LeitchGate Day 6 – kill Phil Gifford – the truth about racism in the Land of the Wrong White Crowd

By   /   January 8, 2017  /   18 Comments

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‪The ability of the Left to tear itself to pieces over identity politics on social media is the best advert National could hope for.

Day 6 folks.

Day 6.

A 23 year old Millennial performing a classic over share moment by crying on social media has managed to dominate and suck oxygen from any other news for 5 days in NZ now.

The country has divided into two camps, the tiny fraction of very loud voices on social media who have no concept of how alienating they are screaming RACIST and the vast majority of everyone else who are saying, ‘well hold on, didn’t Peter say ‘Waiheke Island is a white mans island too’, that’s not racist is it’?

Today the new target of white men to kill for racism is dear old Phil Gifford…

…Phil of course won awards in 1981 writing against the Springbok tour, but that was over 4 decades ago so he must be racist now.

Phil responded…

…what a racist.

That we are at day 6 is incredible folks. Day. 6.

You want the truth about racism in NZ folks?

Is NZ racist? It sure as fuck is!

Last year our Police force admitted they were ‘unconsciously biased’ towards Maori! Maori lost 95% of their land in less than a century! The cultural and societal interaction with Pakeha almost killed the entire race of Maori! Land was stolen and reparations pitiful! 10 000 NZers are in prison and over 60% of them are Maori! 300 000 kids in poverty are many times more likely to be Maori! Education systems fail Maori! Health systems fail Maori! CYFs steal Maori children with barely anyone noticing! Vast numbers of beneficiaries who are Maori are penalised by debt they will never be able to pay off!

Despite promising sovereignty from the Treaty, the truth is Pakeha have done a shit job of living up to that obligation and the last 30 years of neoliberalism has breed a culture in denial about that.

We have real racism in NZ and casually racist skirmishes inside an elite winery look petty in comparison.

Desperately attempting to claim some old duffer like Peter Leitch and now someone like Phil Gifford are racists for what they have said belittles racism.

‪The ability of the Left to tear itself to pieces over identity politics on social media is the best advert Bill English and National could ever hope for.

Can we get to Day 7?



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  1. The ability of the Left to tear itself to pieces over identity politics on social media is the best advert Bill English and National could ever hope for.

    *sighs* There’s an element of truth to that.

    Mind you, the Left tears itself to pieces on so many other issues as well…

  2. Pete says:

    Can something which has so long not been together tear itself to pieces?

    When was the Left not in pieces?

  3. Wha Left says:

    Harcourts in Christchurch (and countless other Real Estate agents throughout Auckland), have English and Chinese signage, not English and Maori, that’s more racist than Phil Gifford getting someone’s name wrong in an article.

    More Maori are in prison, more Maori are homeless, fewer Maori are owning their own homes (maybe that’s why Harcourts Christchurch don’t currently need Maori signage).

    More Maori children are part of the 300,000 children in poverty (so it is unlikely that Harcourts in Christchurch will need to have Maori signage in the future).

    Let’s have a real race discussion. Let’s have a real immigration discussion.

    Let’s get Dame Susan Devoy, to force Real Estate companies into having English, Chinese, Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Filipino and Afrikaan signage, instead of just English and Mandarin.

    Until then, Leitchgate is just wind and piss and masking the real racial divides caused by Chinese immigration into New Zealand, and masking “peaceful” quasi-colonisation of Aotearoa.

    • David See-More says:

      But Wha Left, who will pay for the signage to be changed? You lefties are all about making people accountable, without worrying about the cost. I suppose you want the taxpayer to pay for it again?

      Of course signs are in English and Chinese, because that is the target market. Once Treaty Settlement money trickles down to Maori, Maori will be able to afford to buy houses. Signage will change then to include the tangata whenua, when they have money for house purchases. The synergies between National and ACT and the Maori Party will bring wealth to all New Zealanders, no matter what colour they are.

      ACT is and always has been the pro-immigration party. ACT believes that immigration is a part of our natural heritage, and should continue to be so. However, ACT also believes that government policy should seek to ensure that immigration remains a good deal for the domestic population.

      To this end ACT supports the points system for new immigrants, ensuring that immigrants have readier access to work and do not have easy access to welfare, and lowering the tax burden so that the best immigrants may be attracted.

      ACT is also committed to monitoring the emerging literature that suggests immigration may make the domestic population poorer through a process of capital widening. Source: http://www.act.org.nz/

      By the way Wha, ACT is the only political party to have part of our online presence in Chinese http://www.act.org.nz/chinese-post. Are you going to sick Dame Susan Devoy onto ACT because the online presence is not in Maori? Are you going to ban ACT from the next election because we don’t have our online presence in Maori and Sign Language?

      You really need to think about your posts before you post Wha Left.

      • Wha Left says:

        You and National are disgusting racists, evidenced by your ignorant post and Bill English’s refusal to go to Waitangi Day celebrations. (just like John Key) http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/88223249/PM-Bill-English-won-t-attend-Waitangi-Day-commemorations?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

        It looks like you, See-More, are too chickenshit to parade your neoliberal message at Te Tii Marae ,i>until 2037. ibid.

