Cunliffe’s Shadow Cabinet

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Here is how Cunliffe wins, he uses undiluted left wing political vision to attract as many of the 800 000 enrolled non-voters as he can utilizing a massive wall of Social media while using MMP to maximize Green vote in general seats and MANA in the Maori electorates.

That awkward moment when you realize your two pair won’t beat a Royal Flush

Here are my picks for Cunliffe’s Shadow Cabinet, now before I start, I need to explain that I’m viewing this through the lens of my theory that Cunliffe has to win the 2014 election or the ABCs who voted in such overwhelming numbers against the wishes of the Unions & members will cut him down. So Cunliffe must win and to win he has to take risks and think outside the square, otherwise he becomes a political footnote rather than a legacy.

Here is how Cunliffe wins, he uses undiluted left wing political vision to attract as many of the 800 000 enrolled non-voters as he can utilizing a massive wall of Social media while using MMP to maximize Green vote in general seats and MANA in the Maori electorates.

I’ve read Patrick Gower’s thoughts and he’s 30% right, which is a damned sight better than his usual 10%. It’s the highest irony that I started this blog based on the appalling manufactured leadership crisis concocted by Gower and the other right wing media pundits. There was never a coup at Conference, what the msm saw was the affiliates and the members demanding actual democratic processes, and the staggering result and numbers in which they participated bears that momentum out. The ABCs were more than happy to manipulate the concocted coup story for political ends and banish Cunliffe to the backbenches, so I’ll take what Gower and co have to say with as much skepticism as I hold Beltway media’s claims of Robertson being the lead contender.

Paddy is right in that David needs to seize the initiative and momentum mandated to him by the affiliates and members, sadly for Mr Gower however, he’s not actually listened to what the unions and members want.

Gower’s equation is

-Take 2 percent off the Greens.
-Get 2 percent from amongst the 800,000 people who registered but didn’t vote.
-Take 2 percent off National in the centre ground (actually a 4 percent swing, because for every vote Labour gains, National loses one).

I disagree. The membership didn’t say ‘go bash the Greens’. If Cunliffe wants to win in 2014, he needs to use an MMP eye to view the Greens as a strength, not a punching bag. Paddy is just using base game tactics, not the nuance Cunliffe requires.

Cunliffe should instead focus more on the 800 000 non-voters that Gower identifies but aim for far higher than 2% by using social media.

70% of National voters don’t know someone unemployed, Cunliffe’s message of inequality is invisible to a large chunk of National voters, this is time wasting.

So 30% for Mr Gower.

However, I digress. My picks for Cunliffe’s Shadow Cabinet are….

David Cunliffe- Leader, Spokesperson for Finance, Spokesperson on SIS,
Let’s start with a zinger. I think Cunliffe should take Finance. Next years election will be on the economy and the crony capitalism Key embodies. What better way to lead than take on Finance? Not since Muldoon has a PM also held Finance, which only serves to add to the power of the stance. It’s staunch and Cunliffe’s return justification will be ‘2014 is about the economy and I’m taking Finance so I can personally hold Bill English and John Key to account in Parliament’.

David Parker- Deputy Leader, Spokesperson for SOEs, Associate Spokesperson for Finance, Shadow Attorney General, Spokesperson for trade negotiations
I just don’t think with the bitterness displayed by the ABCs that Grant can be a serious contender for Deputy. David Parker is a much more fair and sensible pair of hands and his being Associate on Finance gives Leader and Deputy and shared front on the issue that will define the 2014 election. My heart wants Louisa Wall as Deputy, but my brain says Parker. With the TPPA looming as a genuine threat to NZ economic sovereignty, Parker has the smarts to keep NZ safe.

Grant Robertson- Spokesperson on Social Development
Grant now knows he needs a far wider media profile than he has if he ever wants a shot at leader again. He could bring a civil rights aspect to Social Welfare that is sorely lacking in the debate in an authentic way that builds his and the Party’s mana. Jacinda has not managed to hit Paula Bennett once so far, and Robertson could give it the edge she lacks.

