Why Banks resigning won’t save ACT: How National win Epsom for the Left

By   /   June 8, 2014  /   7 Comments

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Losing another possible coalition partner is the only way Key gets beaten. It’s time the Left started to fight an MMP election rather than a FPP election.


The pressure has built, the desperate need for Jamie Whyte to stop looking as wet as he sounds and do some leadership stuff like sternly telling off the latest ACT MP to do something dodgy and illegal has finally burst the pus bloated political pimple that is the ACT Party.

For a Party founded on the ethical cleansing power of the pure market bonded with a ‘tuff on crime’ rhetoric, this Party seems to foster an awful lot of criminal activity doesn’t it?


Banksy could’ve continued the ‘I did nothing wrong’ pretence and staunched it out in Parliament, but it would have only been for his own narcism. He has had to resign, the ruling by the Judge was a total hiding, anything less than resigning would be as offensive as the PM’s continued referral to Banks as an ‘honest man’. A Judge has clearly stated Mr Banks is not an honest man in this matter, that’s why he has been found guilty and no amount of ‘he hasn’t been sentenced yet’ legal semantics can gloss over that.

Here’s why I can’t feel much sympathy for John Banks, this quote is from him during the 2011 campaign in an effort to directly engage racism and hate into the election…

“If we continue the bankrupt response of just paying young Polynesian, young Maori men in South Auckland, the dole to sit in front of TV, smoke marijuana, watch pornography and plan more drug offending, more burglaries, then we are going to have them coming through our windows if we live in Epsom or anywhere else in greater Auckland.”

I’ve never understood how someone who believes that the Earth is barely 7000 years old and that God created the entire cosmos in only 6 days ever became the Associate Minister of Education.

Since when was Education a hate crime?

Anyone else nervous that a religious fundamentalist shepherded in the Charter School legislation that allows other religious fundamentalists to get taxpayer support to peddle their scientific quackery?

Are they allowed into the dinosaur exhibits at the museum on class visits or do they need a parental permission slip?

I digress.

ACT are dead. So dead. It’s not just their roll call of dishonour or the fact that their free market ideology is fruit loop ridden, it’s their current joke tactics that are so tragic.

Poor Prebs, he’s a much greater man than this poisoned chalice. Their joke candidate David Seymour has to be seen to be believed – look at this appalling youtube video…

..he makes coma patients look fluid and dynamic. If this inconsequential political squeak of a fart is what ACT are hoping will win them Epsom, they have another thing coming.

Banks was a name, and he only won by 2000 votes, David Watshisface has all the voter appeal of grated hedgehog on stale cornflakes.

Fighting the uphill battle of a having a candidate with no discernible personality is the tactical voting of Epsom Labour and Green voters. They wasted 6000 electorate votes last election on Labour and Green candidates who were NEVER going to win. If those voters decide to be as strategic as the National voters who are electing a puppet ACT candidate and vote for the National Party candidate Paul Goldsmith instead, then it’s all over for ACT.

If the Labour Party candidate Michael Wood can stop trying to shoot himself in the foot by chastising Internet MANA for being tactical, when being tactical is what is being required in Epsom, then he and Julie Anne Genter have the opportunity of killing ACT off once and for all.

Losing another possible coalition partner is the only way Key gets beaten.

The interesting resignation means all eyes now turn on the Maori Party who will be providing the numbers to prop up the Government. The Maori Party are facing obliteration at the polls because of their close relationship with National, propping John Key up to hobble over the last couple of months won’t help them at all.

It’s not just ACT that John Banks has killed off, it looks like he’ll take down the Maori Party as well.

That’s a two for one special folks.


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  1. Pete says:

    Having seen the Epsom ACT candidate on tv I reckon it is an absolute condemnation of hedgehogs and stale cornflakes to mention them in any type of context about him. (Mind you a hedgehog would add to the quality of their candidates list.) And the Epsomers would vote for a hedgehog if the Prime Minister told them to.

    • richarquis says:

      Replace ACT members with a hedgehog = a zero sum game. Either way, it’s still a bunch of pricks.

  2. Duval says:

    Oh the irony and pantomime of it all – it’s just too good! The toughest of the tough on crime dog whistlers are brought down by a succession of law breaking MP’s, the only way to rid parliament of them is for the opposition supporters to vote for the party in power within that electorate in order to unseat them in Wellington and in order for that party to stay in power must have their supporters vote for the party no one wants! Talk about tactical voting – vote for the party you despise in order to get rid of them! Epsom – where everyone is campaigning for National except National who is campaigning for ACT as their life line who are sinking under the weight of their own sludge – careful who you hold on to Mr Key, and careful who you let go of… you’ll need ever slither in your snake skin suit to slide through this one!

  3. XRAY says:

    Jamie Whyte was terribly unconvincing on the radio this morning regarding Banks resigning, absolutely fumbling an answer as to when he (Whyte) knew of it.

    As for Key, now all decisive and expecting us to believe that National were going to snub ACT’s vote in parliament if Banks stayed on. Whatever…..But then worse he added to the bullshit insisting by his measure Banks is honest and that he is going to clear his name (so by default the Judge is wrong), take that judiciary, from the PM no less. If so why this belated snub if on Thursday you were telling us ACT’s vote would still be used? I’m all confused!

    Dear oh dear John what a wicked web we weave. and on the personal reassurance of honesty for his Epsom MP, well its a bit like the devil reassuring us one of his disciples is not evil!

    So thinking voters of Epsom, vote Paul Goldsmith, nothing else matters.

    • richarquis says:

      Admitting the judge’s decision was right means admitting he was wrong. Key is incapable of doing this unless absolutely forced to. Remember the tranzrail shares? Only when confronted on camera with the numbers did he finally admit the truth, and that was years ago. Since then, his ego has inflated tenfold, and to admit that he backed the wrong horse now is inconceivable. Insulting the judiciary is simply the required cost of maintaining the facade. Don’t expect anything different, and don’t expect anything to happen to Judith Collins either.

  4. Fern says:

    Colin Craig is another one with a strange gait. Reminds me of the way Aunt Sally the female scarecrow walks, in the very old Brit TV series of Worzel Gummidge. See the following at 2:30

  5. kmccready says:

    Why is no one except me talking about using the preferential counting system for Electorate Seat votes. This simple reform would eliminate the pathetic need for ‘tactical voting’.