IT’S A XMAS MIRACLE! Apartheid Israel recalls it’s Ambassador from NZ!

By   /   December 24, 2016  /   66 Comments

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Oh what a wonderful gift in a year torn asunder by hate and pain, after NZ pushed for a UN vote against the illegal occupation of Palestine, Apartheid Israel has thrown a temper tantrum and recalled their ambassador from New Zealand!


Apartheid Israel’s Ambassador to NZ – Don’t let the door hit you in the arse chump

Oh what a wonderful gift in a  year torn asunder by hate and pain, after NZ pushed for a UN vote against the illegal occupation of Palestine, Apartheid Israel has thrown a temper tantrum and recalled their ambassador from New Zealand!

Oh happy day, oh glorious day.

Now if only we can get them to take their fcuking blood drenched embassy with them and leave until they accept peace and a 2 state solution, we’d be on track for some actual justice in Palestine.

Unfortunately with a pro-Apartheid Israel cheerleader like Trump in the White House next year, such joy and global courage will become smothered, but let’s enjoy the shame and embarrassment Apartheid Israel has had to endure in the final moments of 2016.

Oh, and PS –  is there ANY chance that with your ambassador you could take your mate Cameron Slater with you as well?

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Can he take his mate Cameron Slater with him please?

    • Barbara Goodhew says:

      Jews do not consider the near 2 million Arabs who live in Israel a threat to their peace. That is a direct quote by President Netanyahu. Why is it then that it is ok to have a Palestinian state with no Jews allowed. Is this kind of ethnic cleansing only ok because it involves Jews ? Nothing has changed has it since the Holocaust of WW2. Hatred and ignorance go hand in hand. Go back and study the true history of Israel over the past few thousand years it is not what many think it is. Shame Shame Shame on you New Zealand for joining the bullies club. We pride ourselves for being far enough removed to give a better perspective. The end result for us will not be good

      • Mike in Auckland says:

        What are you on about? What Palestinian state is there? None, it is only an administration for the West Bank, forced to put up with racist settlers and their settlements, thinking they have a biblical right to the land, not having lived there for two thousand years. They frown on the Arabs, even think it is fair to shoot them if they get too naughty.

        Israel has turned occupied territories into virtual colonies, allowing settlements here and there, but only at times stopping some, as they feel under the present law they may be illegal.

        The long term plan though is to keep hold of the West Bank, that is most if not all of it, and to gradually turn it into a Zionist settlement state, to be incorporated into Israel proper at some time in the future.

        The UN acted rightly, as Israel is occupying land, that is not its own, and only Likud and right wing nationalist and Zionist parties think they have a right to do what they do.

        You distort the reality here, and try to blame Palestinian Arabs for standing their grounds on their land, to live there in peace, and use the land to grow crops and feed animals.

        What right have Zionists to any land they did not occupy for two thousand years, in that case we may then allow the American Indians to throw out the white settlers and their offspring from their land on the North American continent also. We should then allow the Aboriginals of Australia to deport all migrants that came after them.

        Where do you want to draw the line, my friend?

        Hitler also had his plans, it seems the Zionists use the same idea of nationhood as he and the Nazis did, to drive others out who have lived on the land for centuries, quite legally.

        The only difference is the Zionists have not yet established concentration camps and gas camps.

      • Michal says:

        Barbara the end result will be a one state solution, real democracy in one state with equal participation by all, I have absolutely no doubt. The only reason we don’t have this is that Israel is propped up by the U.S. to tunes of many millions of dollars in arms and for every resolution at the U.N. in support of the Palestinians, America votes against. It suits America right now to use Israel to keep an eye on the many Arab communities. Much has changed since the holocaust, I would be the first to protest against hatred of Jews. I will also be the first to protest against Zionism. Is it really ignorant to think that any Jew no matter what country they are born in should be able to move to Irsael to live. Some of these people as I am sure you know live in houses that belong to generations of Palestinians. I cannot up sticks and go and live in any other country that I wasn’t born in and doesn’t belong to me!