Annette King- Spokesperson for Health
She may be the queen of the ABCs, but she is a very talented MP with a secure handle on Health. The cut backs that Ryall has managed to gloss over are starting to appear now and Annette could make some difficult days ahead on a front that has been off the political radar. It also pays to keep Annette close.

Shane Jones- Spokesperson on Employment, Spokesperson on Skills and Training, Spokesperson on Regional Development, Spokesperson for Maori development
The Jonsey talked a good talk, let’s see him walk the walk.

Chris Hipkins- Spokesperson for Education
Despite the appalling abuse he dumped on Cunliffe, Hipkins is a powerhouse in Education and it would be a real loss if bridges could not be mended here for the good of the Party.

Jacinda Ardern- Spokesperson for communications & IT, Spokesperson for Broadcasting, Spokesperson for Arts, Culture & Heritage, Spokesperson for Auckland
I am a big supporter of Jacinda, but she hasn’t managed to hit Paula Bennett. Her skills would be far better utilized in IT, Broadcasting and Arts and Culture. She also needs to win back her seat in Auckland Central and being a spokesperson for a city she is so closely connected to would boost that.

Nanaia Mahuta- Spokesperson for Maori Affairs, Spokesperson for children
It’s time for Nanaia to prove Cunliffe’s faith in her.

Sue Moroney- Chief whip, Spokesperson ACC, Spokesperson early childhood education, Spokesperson women’s affairs, Associate Spokesperson for education
Sue has never been given the respects she is due, as Chief whip she will.

Carol Beaumont- jnr whip, Spokesperson for labour, Associate Spokesperson for Employment, Skills and Training
The Unions have spoken, Carol will be listening.

Louisa Wall- Spokesperson for tourism, Spokesperson for the Voluntary & Community sector, Associate Spokesperson for Health, Associate Spokesperson for Sport and Recreation, Associate Spokesperson for Arts, Culture & Heritage
Louisa is a Labour Party super star and deserves more, she should be Deputy.

Damien O’Connor- Spokesperson for Primary Industries, Spokesperson for forestry, Spokesperson for food safety
Hard worker.

Andrew Little- Spokesperson for Justice, Spokesperson for Police, Spokesperson for Corrections
While voting against his very own Unions for leader, Andrew is a brain and knows how to deal with tough associations. His blunt methods are required here.

Su’a William Sio- Spokesperson on immigration, Spokesperson on local gov, Spokesperson pacific island affairs, Spokesperson on interfaith dialogue
Has worked hard, deserves Immigration.

Clayton Cosgrove- Spokesperson for Commerce, Spokesperson for earthquake com, associate finance
If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

Phil Twyford- Spokesperson for housing, Associate spokesperson for Environment, Transport Spokesperson
There is a special place in hell for Aucklanders who back Wellingtonians over Aucklanders, Phil should be lucky for what he gets.

Maryan Street- Spokesperson for environment, Spokesperson for disarmament & arms control, Associate Spokesperson for foreign affairs
Strong performer.

David Clark- Spokesperson for economic development, sp for small business, Spokesperson Science & innovation
Should pick up Science and innovation, has the brains for it.

Phil Goff- Spokesperson on foreign affairs & trade, Spokesperson for state services, Spokesperson for defense
Keep him where he is.

Megan Woods- Spokesperson for chch transport issiues, Associate spokesperson for science & innovation

Trevor Mallard- Shadow Leader of the House, Spokesperson for Sport & Recreation, spokesperson for internal Affairs
Has skills in the House, loves his bloody sports portfolio, has the contacts in Internal Affairs, no need to start open warfare with Trevor.

Moana Mackey- Spokesperson for tertiary ed, Spokesperson youth affairs, Spokesperson for Energy, Spokesperson for climate change, Associate spokesperson arts, culture & heritage
Deserves more, is a really smart MP.

Ian Lees-Galloway- Spokesperson for Consumer Rights & Standards, , Associate Spokesperson for health, Associate spokesperson for economic development
Deserves more.

