Must see TV: Al Jazeera’s “The Occupation of the American Mind”

By   /   March 13, 2017  /   7 Comments


“An unflinching look at the information wars Israel and it’s supporters have been waging for decades to win the hearts and minds of the American people.”


Highly recommended as Must see TV.


9am, Tuesday 14 March

2pm, Wednesday 15 March

7pm, Thursday 16 March


Al Jazeera, on Freeview & SkyTV


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  1. Samwise says:

    Watched it last night, brilliant expose of Zionist propaganda in the US! I recommend it as must-see to!

  2. Mike in Auckland says:

    Yes another excellent program that is available via Al Jazeera. I only caught half of that documentary the other day, and will keep my eyes open for the repeat. If I miss that one, I will check their website and watch it from there.

    While they do have some bias also at AJ, they are generally quite good and offer documentaries showing revealing stuff that we will NEVER see on our NZ TV channels. I wonder why?!

  3. garibaldi says:

    Thanks for the guide. I have set my myfreeview accordingly.
    Al Jazeera is a ‘nice to have’ but is often too biased (because of who owns it).

  4. Al Jazeera may be “biased” – but no more than the Western narrative presented by MSM. (Not just Fox TV either.)

    Only by getting various viewpoints do we get to build up a picture of what’s happening in the world.

    Interesting point is that the phrases used by various pro-Israeli spokespeople/media/politicians have been used here, on TDB as well.

    Now that I know where those phrases originate from, they can be better understood as to their intent.

    I watched the doco, and except for one point that left me uneasy (because the answer provided on a certain issue was too vague and seemingly glossed over), it hung together very well.

  5. Priss says:

    Watched it this morning. (Oh the joys of shift work!) I’ll share that with my friends on Facebook. Some may not like it, but the truth is sometimes INCONVENIENT.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      I watched it also, and it reminded me, this is how propaganda “works”. We get the same kind of propaganda when it comes to economic policy, to social policy and so much more, under neoliberalism, and people sadly think, that is the ONLY way to manage a country and its people, because they simply do not know the alternative, the truth.

      • Priss says:

        You’re right, Mike. In this case the propaganda works so well for Israel that Goebbels would be green with envy!