Funny that we can have extreme weather event after extreme weather event & still no media mentions climate change

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We can not connect the intensive farming practices by the greedy corporate dairy industry (that is polluting and stealing our water while creating climate change gases) with the severe weather we are experiencing.

NZ corporate media

Isn’t it weird that we can have severe weather event after severe weather event in NZ and there is never a mention of climate change?

Port Hills ablaze, scorching drought, massive rainfall – all extreme weather events, as predicted by climate change modelling, all occurring with increasing frequency and damage and still not one fucking word about Climate Change.

That’s denial for you.

We can not connect the intensive farming practices by the greedy corporate dairy industry (that is polluting and stealing our water while creating climate change gases)  with the severe weather we are experiencing.

Why can’t we connect that?

We can’t connect those issues of pollution and global warming for the same way reason we can’t connect neoliberalism to the current generation war – the corporate mainstream media.

One of our largest media conglomerates, NZME, is over 80% owned by the Banks. The economic narrative from a media company like that will always support the free market mythology because that’s what gives its corporate masters the power they have.

Same applies to global warming. Corporates gain too much short term profits from the current flawed growth models to really demand change, even if that change will save the planet.

Our Corporate Dairy industry simply has too much influence over the news media to ever truly challenge and demand meaningful change.

Does this mean we are doomed? No, it doesn’t, what it means is that we need to start supporting new media that is prepared to challenge the old gatekeepers, because this fight is about getting as many  voters to understand the real motivations behind the lies and deceptions we are fed.


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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Exactly correct Martyn,

    The global scientists and even our own the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright has been constantly warning for years to Government that “extreme weather events” would increase as time goes on if we fail to reduce the greenhouse emission’s from transport and farming, but we have failed and now we are reaping the disaster that we deserve because of our Government’s failure again.

    “There is no fool like an old fool” should be pinned on our Government today mate.

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    Here is a US study that confirmed;

    “Warmer air can contain more water vapor than cooler air.

    Global analyses show that the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere has in fact increased over both land and oceans.

    Climate change also alters dynamical characteristics of the atmosphere that in turn affect weather patterns and storms.

    In the mid-latitudes, where most of the continental U.S. is located, there is an upward trend in extreme precipitation in the vicinity of fronts associated with mid-latitude storms.

    Locally, natural variations can also be important.”

    • mikesh says:

      “Warmer air can contain more water vapor than cooler air. ”

      I remember learning that when studying 6th form physics. I thought we’d known about that for centuries.

  3. jay says:

    ” Does this mean we are doomed? ”
    Unfortunately it does! 🙁

    ” My conclusion from what appears to be undeniable evidence is that we have already passed the tipping point where we had any hope of stopping warming at 2 or even 3 °C, and urgently need to focus on greatly improving our scientific understanding, and learning how to live with and survive decades of rapid heating, and to develop global geoengineering tools to actively remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere before most life on the planet (including ourselves) is exterminated from heat stroke and starvation in collapsing ecosystems. ”

    William P Hall (PhD)

    President, Kororoit Institute

    Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organisms

    Draft – 08-03-2017 University of Melbourne.

  4. Nitrium Nitrium says:
    Facts should, of course, speak louder than hyperbole. While I agree it looks a little higher than usual (in the US at any rate), it’s nothing I’d get super worried about at this stage imo.
    You can research all this yourself from your armchair, if you’re willing to take the time. The factual (as opposed to anecdotal) data is publicly available for dissemination:

    • e-clectic says:

      No nothing to get worried about.
      Currently, insurance pays out about $250k per day for weather related events in NZ. That’s 5 times more than the daily average was 15 years ago. NZICA is predicting AGW will bring $1bn per year of weather-related insurance payouts, that’s a smidge under $3m per day.
      Nope, nothing to worry about.

    • Pat O'Dea says:

      Why public funded radio is important.

      It is not a coincidence that Radio NZ was the only Mainstream News outlet to mention climate change in relation to these unprecedented wild weather events.

      Thom Hartman interviews Michael Mann

      “Have We Passed The Tipping Point”

      @ 4:23 minutes; We talked about the flooding of the Seine in France, the river in Paris. Paris is under water, they closed the Louvre. They raised the books, they never had to do that before….

      …..people are dying there, people are dying here. We have these floods in Texas.

      The atmosphere right now has somewhere in excess, my understanding is, of about 5 percent more water than it did in the year I was born in 1951. Given that, if it holds more water vapour, then when it rains, more water comes out of the sky.