Kris Faafoi- Associate Spokesperson on Health

Ruth Dyson- Spokesperson for Canterbury Earthquake recovery, Spokesperson for Civil Defence & Emergency management, Spokesperson for Conservation, Spokesperson for Senior Citizens, Spokesperson for disability issues, Spokesperson for Land information
Senior player.

Rajen Prasad- Spokesperson on Ethnic Affairs, Spokesperson for Social Inclusion, Associate Spokesperson for Social Development, Associate Spokesperson for Justice<
Deserves Justice.

Raymond Huo- Spokesperson for building & construction, Spokesperson for Statistics, Spokesperson for Export Education, Associate Spokesperson for Ethnic Affairs
Solid player.

Rino Tirikatene- Spokesperson on Customs, Spokesperson for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Associated Spokesperson for Maori Affairs
Failed to impress to date.

Ross Robertson- Spokesperson for Racing, Associate Spokesperson for Disarmament (small Arms and light weapons)
Will be leaving soon.

Meka Whaitiri- Associate Spokesperson for Housing, Associate Spokesperson for Regional Development.
Too early to tell.

David Shearer- Associate Spokesperson foreign affairs
He should get something.

Darien Fenton- Spokesperson for Veterans’ Affairs
Backed the wrong horse.

Clare Curran- Spokesperson for open gov, Associate spokesperson for Local Government
Homophobia? Way out of line.

Next: Cunliffe’s first 100 days

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  1. yoursliping says:

    ‘Lianne Dalziel- Spokesperson for Civil Defence & Emergency Management, Associate Spokesperson for Justice’

    Ah, how is that going to happen seeing as she’s running for mayor in Christchurch?

  2. mugly says:

    A fair and sensible pair of hands. Is that all that is needed to qualify David Parker? The leadership needs to be a 1-2 hit for any chances of winning. Parker at 2IC doesn’t add to that. Definitely no Grant Robertson for deputy. I have question marks about his loyalty and his caucus influence will have too much of a sabotaging effect on Cunliffe.You may not agree but I think Shane Jones deserves to be deputy. He has demonstrated loyalty in the past to Shearer when the ‘cut my nose to spite my face’ king-makers (including Robertson) acted duplicitously. Yes, he needs to apologise and amend his ways with the ‘fairer sex’ but the advantages of his mainstream appeal are too great to ignore. He works well with Cunliffe and unlike Parker, he has earned it. Annette King needs to be kept away from the health portfolio—at the highest levels. Independent thinkers haven’t forgotten her nepotistic hand in the Hawkes Bay DHB fiasco. Yes, there were two sides to the story. It doesn’t change the facts. Unfortunately, keeping her close isn’t the remedy for that particular malaise unlike Jones she doesn’t have any positively redeeming capital to support her case. Previous knowledge and experience isn’t good enough in this case. Jones deserves better then employment, skills & training, regional development and maori development. If you’re going to play the gelding card with Jones then I will raise you a ‘what husband and friend conflict of interest?’ Annette King. I’m not an eye-for-an eye kind of person but all the same certain missteps like the one Hipkins heaped on Cunliffe is like sleeping with your friend’s wife. They aren’t forgivable. How has Jacinda Arden qualified for a bigger and superior portfolio than Nanaia Mahuta? I’ve noticed you’ve allocated mostly minor sector areas to the Maori and Pasifika MPs. Aren’t they good enough to run the ‘big fish ‘ ones? What are Kris Fa’afoi’s credentials for associate spokesperson on health? Annette King’s a better choice. She’s competent, it’s still an influential position but someone higher will keep her in check.

  3. I find it interesting that you say “while using MMP to maximize Green vote in general seats and MANA in the Maori electorates.”

    Firstly, why would Cunliffe help rival parties at all?

    Secondly, why the arbitrary general/Māori dichotomy for Greens and Mana? Did you see the recent Te Karere digipoll? It polled 1000 Māori voters and found Mana on only 6% party vote and the Greens were on 15%. That’s a big margin.

    The Greens are rising in the Māori electorates. Mana along with the Māori Party is being blamed for the toxicity in Māori politics.

