Caged chicken eggs sold as free range = OUTRAGE – Matt Nippert unmasks Peter Thiel’s mass surveillance clientele = silence

By   /   March 14, 2017  /   15 Comments

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…so a story on caged eggs sold as free range eggs deserves amplification and endless hand wringing by all parts of the media yet we get only crickets chirping when Matt Nippert points out that one of the global mass surveillance Nazgul gains residency here after their private company is exposed as serving our military and intelligence agencies.

Nazgul only matter if they mess with your eggs

It’s a funny old news landscape in NZ isn’t it?

New corporate media offshoot Newsroom has an ‘exclusive’ on caged eggs being sold as free range and the media amplification is across all spectrums and all sorts of consumer agencies and fair trade spokespeople come forward to gasp how terrible it all is.

Personally I see the exclusive as less pulitzer prize award winning investigative journalism and more ‘Fair Go’ on RedBull.

Compare the noise over caged eggs sold as free range eggs with Matt Nippert’s extraordinary investigation into Peter Thiel.

Admittedly Matt came out with this after TDB were pointing these links out a fortnight ago, but the total silence by what Matt revealed is probably the most telling part about his investigation…

Billionaire Peter Thiel’s secret Kiwi spy links revealed

New Zealand spy agencies and our elite Special Air Service soldiers have long-standing commercial links with a controversial big-data company founded by surprise Kiwi Peter Thiel, the Herald can reveal.

An investigation into Thiel’s links to New Zealand has found his firm Palantir Technologies has counted the New Zealand Defence Force, the Security Intelligence Service and the Government Communications and Security Bureau as clients with contracts dating back to at least 2012.

…so a story on caged eggs sold as free range eggs deserves amplification and endless hand wringing by all parts of the media yet we get only crickets chirping when Matt Nippert points out that one of the global mass surveillance Nazgul gains residency here after their private company is exposed as serving our military and intelligence agencies.

It seems that Peter Thiel will only get scrutiny if he messes with our eggs.

While we have Matt Nippert’s attention however, perhaps asking questions about why Hacking Team has 7 servers in NZ would continue scrutiny on all these private mass surveillance companies now operating in NZ?

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    “While we have Matt Nippert’s attention however, perhaps asking questions about why Hacking Team has 7 servers in NZ would continue scrutiny on all these private mass surveillance companies now operating in NZ?”

    yes we are entering the level of foreign intervention into our intelligence and thus our own Government so this is so dangerous that a Governor General should order a Royal commission investigation into our loss of security & safety.

    Government’s job is to ensure our safety and security.

    • mary_a says:

      Governor General Cleangreen?

      Do we still have one?

      Oh yes, that’s right Dame Patsy Reddy was sworn in last year, to replace the silent-on-all-things Sir Jerry Matapare.

      Seems to be our GGs must take a vow of silence during their vice regal term, because I have yet to know of one to stand up on behalf the people and query the blatant criminal activities, corruption and treason of this present government!

  2. Mike in Auckland says:

    I am waiting on the report stating the fact, that Kiwi motorists are CONTRIBUTING TO GLOBAL WARMING, through driving fossil fuel powered vehicles causing gases that add to the problem.

    That is also fact, but nobody talks or reports on it, as it is the inconvenient truth.

    Our modern day consumerist society of poorly informed buyers is a ridiculous state of affairs. This egg business is something insiders will tell you is nothing much new, there are many pretending stuff all the time.

    Even the “truly free range eggs” they are laid by hens that barely or never see the outside of a barn, and that live in overcrowded conditions, fending for themselves by fighting over fodder.

    Pork comes from pigs in piggeries, where the pigs are kept in tiny cages also, and the chicken meat is produced as usual, same as the eggs, mostly in tiny cages or fake “free range”.

    Only lamb and beef may come from somewhat more “normally” kept animals, but then we may have other issues there also.

    People live in their little bubbles and are not even interested in changing things, as if they would change, the products may actually become a bit more expensive, so they would complain about that.

    Slowly we are creating humans that will be highly vulnerable, and receptive, to catch modern day viruses and get sick from any bacteria and what else comes their ways. Nutrition is already a high risk area for most, start with your morning cereals and muesli bars, they should not even be standard fare, but most consume this crap.

    Oh, and milk, of course, that only comes at the price of hundreds of thousands of bobby calves being killed early every year, but who really cares?

  3. Mike in Auckland says:

    Peter Thiel Who? That will be what most will ask themselves, I guess.

    • silvertuatara says:

      I’ll have my NZ citizenship “over easy” please… with a taxpayer funded I/T sweetener deal to go…

  4. mosa says:

    “The governments job is to ensure our safety and security”

    No Cleangreen this regime abdicated their responsibility to New Zealanders when it assumed office and began to act like the arrogant bastards they are and are totally subservient to foreign and corporate interests.

    They never have or will put New Zealanders security or anything else first unless it suits their masters interests to do so.

  5. J says:

    Peter Thiel has been splashed over at least 10 news items, whole pages, printed, on tv blogs and radio. If idiot NZers can’t understand they’re being taken over by now, they never will.