      @ 5:17 minutes; “….the media in the United States is committing near criminal mal-practice by not associating, or even mentioning climate change in the context of these wild weather events. And I am convinced that they don’t want to offend their advertisers…”

  5. XRAY says:

    Anyhow, back to the Heralds far more important “How much is your house worth” interactive.

    Clean drinking water to go with that house, fuck off!

  6. Pat O'Dea says: tells us what they think we need to know.

    Presumably, what we don’t need to know, is that more frequent and extreme weather events like this, are more likely due to climate change, which is caused by political decisions made by our rulers.

    Live: Flooding strikes scores of Auckland homes as storm spreads across North Island

    Mar 11, 2017 2:11 PM
    Stuff Editors

    What you need to know:

    The Tasman tempest weather system is back, bringing more rain to a sodden North Island
    Nearly 3000 homes are without power in Glen Eden Auckland
    Flooding has struck scores of homes in West Auckland, with Fire Service crews rescuing trapped people
    Severe gales are possible for Northland 
    MetService has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for Auckland and is warning of heavy rain, with localised downpours of 50mm per hour until about 2pm.
    Aucklanders also face the chance of tornados and potentially damaging gales from about midday Sunday
    Heavy rain is forecast for the eastern Bay of Plenty
    Wellington has surface flooding, with heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms expected until Sunday afternoon

    Are you affected by the storms? Email
    Updated Mar 12, 2017 1:41 PM

    Do you think these storms are affected by climate change? Email
    Updated Mar 12, 2017 1:41 PM

    (and we will be sure not to include your comments)

  7. CLEANGREEN says:


    We don’t deal in anecdotal, but factual now.

    I already have researched for 25yrs the changes globally and yes even while living in Canada and US.

    Real evidence is emerging that we are now heading for a dramatic change in climactic weather conditions so best you begin to plan for it now.

  8. gregfullmooon says:

    The blogpost is not merely about chemtrails. It attempts to point to the agenda or interest promoting the ‘chemtrail’ hype in the past several decades. It also points to the scientific proposals known as ‘geoengineering’ and their implications. It the attempts an explanation as tohow greenhouse gases work. Finally it makes the logical case for action to cut greenhouse gases.

    • John W says:

      Chem trails, geo-engineering and many other diversions avoid the main thrust of change needed.

      Reduce energy use, make carbon sources energy a thing of the past and do it immediately, lower living standards everywhere and get population numbers down as well as cease using up Non Renewable Natural resources. So a change of governance away from profit for now and wealth holders providing crumbs.

      Stuff the fantasy economist and their wealthy benefactors and the political control over news to stop the boat rocking.

      The boat will sink on its present course.

      Small details keep the public occupied and fuel almost meaningless discussions about discrete details of various aspects of climate and economies.

      The big picture demands action and although any attempt to stave off disaster is hopeless, we can be assured that no action will make it worse.

      Emissions and climate discussions are but symptoms of a fucked up understanding of what we are doing.

      It is much bigger than that.

      Resent weather patterns have not been commented on by most of the political parties so who is leading? A few outspoken whistle blowers and protesting voices – as usual.

      The answer appears to be “Attack them”

      Meanwhile virtually nothing on a scale of effectiveness , is being done but a continuation of damage to the Future human prospects and bullshit to get votes.

      Meanwhile Business NZ continues to follow a well worn path ignoring the massive damage they are doing socially, environmentally, economically and continue to run down a once resilient living space.

  9. Pat O'Dea says:

    Strangely, the New Zealand media was not always so reticent in writing about climate change.

    As reported in the New York Times newspapers in New Zealand were discussing climate change in 1912.

    Who knew?

    Modern New Zealand news editors and journalists need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask, ‘What the hell has happened to us, in the intervening decades, that we are too scared to investigate and report on, or even mention, the obvious link between fossil fuels and extreme weather events?’

  10. Mike in Auckland says:

    Weather porn again, I noticed tonight, when watching the 6pm news bulletins on the two major free to air networks, same on Prime.

    Then followed by crime news.

    Nothing of substance, NO reporting on serious stuff, as usual.

    While the public and private media, mostly the public broadcasters in some other developed countries may actually present informative documentaries and current affairs shows, where there is serious discussion of climate change and other major issues, the topic is almost totally absent from NZ television, same from much of the rest of the media (print, online, radio).