  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    Oh yes,… Cameron Slater… poster pin up boy for the Likud far right wing neo liberal party in Israel.

    Cameron Slater,… shouted stays in good hotels , wined and dined, privy to Israels military adventures ,… encouraged to write glowing reports for the Israeli govt and their military.

    Please, do take him back to Mount Sinai. You can drop him off from the helicopter- preferably from a height.

    • Gosman says:

      Mt Sinai (as the name implies) is in the Sinai which is in Egypt.

      • Gosman, we hardly ever agree on anything, but merry christmas to you and your family. All the best, and let’s keep sharing our dissenting views in the New Year!

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        Yes exactly , gozzie , – where the ten commandments were given and where the Israelis were given their original mandates – but they didn’t fulfill that very well now did they ?

        So again drop the guy off there with his pro Likud party ideas and see how he fares…

  3. Peacenik says:

    Great news. Their bloody mossad has been runing fast and loose with their trainee agents in NZ for years, all be it with the late J Ks tacit approval.

  4. Mike says:

    I’m proud of you NZ.

    • Chooky says:

      +100…great NZ has made this stand!

      …and shame on Trump…he needs to get educated on this issue fast!

  5. Stuart Munro says:

    This may be the only good thing the Gnats have done in eight years. Perhaps they were drunk.

  6. Tiger Mountain says:

    for those of us that follow politics closely Murray McCully has had a rather dark career to put it mildly, but he sure earns major brownie points on this one, and goes out on a nicer note than probably even he might have expected

    the apartheid Israeli state is one of the enduring travesties of world politics, at times it has felt like the world does not care and has abandoned the Palestinians–but it is never too late to bring people like Netanyahu to justice

  7. […] Oh what a wonderful gift in a year torn asunder by hate and pain, after NZ pushed for a UN vote against the illegal occupation of Palestine, Apartheid Israel has thrown a temper tantrum and recalled their ambassador from New Zealand! […]

  8. Michael says:

    For those who still get turned on by the thought of a two state solution, its time has past and it is long overdue that you updated your thinking.

    Martyn, I don’t wish to start a festival of hate as I’ve seen this happen really quickly and often in TDB, but you’re thinking is a few decades behind if you truly believe a two state solution is viable.

    Progressives on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict who are earnestly seeking reconciliation and creative solutions for an enduring peace long ago recognised that the only way forward is thriving together in a single state.

    It’s no longer possible to conceive of a viable unitary Palestinian state for a whole bunch of obvious reasons, most notably that the so-called Palestinian territory is not only fragmented but that the fragments are not contiguous; moreover, the Israeli outposts occupy the prime areas and are unlikely to be abandoned by the right-wing zealots who established them.

    The lunacy of the past will end only when enough Israelis and Palestinians see in each other the answer to a shared future the holds hope for the descendants of both Semitic branches. Until then, it will continue to be mostly blood that drips down to the roots of this ancient tree.

    The UN was right to censure Israel and the Obama administration was right to withhold its veto. Neither action, though, will result in a positive change in attitude or behaviour anytime soon, and even when leaders emerge on both sides who are able to inspire their respective constituencies, it will take several generations before there is a sufficiently large and shared reservoir of goodwill for a lasting peace to even appear to be attainable.

    • Simon says:

      I agree you, Michael, with you that the two-state solution is no longer viable. It is, however, still the option that the Palestinian Authority and the majority of Palestinians still support. I think we need to respect that. Indeed, who are we to say otherwise?

      One day, the moment will come when Israel is forced to give up the occupation. That is the moment when real negotiations on statehood scenarios will begin and that is the point at which the impossibility of the two-state solution will be fully understood by all parties (and a viable alternative sought). I see this UN resolution as a tiny, but nonetheless important, step in the journey towards Israel’s eventual back down. Until that actually occurs, discussion over one, two or three Israeli/Palestinian states is actually pretty meaningless.

  9. Uncommon courage from National?

    I’m with Stuart – I think they were pissed at the wheel.

    In all seriousness, I can’t recall any action from this government quite so bold and principled.