    • The Daily Blog Martyn Bradbury says:

      Your attack on Hone by calling him racist is well remembered James and your desire to pick fights makes you the Green Shane Jones.

      Cunliffe shouldn’t take your bait to fight and move to make peace with the Greens.

      A landline poll amongst Maori, well James, that’s going to generate the same middle class bias it creates in general electorate seats and there’s nothing more middle class than the Greens, so their high polling in the Te Karere Poll would show higher for the greens.

      I think you are wanting to pick fights with words like toxic. Go be Shane Jones elsewhere James.

      • I have never called Hone racist. Years ago I criticized his idea of a Māori Parliament, which you couldn’t stomach.

        I don’t try and pick fights, but I do often respond to criticism of the Greens. Also, you clearly aren’t aware that I’m hugely in favor of the stronger Labour/Greens relationship, I’m just doubtful as to whether Labour really want this..

        I am simply sick of many people, mainly the MSM, completely writing the Greens off in the Māori electorates. It is not as simple as some portray ie “Māori vs Mana and Labour through the middle”.

        The Greens polled higher than Mana in two Māori seats last election.

        I don’t see how that makes me “the Green Shane Jones”. As for the word toxic, I think it would be an accurate way of describing the Mana/Māori relationship and the effects it’s had on Māori politics. It has also been used by Morgan Godfery and other Māori commentators.

        My name isn’t James.

        • The Daily Blog Martyn Bradbury says:

          I apologize for calling you James, I always associate you with James K Baxter as your relationship with him is one of your redeeming features, and that’s why it sticks in my mind. You did call Hone racist, that is why you and I had a falling out on Facebook in the 2011 election.

          This post is very much picking fights and I see most of your social media messaging always antagonizing Labour or Mana.

          The reason no one takes the greens particularly seriously in the maori electorates is because they always poll badly. Your championing of a landline poll over the Ikaroa-Rawhiti result is more comical than reasonable.

          MANA was formed 3months before that election, the Greens have been there for a decade, you need better straw men.

          You are right, ‘the Green Shane Jones’ would require some charm, perhaps the Green Clare Curran?

          • I didn’t call him racist, I described the idea as “separatist”, which in hindsight, I actually regret. I think it was you who called me racist for describing it as such.

            Ikaroa-Rāwhiti does not have the same demographics as other Māori seats, but I do accept that there are shortcomings in the poll methodology.

            I like healthy debate about ideas and criticize policy and actions of all parties, including the Greens at times. In fact my social media “messaging” is incomparable to the intimidatory tactics used by some Mana activists in the by-election.

            But I’m not looking to fight with you, or anyone for that matter. I am a consistent advocate for left unity. I have been critical of other parties during elections, yes. But so what? You do that all the time. Everyone does that.

  4. Pasupial says:

    Social Development would be a mistake for Grant Robertson; That’s going to be Turei’s ministry – given that she was first on the Greens List (in 2011 – Norman would be her deputy/ finance spokesperson if we were Labour) and Norman is going to want assistant minister of Finance which might cramp Parker into mainly the Attorney General role.

    No one is going to want to be spokesman for a ministry position that will go to another after election. Hague & Delahunty (3rd & 4th on Greens list) would have to be factored in too.

    Also: Louise Wall for Deputy Leader, Clare Curran for the Back Bench.

  5. fatty says:

    No, please no.
    Cunliffe as leader and taking finance is adding fuel to National’s primary weapon – painting Cunliffe as a power hungry egomaniac. Make no mistake about it, beginning 3 weeks ago Hooten and all the other greed driven scumbags started working on a plan to attack the image of Cunliffe – ‘arrogance & control’ will be their catchphrase. Its their best line of attack. If Cunliffe takes finance then Hooten and the other bottom-feeders will be able to make their mud stick.

    Having Parker in finance is not only better for Cunliffe’s image, but it’s also better for Labour’s. Key will try to frame them as being economically illiterate, but Cunliffe will destroy him in debates and then he can say “I’m not even in charge of finance and I own you, we know what we’re doing”

  6. Bertie says:

    I have always been a fan of David Parker being the deputy if Cunliffe was leader. Safe & counters the Green’s ambitions of Norman or Peters being Minister of finance.