    And tomorrow almost every person who owns a car, will as usual start the week by jumping into their private motor vehicle, turn the ignition key, and drive to work, school or wherever using mostly fossil fuels, contributing to further global warming and climate change.

    So should we be surprised, when nobody confronts this habit and other environmentally unhealthy and unsustainable habits, that nobody much seems to bother think about it, or even change their lives?

    We continue to burn fossil fuels, petrol and diesel are the common fuels still used for cars, trucks and buses, we allow Kiwi Rail go back to diesel trains and forgo electric power, we continue to allow supermarkets put endless products in plastic bags and wrapping, we carry on as usual, and then watch with astonishment, hey, look at this flooding, I have never seen anything like this!

    So all who behave as such, make sure you go right to the beach front and watch that Tsunami come in, when it will be announced, you may otherwise miss something.

    • All I can say is, Mike, thank the gods for Radio NZ and Al Jazeera on Freeview…

      • Mike in Auckland says:

        Yes, Frank, that is also my view, without that bit of mostly reliable, better media, we would be truly in George Orwell territory now.

        Looking at the photo above, I wonder whether it may “enhance” the message, by putting some clouds of methane behind the bums of those persons with their heads in the sand. Emitting methane while looking into the sand would add a little more meaning to all this.

  11. Afewknowthetruth says:

    I vividly remember attempting to get an article warning about the extreme danger of climate change published in the NZ Herald well over a decade ago.

    The HZH refused to allow the truth to be presented to their readership, of course, but were more than happy to run a large column written by the US ambassador denying there was any link between atmospheric CO2 and rising temperatures.

    I had considerably dealings with National Radio around that time and discovered that NR didn’t want to know either. Business as usual, promoted by Chris Laidlaw at the time.

    Interestingly, around that time Chris de Freitas, the so-called director of environmental studies at the University of Auckland, was churning out propaganda promoting to use of coal and declaring that rising levels of CO2 did not pose any kind of threat. My complaint to the Vice Chancellors Office was dealt with in the manner we have come to expect from the arseholes that have a stranglehold of NZ society: as far as the Vice Chancellor’s office was concerned Chris de Freitas was at liberty to teach and promote narratives known to be unscientific and damaging to society because the university had a policy of academic freedom.

    Genesis Energy: ‘Coal -ideal for cleaning carpets’ (or words to that effect, coal being a cheap source of primary energy for the generation of electricity).

    I well remember the ‘How do we keep our lights on’ conference at which ‘Clean coal’ was declared to be the answer to our prayers and was promoted by the usual crop of arseholes, including prominent politicians. Not that is such a thing as ‘clean coal’.

    Then we had the absolute bollocks about cow farts and emissions trading (Helen Clark’s dysfunctional regime, of course).

    Welcome to the Matrix, in which your life is manipulated and controlled by banks, corporations and their bought-and-paid-for agents, and in which your progeny ARE doomed to a miserable future because the money system demands continued use of fossil fuels, and the government promotes meltdown of the planet via ‘development’ and ‘growth’, and lies to the populace on a continuous basis about practically everything.

    Today atmospheric CO2 is the highest it has been for millions of years, and the ice cover at both ends of the planet is at a record low.

    Todays plan is to burn coal, oil and gas. And tomorrow’s plan is to burn coal, oil and gas.

    And the plan for the future is to burn coal, oil and gas……until we can’t.

  12. andrew says:

    When the media say the rainfall was the “worst since 1979” that implies there was an even worse event in 1979 (which caused the Abbotsford landslip).

    I also recall suffering two tropical lows in succession over Christmas and New Year in 1996/7. This also caused landslips which destroyed houses around Auckland.

    This isn’t climate change: It’s just business as usual.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      Yeah right, Andrew, out comes that Tui ad again.

      It is the frequency of such events, that is much higher now than it has been in recorded human weather history, that matters, not your anecdotal bit of memory of the past.

      • andrew says:

        Yeah Mike, but please bear in mind they get paid to say that.

        This is a multibillion dollar boondoggle. A gift to academia.

        Prior to industrialisation we had climate change aplenty, including the Little Ice Age, and the Medieval Warm Period.

        I suspect some of the warming measured in the 20th century was just the earth recovering from the lows of the Little ice Age. Note that I’m not saying there is no human induced climate change, I’m just saying it is being exaggerated and used as a political tool.