    In eight years, this will be the first time I have ever uttered these words: well done, National.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      Yes indeed, astonishing, from the Saudi sheep deal Minister even.

      • There has to be a back-story to this, Mike… Has to be.

        • Afewknowthetruth says:

          Maybe a behind-closed-doors deal to buy cheap oil from Iran, or barter milk powder for oil.

          You an be sure it’s got nothing to do with principles or human rights if National are involved.

          • That would make sense.

            In fact, it’s the only thing that does, AFKTT.

            • Mike in Auckland says:

              Perhaps consider again Key’s resignation as PM, maybe McCully and others had already worked on this step to be taken, but Key, himself of Jewish descent, and rather pro Israel, he would have found it rather hard to put this fire out.

              Perhaps McCully threw this at him, after Key tried to push him to resign over failures of the Saudi sheep deal?

              Who knows, there are at times peculiar strategies at play, behind the scenes.

              Key would at least have felt very uncomfortable with this step being taken.

    • Nick says:

      Maybe. My suspicion is that whoever was in charge of our delegation grabbed the initiative while English was distracted elsewhere. I do wonder if he was asked, or even briefed.

      I would suggest that now the solution to the localized problem might just be region-wide with the establishment of a potentially wealthy and vibrant United States of the Levant, incorporating Israel and the Palestinian Territories as well as Syria, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), Lebanon and Jordan as part of a State-focused Federation. It should be observed that now we know that there are many more conflicts in the region than this one. There is money, initiative, creativity, expertise,an educated population, and a ready market in the US. But it can’t happen until everyone is ready for it.

      The solution will be economic, like in Ireland, not military, like… nowhere I can think of.

      In the meanwhile, leaders on both sides have too much invested in continuing conflict, and not nearly enough in any kind of solution.

  10. Mike in Auckland says:

    Good riddance, I would say.

  11. Helena says:

    Not long to go now now before the State of Israel sits peacefully within the State of Palestine. Peace will reign throughout the world in 2017 for the next 1,000 years. Something to celebrate indeed.
    The Khazarian Zionists (rulers within Israel)/Rothschild/Tudor groups were given the choice: God or not God. They made their choice and now they get to reap what they have sown.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Wont be any peace. For a start , Turkey will become the leader ( endorsed by the West ) of a 10 nation caliphate.

      How do we know? – Erdogan himself has expressed that same policy. And he has the backing of many of the Arabic states surrounding him. Why?

      Because Turkey retains some relations with the U.N and even Nato – as Turkey and Russia often don’t see eye to eye. And , Turkey isn’t particularly fond of Israel either.

      The only way you will get an uneasy ‘ peace’ is for a treaty to be signed by that 10 nation caliphate and Israel with the blessings of the U.N and ofc, – the USA. You will see a person elected as head of that agreement – one endorsed by all party’s – with its HQ representatives office in Israel.

      For a time you’ll get peace ,… but then that’ll break down as well.

      Then it’ll be all on.

      PS : Turkey maintains a state of the art military that rivals Israel – barring nukes.

      Even Russia is cautious of Turkey.

  12. mary_a says:

    Well done NZ. About time.

    Make it clear to the rogue state of Israel, it’s appalling atrocities towards Palestinians are intolerable. It might not be the cure all at the moment, but at least it’s a start to get the message out there a two state nation is the only answer.

    Let’s hope this move becomes a positive in 2017 and Palestinians are allowed to live in peace, with self sovereignty.

  13. Angry Tory says:

    Yeah great move. Friedman is already talking to TRUMP.
    – ban on airlines flying from NZ into the US
    – ban on movie production with NZ
    – ban on chemotherapy exports to NZ

    that’s what you get when you f**k with Israel.

    • countryboy says:

      Fuck Israel!
      Send the pricks to Texas and give the Palestinians their lands back.

      Israeli arms dealers .

      • manni says:

        Counterboy sorry I didn’t know the newzealanders are antisemitic ,and haters, you care more about fuck israel than fuck the the people who committed genoside in Syria now in front of your eyes .with alot of sadness all I can say I wish the next tzunami will wipe you the kiwis island from the map of earth . Amen.

