especially from an ignorant, right wing shill ‘like Mike’.

    • Sally's Husband says:

      Stephanie, we saw a TV item on having double-deckers on Waiheke Island. It kind of defeats the purpose of putting these rolling monsters on an unspoiled island, to view its natural wonders, all the while with these things filling up the background. Fullers Ferry should never have been granted consent to take those things over there.

  10. Observer (Tokoroa) says:

    Hosking – untidy clothes – untidy mind

    Snug in his little boy too tight pants, Mike Hosking reveals the extent of his very limited mind.

    Which is why he can stupidly put out an equation such as: very large unweirdly buses on extremely narrow hilly streets = the very definition of safety.

    As such he reveals his absolute idols, namely the comedians known collectively as the nationals, Act, and the Maori Party. Whom together have stuffed up not only Auckland but 40% of the entire Nation.

    Hosking is entitled to be a joke. As are his political associates and friends.

    Bernie Hobbs

  11. mary_a says:

    Mike Hosking is a jerk and a very tiresome, boring, unintelligent one at that, like most mouthpieces for the Natz are!

    As for this issue, what does he know about Waiheke Island? I lived there for 26 years of my life, so have some idea of the infrastructure and what works and what doesn’t, as does the author of this article and local protesters. So what does Hosking know about Waiheke? Oh yes that’s right, his equally gobby Johnny-come-lately father-in-law lives there! So between the pair of them, their knowledge of the island amounts to zero.

  12. Michal says:

    I can’t believe the air brushed Hosking that we see (well I never watched it but hard to avoid the billboards in chch) is still on TVNZ ‘our’ tv station. The guy is an uniformed opinionated idiot. The wonderful programme on Nat radio called ‘media watch’ often picks up all the dumb comments that Hosking makes and is continued to allow to make.

  13. Martin C says:

    Mike who?