    Shane Jones or any other MP for that matter ‘does not warrant’ removing Darien Fenton from the Employment portfolio, she is hard working & does a very good job keeping the flag flying for workers. Darien picks up the phone, & can be relied apon to join a scrap at short notice, travel, hit hard in the house, whatever it takes she is there. Backing the wrong horse is unfair, the simple fact is she has more in common as a Unionist & probably outside of parliament with music & the arts with Grant. Shane Jones has been spouting his mouth off like ‘working for the dole’ is in his sights. He is renowned for being lazy, just ask many from up North, also he was piss weak as Transport spokesperson, Phil Tyford turned things around helped by the Green’s. Iain Lee- Galloway is solid & is doing well taking over after Tyford.

    No offense brother but at first blush your list needs tweaking. Must have been the bottle of Vodka ha.

  7. T_T says:

    I agree with most of the top cabinet placements, but…the caucus should demote Ruth Dyson, Maryan Street, Clayton Cosgrove, Ross Robertson. David Shearer should be given Foreign Affairs or let him keep Science and Innovation simply because it would look bad to banish him to the back benches. Trevor Mallard should also lose his portfolio’s and keep shadow leader so they can be given to other Cunliffe backers (and he wont really need them if he’s going to be speaker).

    I believe Dyson and Street should be demoted because they were both presidents of the Labour party who submitted to the same “get the social reforms” mentality that plagued Labour and saw inequality in New Zealand thrive. Dyson and Street also lack the ability of the likes of Phil Goff and Anette King who justify their presence by their competence.

    Clayton Cosgrove should lose all but a single portfolio (because it would look bad), he can be pushed up the party list so he loses any chance of returning to parliament. If Labour really wants to purge it’s neo-lib past they need to remove any presence of the worst leader (Mike Moore) they’ve had to date. Ross Robertson should be demoted because he’s leaving parliament and he’s already assistant speaker.

  8. Jenny michie says:

    Interesting theory: I’d add a just a few changes, Andrew little for junior whip and moana Mackey for environment. Also lets bring Charles chauvel home, he whip dunne and then be our brightest most progressive attorney general

    • Danyl Strype says:

      I second this. Having seen Charles so close to unseating Dunney in Ohariu a couple of elections ago firsthand (I was running for ALCP in that electorate), I think there is a special place in hell reserved for those who pushed him out of Labour.

  9. Marc says:

    An interesting line-up, but I cannot agree on some of that proposed shadow cabinet:

    Taking on Leader role and Finance is too much of a work load for Cunliffe even, as he needs to spend energy and attention on organising the caucus, who have not given him full support. as well as managing the shadow cabinet and overseeing further policy development. Also will the media be at him all the time, so he needs to be addressing their constant questions, tricks and scheming 24/7. I suggest Cunliffe takes economic development, besides of the state security agency areas as well. He is strong in economics, and finance should stay with Parker.

    Ardern certainly has not delivered enough in welfare and has been a great disappointment, although trying hard at times. She would be better off as a spokesperson for another area like perhaps housing or so, and perhaps just be associate spokesperson on welfare. What about Mackey or Louisa Wall for social development, in the latter case swapping responsibilities with Ardern, who may also do well in her roles?

    Grant Robertson could do social security, but his past stand on it has been too ambiguous and not convincing enough. I do not trust him on welfare matters, as he has despite of the odd good speech not displayed much against the Nat driven draconian welfare “reforms” we got. There is more to “civil rights” in welfare, it now also links in a lot with health and education, as the reforms involve totally new approaches to dealing (appallingly and dishonestly) with sick and disabled, who are being “ushered” into work now.

    There are totally questionable “findings” by clearly highly biased “health” and “disability experts” being used now, which only someone with understanding of health and disability and that sector can address appropriately.

    Shearer could do tertiary education or something like that, I thought. Also could he be associate for foreign affairs, perhaps.

    I could possibly agree with a lot of the other suggestions you made, but some tweaking may be possible here and there.