        To show you there’s nothing new in this world, try this quote:

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
        H. L. Mencken

        As to the effects of the weekends torrid weather, look no further than housing infill, an increase in the hard areas of the city (paving and roof area) leading to high runoffs and a failing sewer and storm water infrastructure.

        • e-clectic says:

          Note that I’m not saying there is no human induced climate change, I’m just saying it is being exaggerated and used as a political tool.
          How very 2017. Minimisation the new black for deniers. “Sure it’s happening, just not very much.”
          Yup – just enough for weather-related insurance payouts to be 5 times more than 15 years ago – oh, yeah and they were going up through the so-called warming hiatus 1998-2013.

    • e-clectic says:

      The five-fold increase in weather-related event insurance payouts in the last 18 years compared with the previous eighteen is just business as usual. No trend there.
      And I suppose that the CEO of NZICA is an alarmist greenie paid by the UN to push their one-world socialist agenda with his team of bought-off actuaries.

      Incidentally, Andrew what’s your take on global warming? Is it happening? And if so, what’s causing it?

    • John W says:

      Andrew your perspective is consistent. ” Nothing is happening”
      It probably makes you feel secure.

      What a shame for you that others can and do thing more deeply and go to the bother of finding out more and challenging the mess we are in.

      It is a human folly that is getting worse and has followed that course consciously for near 45 years of denial.

      I know it can be confusing for you but be brave enough to face the changes and sorting what you can do to make things a little better with your own contribution to the mess aggravated by unthinking consumerism and a wasted vote.

  13. Mike in Auckland says:

    Oh, gosh, the MSM journos must be reading TDB, as tonight they mentioned climate change not just once, but a few times on the 6 o’clock news!? Or was it, because Phil Goff made mention of more freak weather events caused by climate change?

    • Pat O'Dea says:

      Yes, MIKE IN AUCKLAND, I saw this too. TV3 even put a graphic up on the screen showing how much extra moisture the atmosphere now holds per degree C temperature rise.


      I put it down to the power of blogs, and social media.

      Thanks Martyn for putting up this timely post to hold our media moguls to account.

      Great and valuable work, long may it last.

  14. Helena says:

    Can weather be manipulated? Good ol’ Cabal-run Google has some interesting answers

    • Iain Mclean says:


      I wondered if anybody would raise this issue. You are the only one.

      “Can weather be manipulated?”

      The short answer is yes. You betcha.!
      I see you were smart enough to encourage readers to do their own research but
      unfortunately most will not because of confirmation bias. I will do it for you.

      This article of Marytn’s could be used as a perfect example as to the power of
      Global Elites Dominate Social Themes/memes the
      specialize in. ie; Tell the Big Lie often enough and people will believe it. And when
      it is found not to be true (in this case global warming) they change the name
      (Climate Change) or divert and then Double Down with their agenda regardless.

      Because this meme is ‘to big to fail’ for them in their incremental steps towards
      Global Governance,through the UN.
      To control all nations and citizens with carbon taxes, deprivation of cheap energy,
      austerity measures,behavior with the Sustainable memes, etc,etc,etc.
      The green agenda. The TTPA was another, (To control information with censor
      which has started. Again regardless.) and more of course. (Loss of sovereignty.)

      Moreover, the power of the media to indoctrinate and reinforce meme with repetition
      and logical,but deceptive arguments. Character assassinate or worse all skeptics/heretics.
      Most comments above are intelligent reasonable assertions that are ingrained so strongly
      to almost religious zealot levels. Because we can all see the degradation all around us.
      There is a rather more obvious reason.(See below)

      After 7yrs research I can categorically state that there is NO global warming
      (last 18yrs in this cycle) and CO2 DOES NOT cause warming. The 95% of gases
      that do is mere water vapuor. (See below)

      Andrew above was on the right track;
      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed
      (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series
      of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
      H. L. Mencken

      And out of the links below;
       Henry Kissinger National Security Study Memorandum 200
      “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us,
      we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages,
      famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention,
      and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
      The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” – Richard Haass– Club of Rome

      Back in about 2009 the IPCC was caught fraudulently cherrypicking data or worse
      changing data to suite the narrative. “Climategate?” or The Email Scandal. We forget?

      This is when there was a name change to Climate Change.
      Well we can’t argue with that, can we?
      Climate changes all the time. Natural process. The history records show.