        • Sally's Husband says:

          Manni, we are not “anti-semitic”. We simply want Palestinians to enjoy the same right to sovereignty as Israel. If you can’t get that through your thick skull, I can draw a pretty picture for you using bright crayons.

          Your hatred, on the other hand, seems pretty clear to us.

        • WILD KATIPO says:

          New Zealander’s ARE NOT antisemitic !!!

          Get your facts straight !

          What many New Zealanders object to is extreme Zionist Likud party foreign / domestic policy which endorses genocide and flagrant arrogance in the face of the U. N and other such bodies.

          Its about time people such as yourself stop playing on the victim card and quit with the garbage that Israel can do no wrong – Hitler and the holocaust was a while back now and people get a bit sick and tired of that being used as a constant way to justify Israels modern committing of genocide – doing exactly same sort of thing many who migrated to Israel were former victims off.

          So stop trying to equate all Jews with Zionism. Even most of the Rabbi’s are against extreme Zionism.

          We here in ‘ New Zealand ‘ are not quite that gullible and know the difference between the two and wont be swallowing that tired old trotted out line , buddy.

          And btw – Israels own geneticists have stated that there is more original Semitic DNA in the Palestinian population than there is from the northern Europeans who migrated there.

          Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

          • Reuven says:

            It seems clear then that the colonialist racist settler state of New Zealand ought to exist only as a dependency of the Maori Tepublic. Unlike the Jews of Israel, no one can claim the European population of New Zealand has any tights to the land they stoley

        • tinhat says:

          So Manni, you’ll be dropping off a few of your “Muslim” terrorist friends to teach us a lesson?

  14. countryboy says:

    Good riddance to the fucker.

  15. John W says:

    To comply with the wishes of Israel is to sell your soul to a darker side.

    The Palestinian tragedy and Israel’s role in manipulating the USA to prevent the UN acting is deplorable in every aspect.

    Sanctions and worse may be needed to wrench the power from the Zionist ruling Israel and the USA as well as many other powerful international institutions. The Darker side of humanity. must be made accountable.

    Sanctions are a start.

    BDS is only a beginning but one we can vigorously implement. It has already started but need more publicity but guess who controls our media.

    • Barbara Goodhew says:

      Jews do not consider the near 2 million Arabs who live in Israel a threat to their peace. That is a direct quote by President Netanyahu. Why is it then that it is ok to have a Palestinian state with no Jews allowed. Is this kind of ethnic cleansing only ok because it involves Jews ? Nothing has changed has it since the Holocaust of WW2. Hatred and ignorance go hand in hand. Go back and study the true history of Israel over the past few thousand years it is not what many think it is. Shame Shame Shame on you New Zealand for joining the bullies club. We pride ourselves for being far enough removed to give a better perspective. The end result for us will not be good

      • It’s interesting you refer to the Holocaust of WW2, Barbara.

        Many – including myself – see a grim similarity between the Warsaw Ghetto, where thousands of Jews were interned by the Nazis, and Gaza, which is blockaded (illegally) by Israel.

        It seems that Israel has learned little from history, except how to be an oppressor.

        There cannot be a lasting peace or security for both Palestine and Israel until the weapons and blockades are dispensed with; illegal settlements on the West Bank abandoned; and Israel recognises that Palestinians have every right to nationhood as the Jewish people.

        Peace cannot prosper at gunpoint.

        • Mike in Auckland says:

          What about the ethnic cleansing, the gradual process, that is taking place in parts of East Jerusalem and on the West Bank, I fear the commenter above wears blinkers.

        • John W says:

          Well said Frank. But alas the Zionist rogue state cares not about others nor human rights of others.

          The so called holocaust is an open question examined by many with a wide range of conclusions.

          The concept has certainly been used in a wide scale propaganda campaign.over many decades, and traded on like no other “historical” event.

          • Michael says:

            John W – so you deny that there was a holocaust. Typical of an anti-Semtic racist.

            • Michael, no one is denying that the Holocaust took place.