    And yes, the use of social media should be a priority for Cunliffe and his team, and him and Robertson making at least a bit of an appearance on The Standard was daring and courageous, but also very effective (despite the lack of answers to some questions). The MSM will not be very useful to reach the former non voters, and also are the MSM too negatively biased too quickly.

  10. Marc says:

    Further to my comment just made, I think that it is important to tie in Robertson as Deputy, as that is the best olive leaf gesture and most inclusive approach to get most in caucus on board and committed.

    Clark did this with Cullen, and it worked well with them.

    Parker may be ok as Deputy, but he is a bit on the “soft” side too often, while Grant is a really good organiser and speaker, which would only improve the leadership, by making it a stronger spearhead against the government.

    I was pleased about hearing today that Hipkins is not seeking to be senior whip anymore. One could not expect anything else.

  11. Tom says:

    Since Jones’ backers appeared to support Cunliffe over Robertson Jones is a safer bet.

    Help with the Maori vote.

  12. Stuart Munro says:

    Although he’s too young in party terms, Shearer has the temperament and balance to be a better than average Speaker – which is frankly overdue.

    Russel Norman should probably get associate finance whatever happens – the Greens need to be in the loop, and he works hard and has a good head on his shoulders. Cunliffe will be busy – the Greens as allies can be a real asset. Their input on housing and regional development will also be valuable.

    Mallard might shine as an America’s Cup minister, if the role is necessary and desirable.

    I expect many will be given responsibilities, and those who do well will get to keep them.

  13. Jenny says:

    (It’s only the greatest existential threat to ever face humanity).

    I give Cunliffe Minister of climate change.

    He knows what he is talking about and has expressed a willingness to act.

    Cunliffe knows his stuff.

    Not only that it would bamboozle the Nats, it is their worst performing policy portfolio. And some quite heavy blows can be landed on them here. Polls show that 60% of New Zealanders want the government to do more on climate change.

    This represents a huge untapped constituency.

    The importance of climate change cannot be denied. Right Wing National has a Minister for Climate Change, and even an associate Minister for Climate Change, Tim Groser and Simon Bridges both members of cabinet.

    But for some reason Bomber, this portfolio seems to be quite lowly ranked in your opinion.

    What’s your reasoning?

    • Marc says:

      Climate change would most likely be a role that a Green Party member could perform well in, so having it placed highly within Labour maybe a waste of time, as even a higher vote for Labour will most likely not enable Labour to govern without Greens support.

      So since it is most likely that a future government will be Labour led and Green supported, this should be borne in mind.

      Also having the leader take that spokesperson role may be a bit risky, since Labour is not quite as committed to combating climate change in principle, as the Greens still are. It could actually turn the more “conservative”, traditional Labour voters off, some of whom may actually be pro mining and the likes.

      On climate change and the environment Labour has been, and will continue to, walk a bit of a tight rope. I would personally welcome Labour to commit themselves more decisively to policies combating and addressing climate change issues, but then again, we must be realistic about who supports and potentially will vote for Labour.

      For instance, how strong is the EPMU on climate change? So the leader is better advised to hold other spokesperson roles, like for the economy.

      I am a bit disappointed that Parker is now Deputy, and it may indeed show that all is not that “sorted” within caucus, which is not good at all.

      As for justice, Andrew Little is a bit mediocre for that, it should really be looked at if there is any way to attract Chauvel back, as he is a true expert and high calibre candidate for that role.

      I agree with some others, that Fenton should not be punished for having supported the “wrong” person.

      What becomes clear in any case is, that Labour definitely need to look at their potential future list MPs, and they need to gain close to or over 40 per cent of the votes at least, to get more good quality people into the House.

      • Jenny says:

        The Green Party leadership have shown no interest in taking this portfolio.

        The most powerful statement by a parliamentarian describing the problem and the setting out the solutions did not come from a Green MP, but a Labour one. Namely David Cunliffe himself.

