UPDATE: I hate Jordan Williams and the Taxpayer’s Union with a passion – BUT when they are right, they are right

By   /   January 11, 2017  /   5 Comments

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You all know I despise Jordan Williams and his flake David Farrar backed Taxpayer’s Union with a passion.

You all know I despise Jordan Williams and his flake David Farrar backed Taxpayer’s Union with a passion.

Williams is a Dirty Politics viper who is venomous in the extreme and how he managed to get the verdict he did in his defamation case against Colin Craig is still a shock (Judge has yet to accept that ruling as far as I know).


When they are right, they are right.

Why the Zombie Christ are we as NZers pouring millions and millions of our taxpayer dollars into the fucking Clinton Foundation???

The dubiousness of funding the Clintons in any way should be questioned, but this Government has sunk $7.7million into them and will bewilderingly sink another $5.5million into them.

MFAT’s response to all of this is a joke

…is MFAT really telling us that there isn’t any other agency who could use this money in Africa? It has to go through the clinton Foundation? And while CHAI has been a ‘seperate’ organisation from the Clinton Foundation since 2010, it’s still very closely aligned.

This doesn’t look like it has anything to do with actual charity and helping those who need it, it looks like it was a punt by our Government believing that Clinton would win the election and that this was favour money.

Again, I hate Williams and all he does to the political debate in this country, but when he’s right – he’s right. Why are taxpayer dollars earmarked for genuine aid going to a Clinton Foundation proxy?

Is this just another political bribe in the vein of the Saudi Sheep bribe or is there a genuine reason why this Foundation has been donated this money?

UPDATE: Russell Brown argues this is a bullshit story by Jordan. He makes his case here.


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  1. james says:

    Sounds like bullshit and several news sites have apparently already pulled it (e.g., ZB)


  2. I know right. People are defending this but it’s like. Couldn’t we have done it ourselves? Boosted UN deployments or other things we already do on the African continent.

    Government sending is very inefficient at getting the cash to where Yu want it

  3. mary_a says:

    If this is true, who in government is responsible for authorizing the donation to be filtered through the Clinton Foundation?

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Yes Chooky,

      The latest “Dirty Politics” in the US elections surfaced today as expected.

      Blame the Russians part two is dropped to FBI who apparently are vociferously investigating it all but why didn’t’ they act as vociferously when the Hillary 30 000 emails were deliberately destroyed by her before the election????????

      We are witnessing a global power struggle between the Washngton elite and their corporat bosses and a independent anti Washington President elect.

      This mirrors the older movie called “The Contender” starring Jeff Bridges and Gary Goldman, with Joan Allen as the eventual Contender for Vice President during some other time as they tried to dig dirt on both candidates right up until inauguration.


      I guess Obama used Jeff bridges attack during his final public speech to lambast the opposition also eh as the FBI investigation of Trump came out on the very day Obama says goodbye??????

  4. mary_a says:

    Oops! Meant to add to my previous post. Should this report have some guts to it, would Murray McCully have taken it upon himself to authorise the donation on his own? Or did he act on instructions from above? Who actually gave the nod?