Congratulations Unite Union & Unitarian Church on Indian Student outcome (don’t tell Rachel Smalley)

By   /   February 17, 2017  /   5 Comments

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Big ups to the Unite Union and the Auckland Unitarian Church for tirelessly fighting the good fight and championing the situation these poor Indian Students faced.

Big ups to the Unite Union and the Auckland Unitarian Church for tirelessly fighting the good fight and championing the situation these poor Indian Students faced.

It is decent that Immigration NZ have agreed to not mark these students as deported so that they are free to re-apply, this time through a less fraudulent agent.

Their plight highlights the terrible situation we have with fraudulent agents exploiting these students and the stupidity of our immigration policy that holds up a pathway to citizenship that is as easy to exploit as this one.

It’s testament to the compassion and depth of solidarity from Unite and the Auckland Unitarian Church that this outcome has occurred.

Now, no one one tell Rachel Smalley. 

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  1. Mike in Auckland says:

    You surely must be kidding us, as this re-apply suggestion and “promise” is more of the old game of Immigration NZ, endlessly repeated and almost NEVER honoured.

    Once you have caused “issues ” here, forget it, you will most likely NEVER be allowed back in, as they deal with every application case by case, and that will tell them, what is ON FILE.

    What is the point of re-applying anyway, who wants to come back to a country run by sharks, for whom immigration is the best profit racket there is, they all earn big bucks on this, the employers get free, cheap and desperate workers (wanting to prove their worth), the government gets “competition” with local workers, keeping wages and salaries down, that again stimulates the economy, as the employers love such cheap labour, to keep going, at cheap rates.

    If only some here would understand how the Immigration NZ department works, and how government and this economic system works, they would not fall for this BS of allowing people to re-apply.

    The only difference between being deported and being forced to leave on your own terms and costs is the following: If you are deported the tax payer and goverrment foot the bill, which it may charge back from the native country the person comes from, but for the rest, if you leave voluntarily, you pay the fare and so, and you will in almost 99 percent of cases of re-applying NEVER be allowed back anyway, same as being deported.

    NEVER trust the Anglo Saxon economies tied to neoliberalism, they all follow this dirty, dishonest, cunning way of dealing with migrants, if they are of no “use” and not generating “work” and “profits”, they can fuck off to where they came from, if they do generate the previous, they can buy their way into the system and country.

    Citizenship and residency are for sale, also check my comment to come under this post:

    I know what I am talking about, and I know info from first hand other migrant students.

  2. saveNZ says:

    Don’t forget these student need housing. More people coming into NZ means they need to be housed in rental or owned accommodation even if they are wealthy enough to afford it without working. We are already in crisis with local students and workers being able unable to find accommodation.

    More foreign students will need more health and social services. Apparently one student has a toddler so not sure if they baby was born into NZ already stretched maternity services.

    The lefties can’t have it both ways, we don’t have enough accommodation in Auckland – the government is not using the foreign money to fund any social services like health and accommodation – in fact seems to be doing the opposite – and using foreign student money to reduce the amount they pay universities and lower the educational standards to flood more students in to participate (and bring their cash/cars/rents/cheap labour).

    Do you want to support the National governments neoliberal dodgy student education as a business scheme (cheap temp labour) turned lazy immigration scam?

    Sad the students were ripped off but foreign students as a sector and the rise of ‘fake’ students buying residency though a course like cookery or management or a course that has limited entry and takes out NZ students like medicine or dentistry are propping up the government, taking away opportunities for local students and providing labour to unscrupulous employers.

    Foreign students are great if they contribute to the academic make up of NZ, but not if they are being used as willing cash cows for the Natz ideology of economic neoliberalism.

    • Chooky says:

      +100 SAVENZ….well said as usual !

      New Zealand tertiary education should be for young New Zealanders first and foremost!…not overseas paying students who also buy up New Zealand housing !….housing which should also be for young New Zealanders first and foremost!

      ( many including our best and brightest young women can not now afford to do honours such is their student debt, despite being invited by their universities)

      …and I note there were no female Indian students involved in this scam

      …Indian women generally dont have high status in India

      • saveNZ says:

        Thanks Chooky.

        Sounds like a good outcome anyway. They students don’t get marked as fraudsters that will affect them in the future and can reapply with the correct documentation.

        But what about the dodgy agents??? Surely they should be prosecuted even if they have to ask the Indian government to do it?

        Are they free to keep doing this scam because nobody can be bothered closing it down – they should be the ones to pay back the students their costs?