Water for New Zealanders!

By   /   March 16, 2017  /   20 Comments

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We need a commitment from the Opposition that there will be an immediate moratorium on all foreign interests taking water including the existing contracts.We need to prioritise the water needs of the environment and people first and then business second.

I’m sorry, but god damn this water issue has me furious.

How the hell can we have gotten to a place where large corporations are taking hundreds of thousands of litres of our freshest water PER DAY for free?


Brothers and Sisters, this is madness. Pure, unadulterated madness.

The Government’s inane position is that “No one owns the water”. That’s the very answer Nick Smith gave an exasperated Paddy Gower as Paddy put to him these companies were making a killing hocking off our water.

“No one owns the water”.

That’s just horse shit.

Or cow shit, whatever the stuff is that National are allowing Fonteera and corporate dairy to pump into our rivers and streams.

So National sell state assets, (with sweetheart deals for those rich enough from the tax cuts to buy the shares) to subsidise Dairy irrigation to the bloody tune of $400million, they then pollute our rivers to such a point the Government have to redefine what the word ‘swimmable’ means and now National are allowing foreign interests to steal water for free.

Screw this.

Fellow New Zealander’s. This. Must. Not. Stand.

Under the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealander’s, in partnership with Maori, own the water!

We do.



You and I.

New Zealander’s.




We own the bloody water thank you very much!

All of us. Not just the bloody farmers and their insane influence over politics, not just the foreign interests and corporations.


All of us.

If the product is being made and finished here in NZ by a NZ owned company, then they can have access to our water, and I mean ‘access’, not ever increasing intensification, those industries should be looking to clip their wings and reduce their environmental footprint, not greedily expand it even more.

I don’t care how many times Fonteera play those glossy over produced astroturf adverts designed to generate a sense of authenticity with a former All Black gushing about how much he loves milk, they can fuck right off.

You’ve had 9 years of your Party in power and it’s been as detrimental to the environment as the Housing crisis has been to the poor living in cars.

Our environment urgently needs a change of Government because these bastards can’t help themselves. Corporate Framers are addicted to producing mountains of milk powder and screw the knock on effects on the environment.

I say ENOUGH. Water for New Zealanders!

We need a commitment from the Opposition that there will be an immediate moratorium on all foreign interests taking water including the existing contracts.We need to prioritise the water needs of the environment and people first and then business second.

This must be an election issue or we are a nation of short-sighted fools.

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  1. WILD KATIPO says:

    1 ) ”We need a commitment from the Opposition that there will be an immediate moratorium on all foreign interests taking water including the existing contracts.”

    This is a straight out election issue.

    If Labour and its allies fail on this issue alone, – it’ll prove where their motives lie and all else will be judged under this microscope. They indeed will be seen as neo liberal lite and no real alternative to the malaise that currently effects our country.

    If there is not sufficient protest from the Greens it will prove their fundamental shift from the environment towards the expediency to gain political power at all costs and nothing more – thus invalidating everything they ever stood for in the public’s mind .


    2 ) We need to prioritise the water needs of the environment and people first and then business second.

    This statement strikes at the very heart of the true motives and agenda of the globalist neo liberal ideology , – that of sacrificing national sovereignty and the democratization of our natural resources be they human or environmental to induce the philosophy of a global , border-less free market environment that disregards the birth right and inheritance of those indigenous peoples who have invested in them the sole propriety rights of those resources.

    In short – we are talking about the legalized theft and exploitation of a natural resource , – owned exclusively by the people of a nation – by a foreign body corporate that has had its activity’s ‘sanitized’ under the legal ‘ jargonese ‘ by a govt that has vested interests in maintaining that status quo.

    And that by a govt that has also been shown to have sacrificed the water quality of its own country in deference to the same slavish adherence to the ‘ free market ‘ principle of pandering to overseas corporate interests ( aka dairy farming ) – whether that be to the demands of foreign banking institutes or selected foreign corporate’s.

    Ladies and Gentlemen , … we now have an issue based on one of the most fundamental requirements for the sustaining of life on this planet.


    This is far , far more than something that – up until now – has for so long simply been taken for granted in this country , … this is an issue that now ,… affects our very perceptions of our democracy , our national sovereignty , – and the very capacity as a people to democratically say NO to the unwanted and unsolicited corporate theft of our natural resources.