      But now with this latest scandal, from MSM itself, this might put an end to it all.
      Thing is, did we see this on NZ Media? How many others failed to report this?
      See how the deception works.? (Apart from Fake Science)

      The whole Global Warming scare/scam/hoax should go down as one of history’s biggest!!!

      And everyone seems to know.
      Follow the links contained here. Clean Coal fired power stations springing up everywhere.
      An Australian website that seems to have it’s finger on the pulse.
      An Aussie bloke with balls.!

      No wonder the Globalists responsible are running for the hills.

      Trump and others are putting an end to all this Global Warming Fraud.
      Note the real harm of the wind generators.

      So if Global Warming is not happening what is causing the extreme weather?

      Answer: Geoengineering is the real cause of weather extremes.!! Proven.

      Revisit the Henry Kissinger memo/quote above.

      We all were taught that cloud forms with water vapour attracted to dust particles
      in the atmosphere. (volcano’s,nuclear winter,massive asteroid strike)

      So what do you think happens when tons of artificial particles are sprayed.
      Water laden clouds that rob rain from some areas where it should have fallen
      naturally and when it finally does it is a deluge. Just a simple analysis.
      It is a bit more complex than that but all explained below.

      Geoengineering is the real cause of weather extremes and has been proven
      to be so. (below)

      This is all in the Public Domain already. It is being normalized as a reason for
      the need to screen out the sun because of global warming. Yer right.!!
      Because warming is not happening. Satellite data is the most accurate. (see above)

      Contents of contrails have been analyzed along with rain,soil and water.
      There is litigation being prepared amongst many groups. Many letters sent.

      This has to be the most abominable criminal weapons of mass destruction type
      activity known to humanity yet. Hidden in plain view.

      Website from New Zealand:

      As I posted before
      Neo-liberalism/cons may well be over in America.
      The Wikileaks Vault 7 dump is only 1% of what they have got.
      With the Globalists defeated I am sure Geo-engineering will eventually be
      presented to the public and the program will come to an end.
      It has to stop to save the planet and all life forms theirin.

      Sources: Information not covered by MSM.
      Huge data base from Canada University. Bookmark this site for future reference.
      Ask any question by searching key words in search box at top.
      Like I did for geoengineering.

      Remember; all this is already in the Public Domain.


      • Helena says:

        Another question I have is has due North changed. Answer seems to be yes and many airport runways have been reset :
        Then I went down one of the rabbit holes on you tube Project Incension and Sgt Pattie L Brassard (born male) explained that Gaia is changing her position to how it was prior to the explosion of the planet (Maldek (or Tiamet)) which is now the asteroid belt. Seems the melting of the ice is natural and will take Gaia back to how she once was which is why artifacts are now being discovered in Antarctica causing visits by many dignitaries. Maggie Barry’s visit was a flick off to us drawing attention out and away from the Sth Pole. Findings down there will change all history books once info is released to us.
        In the meantime:

        • Iain Mclean says:


          Thank you for your reply.

          At college we were taught (I am in 69th yr) that the magnetic pole
          was an iron load situated in Alaska/Canada and why the needle
          of compass pointed in that direction. But the pole moves in a cycle
          slowly from side to side. So we know that is not true.

          So I would not put much faith in the idea of a solid ball of iron in
          the centre of Earth either. Especially based on any computer
          model.We saw where the Climate Change computer model took us.

          The reality is,with latest research,is we live in a world/solar system
          /universe that is driven by electro-magnetism,not gravity as
          so called ‘Established Science’ would have us believe.

          This has been the problem through out history. The Dogma is
          fought ‘tooth and nail’ until the sheer volume of evidence to the
          contrary over whelms the Establishment,at which point they say
          “Oh we new that all along” after first ‘beating off’ all heretics.

          So for science to move forward it usually takes people to move
          around the ‘road block’ and set up their own institutions.

          It has been proven that electric currents travel from the sun to
          Earth and interface with the ionosphere but more importantly also channel (intensify) at the poles thus ionizing the atmosphere to
          give the dazzling displays of the aurora.

          The ionosphere is a really strong band (plasma) of electric current with weaker currents in the atmosphere driving winds (Jet stream),
          currents in all water (oceans) and known electric currents in the
          ground called Telluric Currents and it seems these are connected
          with earthquakes and volcano’s.

          In regards to pole shifts,these would be in line with the electric
          theory that are usually seen to oscillate due to the electric current
          and pole flips seem to be recorded not only on Earth but the Sun
          as well.