        The Green Party leadership have displayed a clear willingness to compromise their opposition to climate change, at the last election ordering their MPs to tone down talk of climate change, in case it cost them votes. And both Russell Norman and Meteria Turei have been quoted in the media saying that there will be no bottom line in their negotiations to get cabinet seats.

        This sort of opportunism does not imbue me with much faith that the Greens will push that hard on climate change, (especially if it might negatively affects their ambitions, for high ranking cabinet positions). Even if they were sincere, being a minority party, the Greens would not have the votes to push through any meaningful legislation on climate change without Labour’s say so.

        This portfolio needs to be with someone with the authority (and will) to act.

        The climate change portfolio must be promoted up the rank of priorities way above where Bomber has placed it.

        After all, we are only talking about the greatest existential threat ever faced by humanity.

  14. Rupert says:

    What is your evidence that David Clark “has the brains for it”? His interviews to date have been woeful, lacking a clear understanding of the issues or ability relevance to explain the relevant details. For an ex-Treasury staffer his economic and financial understanding is surprisingly weak. He has not written anything of any substance and his contribution to the marriage equality debate was more a dog whistle to evangelical Christians than an insight of any depth or a voice for social justice. Have you been blindsided along with the Wellington press gallery by a personable new face who is socially adept? This is not the same as being an intellectual or thinker.

  15. Rupert says:

    gave the wrong email last time – forgot that i had deleted it – I am still interested in your response to my question re David Clark

  16. Jenny says:

    Also it goes without saying that Cunliffe will also be the shadow Minister, and hopefully eventually, Minister for the SIS and GCSB. Interesting portfolios to hold. Maybe David Cunliffe can give New Zealand a commitment to release the names of the 88 of us illegally spied on. He has all but given his commitment to repeal the GCSB Amendment Bill. Who knows? Maybe we will even see a few prosecutions for illegality.

  17. Bomber, am rather appalled that you have put Darien Fenton, one of the hardest working Labour MP’s at the bottom of your shadow cabinet and your reason being…”she backed the wrong horse” Are we not still in a democracy? and have the right to make our own choice of candidate…. That comment my dear made you look like a “Horses arse”

  18. Countryboy says:

    David Cunliffe knows that the days of conventional politicking are over .
    Dead . Murdered by swindlers and liars . And there’s no pretending otherwise . We’ve had more than thirty years of rudderless governance and as we’ve floated about , becalmed , we’ve been raped and pilladged by every pirate you can think of , all helped aboard by our own people . Our own politicians .
    He knows that in order to bring the old rusty scow that’s all they’ve left of our once world leading country he must do some very , very dirty work so don’t be surprised by what’s going to come out of the next few weeks and months .
    If he doesn’t do the things he must do then he’s just another face to swear at on the television .
    If he does do those things that must be done , he’ll be written into New Zealand / Aotearoa history as a great man . A man who united like minded souls .

    john key has every reason to not sleep at night but the real crooks and swindlers , his masters , will be shitting all manner of building materials , not just bricks . Lengths of 4×2’s , concrete blocks , concrete mixers , wheel barrows , boxes of nails … They’ll be like Placemakers with a nasty stomach bug .

    Once all this fatuous , political buggering around is done . You know , appointing who to what to blow out the usual hot air and blather to pretend they’re worth the money they’re not worth at all . Once that’s done to appease convention ? I’m betting you’ll see more fur fly than a Persian cat fight in a P lab .
    But Oh ! Once that’s done ? Peace . Peace and prosperity will be ours once again and those same thirty or more years will be the scar across the face of our beautiful country to remind us of how dangerous it is to live in complacency .

  19. AlexW says:

    I’d love to see Trevor Mallard as shadow speaker of the house. He seems to have good knowledge of standing orders and would certainly be much better than David Carter.

  20. paul scott says:

    I can’t see Cunliffe taking votes from Nat. He has lurched to the left. . he might take votes fom the boring Australian but not Nat.
    The 800,000 are a different matter, I agree there could be votes there for the left wing ..
    But there is one thing Martyn, NZ First will bring its 6% to the NZ Nat Government . If not I agree we are finished
    To read Country boy was a sickener