    • Rosielee says:


    • Afewknowthetruth says:

      We already know that all the ‘opposition’ parties are ‘neoliberal’ -promoters of Ponzi economics, global trade, squandering of energy and resources, corporatization of everything etc. And we know that the general populace has been carefully trained to believe in Ponzi economics, global trade, squandering of energy and resources, corporatized sport etc.

      Ergo: nothing changes until the energy supply fails.

  2. Sean says:

    As far as i am concerned they are welcome to our “clean” poison/harmful Fluoridated (etc) water. Maybe they can give me some clean unflouridated water, since no one in this country gives a stuff that i have no clean (unfluoridated) water and that i am being poisoned/hearmed/hindered every meal of every day? I agree with the comment about “prioritise the water needs of … people first…”, but point out that water fluoridation denies disadvantaged people like me clean (unfluoridated (etc)) water at all. 9 years i have fought with this. See this latest article of mine (posted in overseas forum since i’m going worldwide and since i don’t know of local NZ one) https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/16330-water-fluoridation/ .

    • Strypey says:

      Sean, it’s mostly not the chlorinated/ fluoridated town supply that is being bottled and sold by transnational corporates, it’s mostly aquifer-fed spring water, like what comes out of the taps in ōtautahi (ChCh). Not that spring water is guaranteed unpolluted either, it depends where the spring was and what kind of farmland (if any) it flowed under before it got there.

      It’s important to remember that water is a renewable resource as long as it keeps raiaing, and there has so much rain is most parts of the country lately, while others have years of drought. Most of the water that falls just falls and runs off into the ocean. With a robust terraquaculture plan that increased the amount of rain infiltrating into the ground, topping up the aquifers and lifting the water table, we could mitigate drought and still sell just as much to foreign buyers as we do now. The intermediaries should pay the country what it’s worth though, so the credit accumulated cancels out what would otherwise be added to the national debt.

      BTW Some of the information here about fluoridation might be useful to Sean, and others:

      • Sean says:

        Well if that is true then it is all the more bad both what said by them here and what said by me here: they force the bad water on us here and at same time take our good water to give to overseas. Most bottled water here seems to be bad too (either they fluoridate it or they purposely select only naturally high-in fluoride (etc) spring water). I’d be surprised if they can get genuine decent bottled spring water while we can’t. Only the global elite (Rome (fonterra is a Roman name, terraquacultre is a Roman word, Babylon mother of harlots is centre of free trade in ‘Revelation’)) will have genuine clean water etc.
        It still feels to me though like: Hypocrites, everyone doesn’t care about fluoridation (etc) depriving us of clean water but only “care” about water being sold to foreigners.
        I don’t need any (more) information on fluoridation, i alrady know the root issues facts. I need people to care that I have no clean water and am being poisoned every meal of every day because they are forcing their harmful fluoridated (etc) tap water on me.
        We need united front, i can agree with you[s] about this issue but not if you[s] don’t also agree with me about my related issue (and the fact is they are both totally intertwined and connected to each other, parts of same issue).
        I am not able to collect rain water here due to disadvantaged/difficult situation.
        God owns the water.
        God says 1/3rd of the world water “wormwood”/”blood”.
        God says blessed are they who give even a cup of [clean] water in his name.
        Clean running water was important in Mosaic law [which also has cleanliness as important too (which includes oral cleanliness).
        Charity begins at home.

  3. Funny that photo.

    For once the Minister Of Cow and Bullshit and Pee has his mouth shut.
    I wonder why ?

  4. saveNZ says:

    Totally true. The water issue has me furious too!!!

    How can they be so stupid.

    Actually many of the politicians cronies are all in the trough stealing water so no wonder they think we all ‘own’ it, but only a few like themselves and their cronies can ‘sell’ it.

    Worse in the cities, some of us locals apparently ‘own’ the water but still have to pay a fortune to get it.

    I’ve posted this before but it’s so good I’ll put the link out again…


  5. Mike in Auckland says:


    “Jesus Wanted” – ‘Winery seeks miraculous wine-maker’

    New Zealand is a country with an abundance of fresh water. The nation offers huge resources that are in small part already being exported for handsome returns.