          The Sun goes through known cycles of max and min with the Sun
          now in a minimum.

          To leave the Sun (known to be the main driver of weather) out of these climate computer models and now the geo-engineering that
          is taking place just shows how deeply flawed the IPCC science
          really was.

          With the two links below I have always believed that this is
          information that we should try to understand before we die.

          I found the first link to be the easiest one to understand and
          note Dr Scott Phd (electrical engineer) starts off with his assertion
          that the Global Elite have had their ‘boot on the throat of science’
          for a 100yrs. When they rolled out Einstein.I say the false prophet.
          Much like Steven Hawkins today.

          Thanks to the Internet all this has changed. The equivalent of the modern printing press.

          The second link is the live link that note has a relatively new
          column that deals with the Electricity of Life I am sure will interest
          you (others). It is known that plants/trees have a weak electric
          current that travels from the tip of the leaves to the roots/ground
          and a return current from the roots to the leaves.This is how the
          nutrients are drawn up from the roots.

          This two way flow of current (all electric currents) is something
          I initially missed, either by my education bias or that it was not something that was explicitly explained at the beginning.

          ALWAYS an electric current(defined as a flow of charged particles
          or ions) has positive ones going one way and negative ones going the the other. It is the flow from positive to negative-electrons- we
          seem to concentrate on in education.

          Positive and negative is always relative charge differential.
          ie; if you look in slow motion lightning sometimes you can see a
          faint weaker one travel from the ground or top of a building to
          meet the stroke coming down and when they meet the full charge
          is concentrated and released. It is called a leader stroke.
          There are many series that can be seen on Youtube which you
          can slow down yourself with tools at bottom.

          When looking at the bands of cloud in time lapse on Jupiter you
          will see a wide band going one way and a thinner one going the
          other way. Same thing happens in all planets with winds traveling
          in different directions depending on altitude.( the Titan decent)

          A tornado is a slower motion electrical discharge with the inner
          channel going upwards(sucking) and the outer column twisting
          around smashing things(excavating).

          I have gone off subject a bit because returning to the Electricity
          of Life it is clear that we are electrical beings as well.(All life)

          Our nervous system including brain is driven by electrical currents.
          In fact with technology (and some people) we can see an ‘aura’
          around us reflecting our magnetic field. And (to me) it is no
          surprise that our DNA is structured in a helical pattern.
          I have not read this yet but it is just me extrapolating because
          this is the way you will find that electricity travels through air or; electrical filaments attracted to each other at a distance
          but at the last minute repel and wrap around each other in a
          helical form.

          Note there are many things in nature that form hexagons with
          bee cavities in the hive one of them. Also if you look closely at
          the centre of a hurricane from satellite height you will see a
          hexagon shape as the eye of the storm.

          Saturn has a hexagon shape at it’s poles (again with concentric
          rings of cloud around it with each ring traveling in opposite
          And when you take a close look at the craters on the moons in
          the solar system you will see many hexagonal shapes.

          This is known to be the signature of an electrical discharge.

          I have connected some of the important dots for you.
          I think the evidence is overwhelming.

          (I even believe in extra-sensory perception now.)


          Those interested in how the Universe really works.

          Plasma is the 4th state of matter.
          The Sun is a Plasma Discharge.
          Electro-Magnetism is the main driver not Gravity.
          Gravity is an Electro-magnetic phenomenon.
          40yrs+ of observed and scientific data.
          Accepted hypothesis by the World Electrical Engineers Association.
          Read ‘The Electric Sky’ first. Much easier. 4th-5th form Physics.

          Then will ready you for the live site with Conferences.
 I find the picture of the day interesting.


          • So, you deny anthropogenic climate change? Even though NASA, NOAA, and other groups have demonstrated the correlation between the rise in CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) and temperature?

            I’m not sure what Saturn’s hexagonal-shaped poles have to do with terrestrial climate.

            • Iain Mclean says:


              “So, you deny anthropogenic climate change?”

              The short answer is yes. So do many others including
              many specialist climate scientists who have written
              many letters to authorities.

              My first link in the original post above from the
              Daily Mail (Australia)

              “A high-level whistleblower has told this newspaper that America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact on world leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.”

              “But the whistleblower, Dr John Bates, a top NOAA scientist with an impeccable reputation, has shown The Mail on Sunday irrefutable evidence that the paper was based on misleading, ‘unverified’ data.”