              Be that as it may, the deaths of six million Jewish people in a horror that can scarcely be imagined does not give the government of present-day Israel the right to oppress its neighbours.

              All you are doing is attempting to justify one evil by pointing to another one. If that’s your attempt at validation, you have nothing to show for your efforts.

            • John W says:

              Michael if you read what I said carefully you should be able to see my reference to the holocaust claims being an “open question” as all history should be.

              Research is very necessary to understand history.

              There are a range of conclusions formed by others.

              Also there are Red Cross and other agencies whose data conflicts with some of the claims made.

              You may doubt that but can always check for yourself.

              The anti Semitism suggestion is nonsense.

        • Michael says:

          Frank how ludicrous to equate Gaza with the Warsaw Ghetto.

          You have just proven that you are an anti-Semitic racist in that one sentence.

          • Thank you, Michael. Coming from a pro-Israel stooge and apologist for Zionism like you, that adds to my credentials.

            • Oh, and by the way, Michael, if you were aware of my personal life, you’d cringe at calling me “anti-semitic”.

              You have a nice day. Oh, and Happy Hanukah!! (No sarc intended.)

          • John W says:

            Michael your term of “anti Semetism” needs some clarification.

            Semetic people are generally aligned wtth Semetic languages of which there are several including Arabic.

            The word “Semetic” has been captured into a derogatory accusation often heard used against any one who dares to examine of criticise one particular group.

            An emotional ploy that makes little sense.

      • Sally's Husband says:

        It’s simple, Barbara. Get Israeli settlers out of the West Bank and cease the blockade against Gaza. That’s a good starting point for an enduring, just peace.

  16. swordfish says:

    “Unfortunately with a pro-Apartheid Israel cheerleader like Trump in the White House next year”

    Yep. Although AIPAC girl, Hillary, wouldn’t have been a hell of a lot better. Netanyahu would’ve been more than pleased with her. (although she probably wouldn’t have gone quite as far as formally recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital)

    • Swordfish, I detect no substantial difference between Clinton and Trump on U.S. support for Israel. I hope I am wrong on this observation.

      • Chooky says:

        Trump if he wants detente with Russia has got to come up to speed on the Palestinian human rights issue and Israel fast

        ( Israel : friend of Saudi Arabia who supports ISIS ( and ISIS?), enemy of Iran , enemy of Assad and Syria( who oppose ISIS) …friend of Clintons , Clinton Foundation and Democrats and Israeli lobby in USA…)

        • Chooky says:

          Trump takes a wrong turn and shows his ignorance of the land and nation and peoples of Palestine …which has been annexed and engulfed by Israel

          ‘UN resolution on Israeli settlements criticized by Trump, lawmakers’

          • Nice to see Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) issuing her statement:

            “a strong message that the United States still supports a two-state solution,” and that “Ending settlement activity is an absolute necessity if we’re ever to achieve a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

            The wrong person was elected President last month.

  17. Groucho Marxist says:

    Netanyahu commanded all the diplomats of the UN vote visit him so he could express his annoyance.
    He did this on Christmas Day. No doubt he enjoyed calling all of those who are not of the “chosen race” to attend on the important Christian holiday.
    Israel and its supporters are always demanding respect but they show none to others.

  18. Helena says:

    Not long to go now for the round up and trial of those responsible for the genocide in Palestine – and worldwide.
    Thank you God.

  19. Chooky says:

    (Lets hope Trump gets himself educated on this issue of Palestine and the Palestinians rights to their homeland which was Palestinian even in the time of ‘Herodotus Histories’ 500BC)

    ‘Trump owes nothing to the Jewish community, he is a free agent’ – Haaretz columnist’

    • Indeed, Chooky. But I fear the pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. is way too strong for either a Republican or Democrat President to resist. (Much like the N.R.A., fossil fuel industry, et al).

      I hope I am wrong in this.

  20. Baarn says:

    “see a similarity between the Warsaw ghetto and Gaza..”, this is a joke right?

  21. Andrea says:

    Did the Kiwi mouse roar again?

    I wonder what the cats will do.

    And who will bell the cats…