    A renowned winery has discovered the potential to turn wine into water. To facilitate and develop this enterprise we are looking for a dedicated, talented and high performing “Jesus”, who has the capability to add value to the water resources we have to our avail.

    If you have the unique set of skills and knowledge, and convincing experience, combined with a bubbly and high spirited character, please apply forthwith by calling 123 456 789 now. You can also submit your CV by sending your application to: winetowater@winery.co.nz.

    The work you will be doing will be highly rewarded at competitive rates of pay, and the largest export markets in Asia, Europe and the US are waiting for your gift to provide them with the unique NZ wine from water, that we will deliver to them just in time and spec.

    Times have never been better for this opportunity, do not hesitate to apply now!

  6. mosa says:

    Martyn ” BLOODY BRILLIANT” you are dead right and i wish you could afford to put those words up in a huge banner’s right around the country.

    I would love too see that !

    What riles me the most is that the Chinese think we are a push over and cant believe they can come right in and take a countries precious resource for FREE.

    No other sane nation would sanction this including China whose own drinking water looks like what Nick Smith was swimming in.

    This is a circut breaker issue and has the heat in it that will hurt this government , it goes to the heart of what is fair and reasonable that kiwis judge an issue on.

    The arrogance from Smith and the rest is palpable and i hope it will wake the public up to how this country is being exploited and the signs are every where you care to look.

    Once again the National party wont and cant act on this because the are compromised by vested interests and the most telling thing of all is that Judith Collins was directly involved with one of the companies who is directly profiting from this scandal….ORAVIDA

    The Labour govenrment was hung ,drawn and quartered for less just nine years ago.

    Short memories prevail.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% SAVENZ

      My thoughts also.

      Of course the Chinese are giving “kickbacks” to someone here to as they have been found doing so in several other so called “Trade deals”

      Even the Chinese Government claim they have rampant with corruption within their administration and at one point vowed to clean up that corruption.

      It seems that their wheels turn very slowly indeed.

      I would trust the Russians over the Chinese.

  7. Dee says:

    totally agree Martyn, we NZ own the water, if that was oil they were pumping out of the ground would Bill and Steve and John et al be so generous?B A S T A R D S

  8. countryboy says:

    Someone needs to tap into the ‘ Less yap, more action ‘ link that’s clearly missing.
    Until we descend on parliament and throw them out? Nothing will change. While Bankers have greater access to our parliament than we do? Well, times are going to get ever more fruity aren’t they? NZ’s become one huge committee where everything’s talked about and nothing gets done.
    Choke out the banks. Write off all mortgage debt. Re nationalise our assets. Public inquiry of all current politicians. Until then? You will wear out your finger tips writing letters of indignation and nothing will happen… And they know that. They know we’re all powerless. They know we will write angry missives and will rail and rage against their criminality but the more we do so, the more they will learn your strengths and weaknesses. We are, in effect, tutoring them by our elequint sentiment. They know what we’re capable of by us telegraphing it to them on Blogs such as this. The very last thing the Neo Criminal would want is for Blogs like this to disappear. All they have to do is come here, read up and know what we’re up to. And that ain’t much I’m sorry to say. Not yet, at least. There will come a day of course. Lets hope that day’s not too far off though or it will be too late and as Hank Bukowski once famously said “ Too late. There’s nothing worse than too late. “
    Make a date.
    Turn up.
    Do the thing.
    Achieve the goal.
    Go home.
    Make a cup of tea.
    Tell the grand kids allllllll about it.

    • Helena says:

      Totally agree except … we do hold the Power. We the People are the key and all we have to do is realize it, turn the key, open the door and let compassion, fairness, integrity and truth blow through. We don’t have to riot or go to war about a change either. We just do it by saying No Thank You. Unless our military and police have been completely taken over by offshore interests I don’t see any of them gunning us down.

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        I agree with CB .

        Direct action .

        We have done it before and we can do it again.

        Doesn’t mean to say anyone needs to get aggro or vindictive. Just mass dissent.

        The Maori people did it with the foreshore and seabed issue, the anti TTPA protesters did it with the treasonous Key and won.

        We can do it.

        We’ve proven that amply many times in the past.

        We reject their F. I. R.E economics.

