Internet Party Idol not so politically idle + my candidate picks

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I went in yesterday to have a look at the Internet Party Idol being held to find candidates at Q Theatre, it’s a fascinating culture gumbo that should be awash with sociology and political post grad students because this is doctorate worthy.


I went in yesterday to have a look at the Internet Party Idol being held to find candidates at Q Theatre, it’s a fascinating culture gumbo that should be awash with sociology and political post grad students because this is doctorate worthy.

I’ve been to a lot of political party meetings, AGMs, election speeches and activist socials  across the spectrum up and down this country, but what IP are tapping into is very unique. Firstly it’s overwhelmingly Gen X and secondly it’s overwhelmingly positive for the opportunity to stand.

The murky world of party politics is as toxic as it is dense. The power players in a party, the factions, the ever crazed members with their mad ideas that will never work on any planet – all must be navigated and shown submission to. Normally a candidate has to slither around a lot on their belly just to get nominated. Not here. There are no factions and the only 4 people who have to be convinced, Kim, Laila, Vikram and Mark are sitting right in front of them, not lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce.

It’s this meritocracy that is so positively grasped  and picked up by the candidates I saw which is interesting. The collective gusto hints at a deeper cultural current that is propelling many of those participating. People with ideas and vision and mana who would never stoop to kiss enough Party boot to begin climbing the slippery pole of Party list rankings want the opportunity based on their own unique talents, which in a way is what the internet provides so many of them.

In a property market dominated by baby boomers, in an employment market dominated by baby boomers (who have no interest in retiring ever), in a power structure owned by baby boomers, the frustrated visions of many who spoke as candidates did so as a generation still waiting for its moment. The Internet has done more to radicalise our economy and turn hegemony on its head than almost any other technology, the talent on display yesterday suggests that the political elites who are beholden to baby boomer interests might be in for a surprise come election day.


My top 5 picks for candidates:

Bill Urale – yes, the mighty King Kapisi 

Miriam Pierard – teacher, activist and guest blogger here on TDB

Eli Weir – Very tech savvy 

Chris Yong – Great guy, very talented

Pani Farvaid – Very intelligent


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  1. I sincerely hope that any one those good folk elected to Parliament do not become seduced by the system.

    Be warned, Parliament is it’s own miniature world; a self-contained eco-system that quickly takes over and creates an unreality (or, it’s own quasi-“Reality”) that divorces one from the Outside World. Think of living in in an orbiting space station, looking down on Earth, but being utterly divorced from it.

    I suggest a one year term for each Internet Party MP, then take a breather to reacclimate with the Real World.

    Yes, it really is that seductive and corrosive.

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    • Guesting says:

      I thought it could be:
      1 year to learn the job,
      1 year to do the job,
      6 months leave to live in the Real world of insufficient income.

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  2. Teremoana Rapley says:

    Thank you for an OBJECTIVE response to the challenges yesterday Martyn – the only other media I saw was a terribly subjective news-bite sensationalised version of the day via TV3 last night – so called ‘overshadowing the candidates’ by Kim’s admission after the challenge that he may stand for Parliament one day.

    I believe one thing most people are not aware of – is that while IP have great policies that still have yet to be released in detail – the name of the game is gaining seats (in-conjunction with their party partner) and Party votes (thank you MMP) – it was one of the first things Laila mentioned before the challenge began. Disrupt the System (from the inside). Meitaki.

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  3. Bevan Morgan says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on your picks. Some very impressive people yesterday.

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  4. fatty says:

    Yeah, that’s a strong 5 options. They all have different strengths.
    The media’s response to King Kapisi would be predictable, but I’m not sure how the potential voters would respond to it. Could really make the IP stand out from all the other parties – and therefore Kapisi could be effective.
    But I think Pani Farvid  stands out. She’d be my first choice

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