Why the hell is NZ helping CIA to spy on the bloody 2012 French Election???

By   /   February 17, 2017  /   11 Comments

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How is this got anything to do with our National Security? We keep getting told that the 5 Eyes is to protect us from terrorism. So why the bloody hell is NZ helping the CIA spy on the bloody French? What possible outcome from the French election would have a National Security issue for us?

Why the hell is NZ helping CIA to spy on the bloody 2012 French Election???


How is this got anything to do with our National Security? We keep getting told that the 5 Eyes is to protect us from terrorism. So why the bloody hell is NZ helping the CIA spy on the bloody French? What possible outcome from the French election would have a National Security issue for us?

This is the truth of what 5 Eyes means for us, we do whatever the bloody CIA tell us.

We are stooges and enablers for American Power.

We have been conned into believing the mass surveillance state John Key and the National Party have built is for our protection.

It is not.

It will be our ultimate enemy.

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  1. Looks like pretty routine HUMINT to me, sensitive only because the HUMINT was conducted in an allied state. The analysis is standard fare, comparable to what university election watchers would do. The documents show that it was a very low priority SIGINT target. Basically it was about getting a head’s up on the 2012 French elections and what might be expected from them. NZ was not involved in the HUMINT but was “copied in” on the distribution list as a member of 5 Eyes. No biggie, IMO.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Pity the leftist US media and CIA are not being so cavarier when it comes to the racket over Russia/Trump blah blah blah eh!!!!!!

      Tha media world wide are so corrupt, Blaming Trump’s sacked Security advisor General Mike Ryan for an alleged breach of the Logan Law was just a red herring as the list of “Un-official” US members of US Government over the years from 1970-2016 list of Bilderberg attendees shows many (hundred’s0 OF PAST MEMBERS OF THOSE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENTS WERE ATTAENDING THE ANNUAL Bilderberg MEETINGS IN SECRET INCLUDING SEVERAL PRESIDENTS INCLUDING BILL CLINTON AND OUR OWN JOHN KEY ALL VIOLATED THE LOGAN ACT ALSO BUT STRANGELY NONE WERE EVER RUN THROUGH THER CIA WRIGGER AS WE SEE THEY ARE SETTING RYAN UP TO GO THROUGH!!!!!!!!



    • Sam Sam says:

      Thanks for your contribution Mr Buchanan

  2. “But Russia, Putin, Trump, waaaaaah”

  3. Helena says:

    On the subject of airport security and you are a frequent flyer, advice is don’t go through the scanners. http://humansarefree.com/2017/02/los-alamos-study-finds-airport-scanners.html#more

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes we have become anyone’s pimp eh Martyn.

    Another way Nactional have sold us down the river for anything they can get.

    Disgusting low life they are, in Government and the intelligence network.

  5. Ian Kiddle says:

    I agree . The Five eyes network is a threat to the security of New Zealanders.
    It is high time NZ distanced itself from the self anointed controllers of the “free world” the CIA. The economic future of the world is clearly in the New Silk Road initiative. NZ could have an independent foreign policy and not be dragged in to the military adventures of the USA as it attempts to maintain its former power. They will remain a pack of losers as long as they resist the global movement towards developing Eurasia, The USA could easily participate in this too if so many of those in power did not feel threatened by it.
    Many commentators accuse the CIA of getting funding from the opium produced in Afghanistan. This fits the reality of the proven increase in opium production with Afghanistan under American control.
    I know it upsets many people to criticise our American allies but the current turmoil in the USA shows just how far off course the American Security Institutions have gone. Lets hope Trump, for all his faults, wins out.

  6. saveNZ says:

    Lets face it, our politicians have no morals and no independent thoughts.

    They are the enablers to bullies.

    They would help Trump, just like they would help the Nazi’s if they thought that was the side to be on.

    Being neutral has gone out the window on NZ Foreign policy.

    The Natz are scared little enablers, too lazy to think, happy to sign NZ rights away if it keeps their kleptocrat ways alive, and just do what they are told, they are too busy counting their cash and worrying about healthy kids lunches on behalf of Katherine Rich lobbyists, to worry about what’s right for NZ, what’s right for the world and what’s right for the environment.

    Sadly their are those in Labour who think the same way on foreign policy telling themselves that historically USA and UK have always been our friends and ‘know what they are doing’.

    Now we have Trump threatening everyone who disagrees with him and grossly ignorant (or possibly senile) and Brexit. Does the logic still work?

    We have seen it all before in history with Hitler and Milošević.

    Now we have Trump and Putin and Xi Jinping running the world all in the political style of their leaders rather than as an elected guardian of the country.

    No wonder some governments are pleased the EU is falling apart as the old voice of socialist democracy and the UK breaking away.

    As a supposed social democracy in NZ are we really going to support some of these governments spying on what should be our friends and allies like the French who are another social democracy and we broadly agree with similar ideas of world leadership?

    Neoliberalism means money is more important than morality and NZ are supporting regimes that we don’t necessarily agree with and find it hard to exit from.

    The propaganda of globalism and ‘free’ trade is it is supposed to be about getting closer and less chance of war, but it’s not playing out like that in 2017, more like enabling authoritarian rules by getting entangled into an economic web of control and security issues that we have become powerless to control within our own country.

  7. Helena says:

    After a bit of digging this link came up which shows that NZ is well and truly part of the “Military Industrial Complex” . The companies referred to in this link are termed The Corporate or Bankster War Lords, and almost all are entrenched here either in electronics industry, security or military.
    So….not only do our treasonous politicians jump to the CIA’s command NZ policies seem to be those favoured by Rothschild right down to the 1080 poison drops from the air to the homeless and underfed and overtaxed on the ground. Thank you all and Jane Kelsey that they didn’t actually manage to get their hands around the throats of NZers via the TPP.
    (P.S. I still would not go thru one of the airport scanners.)

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