GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Is Public Safety being endangered by Parole Board/Corrections Failings?

By   /   March 16, 2017  /   7 Comments

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The most recent statistics I have been able to get that compare the reoffending rates of those granted parole with that of those who served their whole sentence relate to the period 1994-1999. Of those granted parole over that period, 15.5% reoffended and 84.5% didn’t. Of those who did not get parole 34.4% reoffended and 67.6% did not.


Arthur Taylor is The Daily Blog’s Prisoner Rights Blogger who is currently serving time inside prison.

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  1. Andrew says:

    You mean those that were *caught* re-offending.

    • Ovicula says:

      It’s pretty much the same thing. Once you are known to ngati poaka, they move heaven and earth to put you back in prison, even if you’re leading a blameless life. But I doubt that the facts fit your revenge fantasies, just as they never fitted Phil Goff’s, let alone Judith Collins’s.

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah sure, it’s all the evil police’s fault.


        • Strypey says:

          Please, don’t feed the trolls. Anyone who bangs up single sentence comments making unverifiable counterclaims (how could the number of those not caught reoffending be measured?) defending business-as-usual deserves no response. Treat them like ads, and just filter them out. Oh and Andrew, crawl back to your Crosby-Textor masters and tell them their time is nearly up.

          [Andrew’s posting privileges are revoked until 7pm, March 28th for offensive comments made elsewhere on this Forum. As such, he cannot reply to you, until then. – Scarletmod]

  2. Andrea says:

    “If it was a business that was succeeding that would be OK…”

    It is – and it’s playing a long game with very deep pockets.

    Should you ever fall alive into the clutches of WINZ, you’ll find that your experience with the parole board will be invaluable. They’re just the same.

    It’s all about pleasing the spiteful, righteous segment of the voting community that raves about throwing away keys – until they’re caught with sticky fingers in the till.

    I hope there’s still honour among thieves because there’s damn’ all out here.

  3. Jlo73 says:

    What are you in for?

  4. Jlo73 says:

    It’s ok…I found your record on the Radio NZ website:
    “After spending 38 of the last 44 years in prison, amassing 152 convictions along the way for fraud, burglary, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, firearms offences, drugs offences and escaping from custody”.

    Your human rights seem very important to you. You ever consider the human rights of the people you offended against?