    Chickens and people that tend them form the basis of future work, i.e. brutal and inhumane.

    Once you understand that human and animal welfare are connected you will also understand that you have to fight for all rights. You will also understand that like Mike King was shocked to find, animal cruelty was all done behind closed doors, like domestic violence, dog fighting.

    It’s connected. And it’s controlled by greed.

  6. countryboy says:

    I care more for a poor little chicken doomed by us to lay its eggs in a cage than I give one small feathered fuck about us humans. Is that wrong of me?

  7. Mike the Lefty says:

    I still believe that the egg ripoff is a worthy story, but not for the reason you might suppose.
    It is worthy because it reflects how some rural farming interests treat the public as gullible, and use genuine public concern about the treatment of animals to pull a fast one, and make lots of money doing it.
    Not much different from the lies we get from the pork industry, the fishing industry and the dairy industry.
    What have these industries all got in common? They deal in things we eat.
    To them we are mugs rather than clients.

  8. Next, your thoughts says:

    We are told that surveillance technology is for the benefit of the public, but has it ever been? Cameras, night guards, and other forms of surveillance are employed to protect property, primarily – assets, economic interests.

    The problem is that the limits of surveillance have been as far as a camera or eye can see. Your physical position in relation to an asset was monitored when you were a potential physical threat by your mere proximity. You can bet that if the technology was widely available to further assess your threat profile, it would be utilized. It has been for quite some time at airports, for example – your body language.

    Now are attitudes in relation to assets are being recorded via Facebook. Recent legislation in the U.K. sees the merging of big data and surveillance. Critics are saying that this will allow those with surveillance cameras to use facial recognition technology to identify persons, or consumers – potential economic threats or sources of revenue – and match that real-time identification to user generated data revealing their attitudes towards this or that product, which could convincingly lead to the absurd situation where an advertisement may tell you to buy a product under threat of broadcasting your favorite pornographic niche, or those nasty emails you wrote in anger about one sibling to another sibling.

    Crazy? The State already does this to advocates who have been assessed as being potentially threatening to existing economic and diplomatic arrangements. They did it to me. Given that the GCSB are primarily concerned with protecting economic interests, or assets behind high fences, and given the private surveillance industry run by the likes of Peter Thiel, which has become indistinguishable from the the “public good” surveillance industry, I think such situations are almost inevitable.

  9. Paul Judge says:

    I applaud the fact the free range egg scandal became a big news story. As Yuval Noah Harari says in his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, the suffering imposed on animals in our factory farming systems will be looked on in the future as our worst ever crime, surpassing that of even the Holocaust. That the horrific cages are being replaced by equally horrific cages misnamed as colony cages is an attempt by the industry, aided and abetted by MPI, to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

  10. Priss says:

    Peter thiel, Donald Trump’s pal (them billionaires gotta stick together y’know!) and creator of Palantir spy programmes used to spy on people.

    Billionaire. One percenter. Enabler for state surveillance.
    This is the guy who purchased NZ citizenship on-the-cheap.

  11. silvertuatara says:

    It is not too hard to imagine a time, in the not too distant future that moves will be enacted emanating from the surveilled global deep state that will see the mandatorily insertion of Human GPS microchip’s, or similar GPS locating nanotechnology that track each individuals movements 24/7:

    With Vault 7 confirmation that TV’s and other domestic/commercially used appliances have been hacked to enable the covert and unsanctioned hovering up of mass data and intelligence from joe and mary public….then I believe that civilization is fast reaching a point where the technology and certain ideologues may hold he power to make personal GPS tracking of humans….or at least certain groups/castes of humans (prisoners, sickness/welfare recipients, person’s deemed to entertain ideology that conflicts with the New World Orders perspective) to start with compulsory.

    Just imagine if it was introduced covertly, such as the appliance hacks used for spying through persons own tv’s, computers and phones, then how far away is the survellience, medical and military nanotechnology, that could hypothetically be unknowingly introduced into a person’s body in the guise of an immunization to counter lets say…a manufactured global pandemic, or with immunizations at birth or the like.

    The commercial arguments will be advanced on the basis of cost reducing of social and public services, and the reduction of the risk of potential harm.

  12. Mike in Auckland says:

    I have taken note that John Campbell has taken up the “chicken challenge” and has made this a developing story on RNZ’s Checkpoint. While consumer interests and rights are important, one must indeed ask, why is it that the majority of the population does not seem to care all that much about the search and surveillance expansion we are getting. It seems it is that common attitude: “I have nothing to hide, and thus nothing to worry about”.

    George Orwell was a prophet of sorts, it has turned out.

    They love them dumb and ignorant, the rulers that love to control and exploit, the have easy prey in most places, certainly in the land of NZ Inc..

  13. Helena says:

    If people knew the antibiotic crap poured/injected into ALL animals that have serious consequences for the animals and us, we’d all go vegan:
    If people only knew, no milk or meat would leave our shores.
    Clean, green New Zealand…yeah right.