Rachel Smalley’s feminism and the hypercritical cult of motherhood – on beneficiaries and children

By   /   March 21, 2017  /   9 Comments

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As a cis male member of the heteropatriachy, it ain’t for me to step in and pretend to be an expert on how women and their identity towards having children should or shouldn’t be supported, but I can hazard some guesses.

Rachel Smalley ain’t happy.

This time it isn’t her desire to exterminate Indian students who don’t fill in their forms properly or Jacinda being too pretty, or women being fat cow heifers and lardos.

No, this time it’s about damaged women having children.

This isn’t the first time Rach has had an opinion on solo mums, last year she was demanding Spanish inquisitions for any woman not handing the details of the birth father over to tax officials.

She’s a wee charmer our Rach.

Everytime it is noted that a beneficiary has children the immediate question that springs to everyones bloody lips is ‘why are you having a kid if you can’t afford them you filthy scumbag piece of shit”.

In unison they joyfully cry out, “Why do we have to pay for your filthy stinking maggot children”.

As a chorus they cheerfully sing, “Haven’t you fucking heard of the pill you fucking slut”.

Etc, etc, etc.

As a cis male member of the heteropatriachy, it ain’t for me to step in and pretend to be an expert on how women and their identity towards having children should or shouldn’t be supported, but I can hazard some guesses.

Our cult of motherhood is a basic plank and pillar of our entire society. We all love our Mums, Mums are amazing, we all buy her crap for Mothers Day and Mums are always thanked whenever someone wins anything.

So we all love our Mums.

Except when it comes to paying them equally like men.

Except when they are being beaten up and staying.

Except when they get pregnant and can’t afford it.

In a world where motherhood is the only role we as a society openly celebrate women to embrace with gushing warmth, is it any wonder women who are hurt or damaged like Oriwa Kemp (who Smalley threatens with forced sterilisation), constantly seek that motherhood adoration while failing at being good mothers?

Doesn’t the desire to keep having children tell us how limited the roles for women are in modern society? What if we celebrated women scientists, lawyers, teachers or doctors with the same passion as we celebrate the myth of motherhood?

If I were a poor, broke woman with little respect given and few roles offered, I can see the romance and self fulfilling fantasy of having a child to give meaning and purpose to my life. I can see why so many women decide to grasp desperately at that identity and ultimately collapse because the reality is so hollow.

That’s why I don’t scream ‘why are they having babies’ as if the answer wasn’t in front of our faces.

Smalley’s ‘feminism’ is the same kind of middle class ‘feminism’ we see gaining increasing traction in modern NZ. All about ‘me’ and ‘my’ career options minus any empathy for the ‘us’.

How enlightening.

If we made all young girls feel wanted and included for who they are and what they can contribute to our society rather than hold their womb up as the only purpose for them being here, we wouldn’t feed the hypercritical cult of motherhood the way we currently do.

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  1. Siobhan says:

    I’ve met enough upper middle class stuff ups to point out that the world is well populated by (men) and women who should not have had children.
    The only difference being a nice house and a ‘good’ school and some ‘understanding’ and co-operative authorities allows upper class “ferals”, bullies and no-hopers, to largely avoid negative media and societal scrutiny.

  2. Stephen says:

    Part of the problem we have in society is the hypocrisy surrounding solo mums struggling to raise children and deadbeat dads who don’t pay their child support on time if at all.

    If we truly understand the struggles a solo mum has with raising a child we would direct our rage not at them but at the deadbeat dads those cis male members of the heteropatriachy, we should name and shame them.

  3. XRAY says:

    She is the feminine voice of Newstalk-ZB. Need we say more?

  4. garibaldi says:

    When Smalley first appeared on our screens I thought she had potential, but what a smarmy twat she has turned out to be. Good article Martyn.

  5. Andrew says:

    [Offensive comment deleted. Banned for ONE WEEK. – Scarletmod]

  6. Robert Atack says:

    Every child born today is a fuck up. Especially as the last human generation is at least 10 years old now.
    BUT if the kid is alive then as adults we have to look after it.
    If a woman has more than one fatherless child, she should get the snip… ouch.
    I’ve got a few ideas on that, might be best to keep them to myself 😉
    I am for mass sterilization of all of us. – copulate don’t populate.
    This system is so close to going totally tits up, the results will be a bloodbath, that will only stop when ‘we’ run out of bodies.
    Some of us reading this will see starvation, slavery, suicide and many many violent deaths, the rest of you will be the victims.
    We are the generation that will see the end of ‘humanity’, and the start of the 6th great extinction. (though they recon we are over halfway through this one now? so maybe we will see 80% ?)
    No one wants to argue this shit let alone agree and do something about it, not that there is anything to do really, except spread some love ew.

    • Andrea says:

      So you don’t buy into the propaganda about ‘baby bumps’ and ‘baby joy’ and ‘miracles’. The ‘human right to have children’. Our ‘bubbly babies taken too soon’.

      Not to mention ‘working for families’ and ‘baby bribes for breeding’.

      Oh dear.

      They tried so hard to convince you.

      Mind you, I don’t agree with ‘The Thinning’. And I’m a bit suspicious about Soylent Green.

      However, our love of ‘babies’ is soon over. After that they become mortality statistics or targets or internees in hellholes like Manus Island.

      But those are Other People’s Kids.

      PS Totally agree it’s time to cut the propaganda and enticements to out-perform in the breeding stakes. The hypocrisy could go as well.

  7. CLEANGREEN says:

    I heartily agree with what garibaldi says;

    Rachael Smalley has lost all her “humanity” entirely as she has sunk to become part of the Media swamp as she slipped into the MSM beltway.

    She is now another “hollow woman” as bad or worse than some of her male counter parts sadly.

    Rachael Smalley is just another “bad actor” without any morals now.

  8. Strypey says:

    It’s so easy to offer solutions to other people’s problems when they’re problems you’ll never have. There are many complicated reasons why people have children they didn’t choose to have and may struggle to raise. Some women are allergic to the pill, and don’t feel comfortable about having an abortion, even if they are pro-choice intellectually. Getting sterilized in this country when you’re young and childless is almost impossible. I know men who have been turned down for a vasectomy after having one child and no longer being with the mother, because they are under 30 and supposedly might change their mind and want more children later in life.

    Anyway, all this is beside the point. Children who have been born to struggling parents can’t just be stuffed back into the womb, even if their existence is judged to be fiscally irresponsible by hyper-individualist bigots. There’s just no point berating parents for something they can’t unmake. Anyway, the children didn’t choose their situation, and they deserve our empathy regardless of our attitude towards the parents.

    The way children are raised will have knock-on effects on the rest of society, either positive or negative, so doing everything we can to make sure every child raised in Aotearoa has a positive upbringing is actually rational self-interest, if we look at the big picture over the long term. Unless raising a generation of illiterate/ semi-literate prison labourers and cannon-fodder is actually the long term *plan* of the security-industrial complex, which is a horrible possibility to contemplate, and something no sane or compassionate person ought to cooperate with in any way.