              “It was never subjected to NOAA’s rigorous internal evaluation process – which Dr Bates devised.”

              “His vehement objections to the publication of the faulty data were overridden by his NOAA superiors in what he describes as a ‘blatant attempt to intensify the impact’ of what became known as the Pausebuster paper.”

              Unfortunately the organization’s you link to appear
              to have been complicit.

              It is of note that the Trump Administration has
              directed NASA to end it’s Earth Sciences Programs
              and concentrate on what it was originally set up to
              do. ie; Space. See video;

              “I’m not sure what Saturn’s hexagonal-shaped poles have to do with terrestrial climate.”

              If you research my two links immediately above,
              in your spare time,you will learn that all planets weather are driven by electro-magnetism from the sun and not from heat radiation as we are all led to

              There seems to be a serious disconnect with
              ‘Established Science’ on this issue even though our
              latest technology has recorded (even photographed)
              electrical currents connected to Earth from the Sun.

              Their whole Dogma eliminates any notion that there
              are electric currents in space.They record magnetism
              but forget to tell us you cannot have one without the
              other. Basic physics.

              In regards to Saturn it is worth noting that the further
              we go out looking at the gas giants the faster the
              wind speeds. Neptune’s are far faster than Jupiter
              and Saturn. This just cannot happen under the heat
              radiation model. In fact it beggars belief.

              I think the Climate Scam is over,Frank.

              And if you can understand the science of Weather
              Modification Techniques contained in my links above
              I think the Electro-magnetic nature of our environment
              is most pertinent.

              The charge in the atmosphere is meant to be 4 times the normal last time I looked.


              • You’re still referencing Breibart? No thanks. Try something with credibility.

              • “But the whistleblower, Dr John Bates, a top NOAA scientist with an impeccable reputation, has shown The Mail on Sunday irrefutable evidence that the paper was based on misleading, ‘unverified’ data.”

                “It was never subjected to NOAA’s rigorous internal evaluation process – which Dr Bates devised.”

                “His vehement objections to the publication of the faulty data were overridden by his NOAA superiors in what he describes as a ‘blatant attempt to intensify the impact’ of what became known as the Pausebuster paper.”

                Interesting… but misleading. That ‘Daily Mail’ story appeared on 5 February 2017.


                Three days later, Bates appears to have distanced himself from climate-change deniers attempting to mis-use his criticisms;

                “The issue here is not an issue of tampering with data, but rather really of timing of a release of a paper that had not properly disclosed everything it was,” he told reporter Scott Waldman. And Bates told ScienceInsider that he is wary of his critique becoming a talking point for those skeptical of human-caused climate change. But it was important for this conversation about data integrity to happen, he says. “That’s where I came down after a lot of soul searching. I knew people would misuse this. But you can’t control other people,” he says.


                Furthermore in the same article;

                At its heart, Bates’s concerns amount to a desire for Karl and his team to have more clearly stated that one data set used for their study was not defined by NOAA to have been in a final, “operational” form.

                The new furor underscores a long-running tension within NCEI, one that has generally pitted research scientists trying to publish new advances against engineers seeking to ensure everything follows standard protocols, say several scientists who have worked at the center.

                Bates’ fears that climate-change deniers have latched on to his criticisms and mis-quoted him appear to be true. You are doing it yourself.

                No, Iain, this is not some wide-ranging conspiracy or Chinese hoax.

  15. Kevin Hester says:

    We are in early stage runaway, it will unravel quickly from here on down.

  16. Helena says:

    I have a new term: CLIMATE ADJUSTMENT. Mother Earth is changing her position in the Milky Way and, maybe 50,000 years +/-, will be a lot closer to Sirius. Scotland will have palm trees, Antarctica will have lush forests and Nu Zilund will once again be part of Lemuria, which is now rising slowly upwards. Ice/snow will only be found on mountain tops. Sorry skiers. Mother Earth is already creating new lands hence volcano eruptions with a few earthquakes thrown in. Don’t pour money into homes and possessions. Jeez, I hate camping, especially with our Government poisoning the land and the rivers with 1080.

    • Iain Mclean says:

      [Comment deleted. Iain, we’ve been fairly tolerant publishing your conspiracy stuff. But we draw the line at posting screeds about weird “alternative health” remedies. Take it somewhere else. And keep to the topics on this Forum. Thank you. – Scarletmod]