Sexual violence organisations exempted, but issues remain around use of personal data for other social services

By   /   March 16, 2017  /   1 Comment

Media release: Wellington Rape Crisis and Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP

Two Wellington-based sexual violence agencies were relieved to hear the news today that sexual violence agencies have been exempted from having to provide personal data to government from 1 July.

However, they have decided to continue with plans to hold a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday 16 March) on the Parliament forecourt at 1pm to discuss the issue.

Kyla Rayner, General Manager of Wellington Rape Crisis said, “We thank the Minister for looking more closely at sexual violence services and are very happy with this news. We have deep concerns about the impact that sharing personal data with government would have on our ability to support survivors of sexual violence.

However, Ms Rayner went on to say that serious concerns remain for the wider sector.

“While it is a relief to have been exempted from this requirement, the fact remains that other agencies working in areas such as domestic and family violence, budget support and many other areas will still be feeling anxious about this new requirement.”

Conor Twyford, General Manager of Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP said, “We work collaboratively with other agencies across the sector. We are continuing with the meeting tomorrow because this issue has implications for all social service agencies, not just those working to end sexual violence”.

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1 Comment

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