        No more.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      200% Country Boy,

      NZ is being raped by the same method Goldman Sachs used on Greece and the dumb voter still hasn’t woken up to it yet, so this September the opposition parties must erect large posters along the roads and cities saying, something like “SEPTEMBER IS YOUR TIME TO TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK AT THE BALLOT BOX”

      Less words used to mean this would be better, but I am useless with short messages.

      Have a go at offering other samples folks.

  9. Priss says:

    “No one owns the Water”. That was the mantra from our former illustrious leader.

    Well, for a product no one “owns”, a few people/companies were making a truckload of money from it.

    It is time for a moratorium. Giving it away is madness and is the sort of nonsense weve come to expect from this incompetant government.

  10. Michael says:

    Around 2010, the national govt and south waikato council granted consent to coca-cola amatel (with HSBC as a major shareholder) to take (steal) millions of litres of water per year from the Waihou and Blue Spring river located in South Waikato. The water is processed at a nearby factory in Putaruru, bottled in the millions and then distributed and sold in NZ under the guise name of ‘PUMP’ who is owned and operated by coca cola.

    It seems that any knowledge of the process of consent was known only to the few parties involved at the time because many of the local iwi today are still unaware of what happened and is still happening as consent is currently valid and coca cola continues to pump these people dry of their inherited treasure – Water.

    In fact, while coca cola is allowed to sell (steal) their water under the Pump brand and live in their ivory tower mansions, drive their beamers, mercs, and bently cars, wear elaborate apparel and enjoy their multimillion dollar lifestyles while living overseas and not even having stepped a foot in NZ, the locals are getting nothing in return that’s even remotely close to what coca cola is making (stealing) off them in terms of revenue and associated benefits.

    Do the maths, the ‘Pump’ brand, which is now a well established household name, is sold at nearly every store conceivable throughout NZ for about $2.00 per bottle multiplied by $millions per year…? You can read the consumer information on the Pump bottle to confirm that coca cola amatel is indeed the owner of the Pump brand.

    This absolutely contradicts and destroys John Key’s claim that “no one owns the water” and yet coca cola illegitimately owns the water in the Pump bottle that is stolen from the Waihou, Blue Spring river that is rightfully owned by the local Waikato iwi of that area.

    So, once again John, who owns the water? Oh, that’s right he did a runner before he could get indicted for his part in this and other crimes involving his mate in crime Hillary Clinton. When Trump got in, Key got out. Go figure.

    Just remember, the govt and councils who granted consent in 2010 for coca -water stealing- cola also got and continue to get a cut of the action. Now the same thing will happen with the current WaterWars in the South as arrogant, puppet working for the crown, crony Nick Smith keep insisting “I’m not concerned” well you and Bill better be concerned as this could really open the door for far worser things.

    Now, here’s the kick in the teeth NZ, unemployment is in crisis mode, and yet as a self-sustainable country (in many ways) we could be building the water factories, employing our own people to operate them, drive down the cost of high quality water from $2 – $1, create income and generate on-shore profits in order to pour cash and life back into the local economy and towns wherever these massive water repositories exist.

    But most of all, put coca cola and any multinational corporation, who think that they can come here and steal our treasured water for their own gain and profit, OUT OF BUSINESS!

    If we don’t, then we will be buying and drinking the very water that they are stealing from our own land and selling it back to us. How many other countries can you go to and do that??? Now, isn’t that a kick in the teeth. How foolish does this make us look, we must be the laughing stock of the world and the govt is making a mockery of our sovereignty. If this was done under TPPA, it would have been far worse for us. I bet coca cola, HSBC, the nz govt and councils are laughing including Key and now Smith and Bill, but I sure am not!!!

    For my little part, I stopped buying Pump water along time ago and will continue to expose and challenge these tyrant while I still have water flowing through my veins.

  11. Dave says:

    If it was oil the profits would come to New Zealanders, so should the profits from water.

    • Unfortunately, most opf the profits from oil don’t copme to New Zealanders (via the State). Unlike Norway – where their oil production is state owned – we recieve very little in terms of royalties from oil. From memory (haven’t looked it up again), it’s either 2% or 5%.

      The Norwegians are clever buggers. They’ve kept all the profits earned by Statoil and this will fund Norway’s superannuation for decades to come.

      Unfortunately, New Zealanders, for the most part, are not so far-sighted.