        ACT leader David Seymour Te Tii Marae’s “continued failure to respectfully host the Government on Waitangi Day should prompt the Prime Minister to visit a different marae each year”.

        “The behaviour of a small group of perpetually-grumpy activists has turned Waitangi Day into an annual political circus, denying Kiwis a national day we can all enjoy.

        “It’s never been clear why one iwi gets to monopolise the celebrations. The Treaty wasn’t just signed at Waitangi, it went on tour and was signed by chiefs all over the country.

        “Ngapuhi activists have denied the whole country a proud national day a few times too many. Let’s take this show on the road. There were 20-odd signing locations so it’ll return to Te Tii Marae in around 2037.

        “A bit of competition among locations might help to lift standards of behaviour, bringing some dignity and joy back to this special day,” he said.

        Trickle-down bullshit and market forces – we’re all sick to the back teeth of that hogwash. It, and you See-More, with your neoliberal robber barons have created a most unequal kiwi society, that has impacted on Maori dis-proportionally – see my post above paras 2 & 3.

        Please go to Te Tii Marae and explain your comment in your post about “Treaty Settlement money trickles down to Maori, [then] Maori will be able to afford to buy houses.”

        You want to extol the virtues and benefits of your neoliberal experiment, go to Te Tii Marae on the 6th Feb 2017.

        I dare you!

        He nui to ngaromanga, he iti to putanga.

        You depart with mighty boasts, but you come back having done little.

        • Winnie says:

          Yes See-More.

          Your website says this:

          “Te Tii Marae’s continued failure to respectfully host the Government on Waitangi Day should prompt the Prime Minister to visit a different marae each year, says ACT Leader David Seymour.”

          Put your money where your mouth is and set a trend for right-wing governments and coalitions to sell the tripe your National, ACT, United Future and Maori Party coalition stands by! Your website boasts these values:

          “The ACT Party was founded upon those traditional classical liberal principles which are the basis of a free and prosperous community: the suite of fundamental freedoms which include free trade and free speech, limited government, the rule of law and secure property rights.

          But that is not enough. We also need a strong engagement with the values of civic society, which include honesty, compassion, enterprise, community service, personal responsibility, tolerance and civility.

          You cannot exempt people from personal responsibility without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large. ”

          Surely, with the backing of your coalition partners – United Future, Maori Party and National, you could show a unified front and all leaders of your coalition, turn up and engage with Maori. Sell Maori the ruinous consequences of their personal responsibility in terms of living in cars, lowering their home ownership rates and being the dominant percentage race in prisons.

          Surely ACT can solve all problems for Maori, if you showed them the respect of selling your policies on Te Tii Marae? Engage with them!

          If not, I agree with Wha Left about your moral character with regard to institutional racism (or more accurately, your lack of it).

  4. saveNZ says:

    Sadly spot on, yet again!

  5. Mel says:

    Martin yes thanknow you. You have told the true story. Leitch being racist is neither here nor there. But it’s the majority thought patterns which concerns me. Most Pakeha are not versed up as to the reasons Maori feature poorly in most statistics. It’s the effect of a culture which is set to elevate one set of people over that of another by taking lands and inherent spiritual, cultural and language rights. Maori have been brought to their knees by an oppressive system and one in which has the oppressed internalizing this thinking and turning it in on themselves. It’s a lack of understanding, care and love.

  6. Joseph K says:

    There are some shocking agendas behind all of this that are shocking more racist than any of this business but it may never come out. It’s obviously wearing thin.

    By the way the only person I heard high level political actors in NZ (and not necessarily from NZ) discuss with worry was Martyn Bradbury. US Embassy staff included.

  7. Mike in Auckland says:

    Yawn – where is the real news?

  8. Paul Judge says:

    Ok, so we’re at day 7 and still nobody has mentioned the great irony here of calling out Mr Get-rich-on-animal-suffering a racist. Does anyone see the irony of Peter Leitch, the Mad Butcher, being called out as a racist? Here is a man who has profited enormously from the suffering, abuse and violent death of animals and in this respect is in the same league as that other great New Zealander Sir Peter Talley and many others throughout Western history since the invention of the slaughterhouse in the 1890s , or even since the railroad barons in America demanded and enabled the slaughter of the bison. Leitch is the worst sort of human being in this respect and, given the historical and existential similarity between the slave trade and the meat trade, being called out as a racist is entirely fitting, though his light hearted ‘banter’ racism pales in comparison to his absolute, totalising and murderous speciesism. Animal liberation is, of course, a cause the left has yet to embrace since nearly all of us are party to the exploitation and abuse that allows such men to become rich. But what has been revealed finally about the Mad Butcher with this fiasco is this – those who abuse and show disrespect for animals also show disrespect for humans in fairly equal measure.

  9. Castro says:

    Identity politics will lose the so-called “left” elections over and over again. Most of the migrant National voters being imported care about money and their clan above all else, while the vast majority of poor/working class NZers don’t give a flying fuck about identity politics. Appealing to identity politics is what lead to Brexit and Trump.

  10. Andy says: